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  • RadioDJ Feb 12, 2013

    Evidently, our legislators think that "Private Corporations" could handle medical and social issues better. I guess it's time we see and start demanding that private business handle all of these programs. I'm guessing that their tune changes pretty quickly once CORPORATIONS begin telling them "no, you're being a bad boy! Now straighten up and fly right. We want what we paid for!"

  • teleman60 Feb 12, 2013

    Who will take the blame for 170000 people put on the street by our wonderful new legislature. They are so determined to be against everything that they are PURPOSELY ACTING TO BLOCK TAX FUNDS DUE TO NC in federal aid and programs.

    We need reeducation camps for the gop lawmakers to learn how to count and read so they can be aware of all the people they are purposely hurting -- where's Art Pope when you need an pompous ideologue.

  • BigSteamnTurd Feb 12, 2013

    Get these things done and move on to the real issues. We're tired of hearing about what you're going to do, get it done.

  • SouthernPackerFan Feb 12, 2013

    "If enacted, the legislation also would cut off all federally funded Emergency Unemployment Compensation – that is, benefits after 26 weeks of unemployment – to 170,000 unemployed North Carolinians. This cutoff is automatic under federal law," Harris wrote in a news release."

    this is key , and you should ask yourself if the Fed's are paying why the push to cut off assistance from the very People that voted you into office....?they are literally throwing 600 million into the trash, are you sure that these folks are truely conservative or just hateful white folk

  • dimeanation77 Feb 12, 2013

    The most important news of the day is the NCCPN Rally in Raleigh starting 9 am to help educate lawmakers about Medical Marijuana and the bill introduced HB-84. Please come down and help join the cause for those who suffer from medical conditions.

  • jaydosse Feb 12, 2013

    If the politicians dump the unemployed onto the streets and they begin to starve , will those folks be eligible for social services inclusive of welfare, food stamps and medicaid? How will the folks affected by negative legislation survive? How will NC assist those in need when their only source of income is gone?? Where are the jobs for the affected thousands of folks who will be impacted??

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