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  • spiritseeker Feb 12, 2013

    Don't assume that he is in jail. The article makes no mention of whether or not he posted bail and was subsequently released.

  • pappybigtuna1 Feb 12, 2013

    If they have "without a doubt" evidence, know what should be removed, don't take 17 years to do it, this one act will almost assuredly make other would-be's change their minds

  • dwr1964 Feb 12, 2013

    When the cops are the ones with the evidence, they have most likely obtained video evidence. It's too easy these days to video most everything, good, or bad. Crooks will video and audio illegal deals in the hopes that as a last resort, they can attempt to prove the ones getting most screwed is them. Let's beware of the origin of this so called, evidence.

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 12, 2013

    Glad he's off the street before he did some harm.

  • prodigalrn Feb 12, 2013

    Soon he'll be in an environment where he can have all the sex he wants. Just not in the fashion he'd envisioned.

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