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  • wildpig777 Feb 12, 2013

    i got news for yall-- it s the democrats who had the power and they didnt lose it to the dmv either.

  • SaveEnergyMan Feb 11, 2013

    The state, as well as most schools and businesses, have built up a tremendous need for repairs and infrastructure upgrades due to deferred maintenance. Deferred maintenance is when the maintenance and upgrade budgets are cut/eliminated because times are lean - like the last 5 years. Things begin to fall apart because the facility is just trying to stay open and can't fix things that aren't absolutely needed or things that are going to break soon.

    When (or if) we ever get out of this economic mess, look for budgets to go up and for money to have to be spent on this stuff. McCrory's already recognized this for IT, but the DMV bldg is the tip of the iceberg.

  • BigSteamnTurd Feb 11, 2013

    No one can afford to drive so they should just stay closed. Gas up 20 + cents today alone.

  • smegma Feb 11, 2013

    Pat McCrory is already ahead of you

  • LKG-Lover Feb 11, 2013

    1950's era equipment and building. Maybe it's time for an upgrade before the next 1950's era failure of equipment.

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