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  • liskm Feb 7, 2013

    Looking forward to some rain here to help get our water tables up from the migration drain(0).

  • Cock a doodle doo Feb 7, 2013

    I don't know why this is even a new story? The Yankees make it clear it's no big deal.

  • djofraleigh Feb 7, 2013

    I like that Boston mayor's take charge, take-it-serious attitude and stay off the streets order.

  • djofraleigh Feb 7, 2013

    How much federal emergency money is New England going to ask for after this storm? They wanted 50 billion after Sandy from the rest of the nation, which is way beyond reasonable storm damage repair.

    Remember the vast flooding of Floyd in 1999 down east and how much they got. Maybe the north will have more sympathy after southern hurricanes next time, but neither should abuse emergency funds requests, political payback or not.

  • discowhale Feb 7, 2013

    It's a weather story, but WRAL managed to work in AAC b'ball anyway. I can see it now...

    ...this just in to the WRAL news desk, the sky is splitting open, the Second Coming is real and it upon us, but FIRST, a recap of last nights State vs Duke basketball game!!!

    Seriously? You know there are people in the world who want to read about the WEATHER in a WEATHER story Mr. or Ms. Editor! And just because we live in NC doesn't mean we're basketball fans, college sports fans or sports fans at all. It's not mandatory, as much as it might seem to some people, to mention the ACC in every story, regardless of the tenuous connection to the actual story.

    Oh yeah, really?

    Well so are YOU!

  • busyb97 Feb 7, 2013

    Glad we are just getting rain. If we were colder, this would be a big one! Storms that come up from the south are always big snow/ice makers for us!

  • redwolfone Feb 7, 2013

    "Hey Boston Wanna trade? I would like to make at least one SNOWMAN that is taller than 3 inches.."
    Keep this mess up North. I hate the cold. I can not wait for those dog days of summer...OH YEA!

  • BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah Feb 7, 2013

    Sure wish I had a tin roof tonight...

  • BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah Feb 7, 2013

    Hey Boston
    Wanna trade?
    I would like to make at least one SNOWMAN that is taller than 3 inches..

  • Obamacare rises Feb 7, 2013

    Most, if not all of this rain will occur overnight, so I really don't see an issue on the roadways.

  • I am not who you think I am Feb 7, 2013

    no need to worry about those northerners they "know" how to handle winter weather....just ask 'em

  • johnny2times Feb 7, 2013

    remember you can't drive 80 and slam on the brakes and expect to stop as quick as if it was dry out. Use some common sense people and leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

  • baldchip Feb 7, 2013

    WE need the rain to insure full pond for all of our reservors.
    Stay safe-at least it's not 2+' of snow they are expecting in Boston!!!

  • HappyGirl08 Feb 7, 2013

    Seriously...why can't we get any snow? I'm sure there will 2 feet or more in Roxboro. I gotta move there....

  • Mountaineer Fan Feb 7, 2013

    hope it doesn't get to bad.

  • romneycare Feb 7, 2013


  • valleyGirl Feb 7, 2013

    Get to Harris-Teeter and stock up.

  • for the people Feb 7, 2013

    we need every drop we can get. i'm hoping for a really good long soaker out of this.

  • Sweet summertime Feb 7, 2013

    agree valleyGirl it does look like a ruff one.

  • valleyGirl Feb 7, 2013

    This is a significant weather event, please be careful.

  • simplelogic Feb 7, 2013

    "A few days ago this was only supposed to be light showers."

    A few days ago? LOL! Okay, FilPhord, tell me what the weather will be next Tuesday. We'll see how accurate YOU can be. And remember, just saying it'll rain won't be good enough. You have to say exactly HOW MUCH rain we'll get.

  • FilPhord Feb 7, 2013

    Another blown forecast. A few days ago this was only supposed to be light showers. smh

  • Obamacare rises Feb 7, 2013

    WakeTheSpitUp, I for one, am glad you're back. This place has been missing its daily dose of reality.

  • Teddy Feb 7, 2013

    Is it true that when it thunders it is supposed to snow within 10 days?

  • Sweet summertime Feb 7, 2013

    I love thunderstorms, reminds me of when I was young hanging out on the front porch with my grandpa watching the rain rush down off the tin roof of his home.. :)

  • seankelly15 Feb 7, 2013

    WakeTheSpitUp - I kinda figured that you had created another (of your many) screen IDs. The "weather chief" comment gave you away (as well as your harping on the weather forecasts on WRAL). I still don't understand why you don't simply change the channel or go to another website?

  • Jimmytwotimes Feb 7, 2013

    Yeah, I lived her all my life, I know the weather patterns, I just don't like them. systems break up right before they hit wake county, when its warm we have moisture, when its cold we are dry. It does happen now and than though, once every 6 years we get a 7 inch snow.

  • RandomCitizen Feb 7, 2013

    I'm glad that it's not cold enough to be anything more than just rain. I know for the children who like to get out in the snow they are hoping for some. However, those of us who are elderly or wheel chair bound individuals, we have trouble getting from point A to point B in the stuff. At least I do anyway. So as for me a little snow is enjoyable to see, however, alot is not.

  • BigSteamnTurd Feb 7, 2013

    Because Jimmy we rarely get big ol snow storms here. If you are new to the area you'll figure that out over time, if not, then your just like the weather Chief, very confused.

    Pattern change coming within the next 10 days. What does that mean? Means winter, what little Jimmy had, is over. We're skipping Spring and going right into Summer.

    Just like last year. And the year before. And the one before that.

  • Jimmytwotimes Feb 7, 2013

    Dangit, why can't it be cold and we get big ol snow storm.

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