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  • chuck1947 Feb 13, 2013

    I'm all for anything that will make it more difficult for some to not even pay the little bit of tax on a ten or fifteen year old car. Now if they would just do away with 6 month insurance policies, I could drop the uninsured motorist protection on my auto insurance.

  • beef Feb 11, 2013

    As long as I can still do it online it's OK with me.

  • Brian Jenkins Feb 7, 2013

    Call me naive if you like but this sounds like it will be one less bill I have to respond to. That seems good to me. Whether I pay it now or in 3 months is irrelevant in the long run. Thus, simpler is better... to me.
    February 7, 2013 12:49 p.m.
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    Thank you. People at like they are paying more or having to pay earlier or whatever they think. If this is a burden you CANNOT afford you car.

  • Brian Jenkins Feb 7, 2013

    well said paddie...I don't like the idea of have a larger single payment, maybe it will help some won't help me.
    February 7, 2013 2:20 p.m.
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    SAVE your money. You get LONGER to pay!!! LOL how do people make it through a day???

  • SMAPAEA Feb 7, 2013

    well said paddie...I don't like the idea of have a larger single payment, maybe it will help some won't help me.

  • Whatdaheck Feb 7, 2013

    Call me naive if you like but this sounds like it will be one less bill I have to respond to. That seems good to me. Whether I pay it now or in 3 months is irrelevant in the long run. Thus, simpler is better... to me.

  • southerntalent Feb 7, 2013

    one of the main reasons is because dmv has people in daily if you have even been in line to renew tags who did not pay their prop tax on the vehicle,they have to go to dept of rev pay the bill then return to dmv to renew their tags after it is paid causing headaches for the dmv folks.It also happens to dealers when folks transfer their tags and have not paid property tax,the dealer has to call and get them to go pay their tax and get a reciept before they can get their tags due to the tax stop on them.

  • superman Feb 7, 2013

    Guess you never paid for your tag on line. It asks you the county in which the car is registered. It will be mixed up if you dont know or give them the wrong info. I like the idea. We have 3 cars. That means I write 3 checks for the tags and then another 3 for the taxes. It will be more convenient for me. Six pieces of paper. That is one about every two months.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 6, 2013

    Road-wearier - "DMV handling my automobile property taxes? What could possibly go wrong?"



    Didn't the state just make a multi-million dollar mistake on Medicare or Medicaid?

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 6, 2013

    djofraleigh - " is harder for the poor guy when he buys a car, having to come up with the cost of the car, the 30+ for tags, insurance, $75 for title, and now the $10 or $20 for property tax."

    Hi DJ - Some dealerships will add those things to the financing of the car, or will give a temporary tag and (I think) 30 days to come up with some of it.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 6, 2013

    How long before we hear the state made an error, due to aged computers, that resulted in the taxes for a vehicle at an address in one county being paid to the wrong county?

    I live right on the cusp of three counties, but am fully within just one. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if mine goes to the wrong one, especially with the state handling it.

  • rlwieland Feb 6, 2013

    Great job! If the republicans now in control keep making our state govt. run more like a business and treat us like customers they will have my vote everytime! Now lets do away with the income tax!

  • Brian Jenkins Feb 6, 2013

    I like the change, but it is harder for the poor guy when he buys a car, having to come up with the cost of the car, the 30+ for tags, insurance, $75 for title, and now the $10 or $20 for property tax.
    February 6, 2013 2:04 p.m.
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    Then he cant afford the car can he!!!

  • aspenstreet1717 Feb 6, 2013

    Get rid of the yearly inspection while you're at it.

  • beaupeep Feb 6, 2013

    If you can't afford the taxes, you probably can't afford the car.

  • Nancy Feb 6, 2013

    In NC, there are "personal property" taxes that have nothing to do with your land property - personal property is for vehicles, boats, furs etc.

  • Road-wearier Feb 6, 2013

    DMV handling my automobile property taxes? What could possibly go wrong?

  • abylelab -BT- Feb 6, 2013

    lessismore - actually, another re-reading, and the "property tax" mentioned in the article is only the for the vehicle, not for your house.

  • djofraleigh Feb 6, 2013

    I like the change, but it is harder for the poor guy when he buys a car, having to come up with the cost of the car, the 30+ for tags, insurance, $75 for title, and now the $10 or $20 for property tax.

  • abylelab -BT- Feb 6, 2013

    +++My taxes are paid into escrow every month with my house payment and my mortgage lender pays them.. does anyone know how this will work?

    you sure did seem to get a lot of rather useless responses to your question.

    after re-reading the article, it seems the bills are still separate, but sent at the same time. if that's the case, it won't affect your escrow.

  • Nobody but Carolina Feb 6, 2013

    I find this more conveniant as well. Plus it shifts the property tax bill to an easier time for me to pay it rather than in the July/August timeframe when I do a Bluegrass festivl as well as a couple of other bills in the same range.

  • 426X3 Feb 6, 2013

    I guess my county taxes will go up now,seeing as how county property tax will be paid to the state.

  • CarolinianByChoice Feb 6, 2013

    Actually I consider this will be more convenient - always did think it was a hassle to have to pay property taxes at a different time than my registration was due. . . .

  • MonkeyFace Feb 6, 2013

    yea.. i don't pay my taxes until its time to register my tags again lol

  • BubbaDukeforPresident Feb 6, 2013

    Golfers Phil Mickelson has gone public stating that he may do what Tiger Woods did - leave California over their extremely high taxes. How many people do you know in this area that once lived in California? How many people do you know here that used to live in New York or Wisconsin or Vermont?

    Celebrities like Tina Turner, Denise Rich, and FB co-founder are renouncing their U.S. citizenship and moving to countries with lower taxes than ours. Even boxing matches are being moved out of country because the fighters don't want to pay U.S. income taxes.

    We are over-taxed and under-served by our government. When people renounce their citizenship because of taxes, it's gone too far. I'm not ruling out moving overseas myself once I win tonights PowerBall lottery.

  • goldenosprey Feb 6, 2013

    "How about dropping the vehicle tax all together? jgilchr

    I'm for that, but it will never happen. Can anyone tell me where this money is used, since it doesn't seem to be for repairing highways and byways." Offshore

    Localities allocate it variably. Most of it goes to law enforcement and schools (in county taxes)

  • ladyofthehouse Feb 6, 2013

    I think this puts an unfair burden on some people. I've lived through tough financial times when we had to account for every dime. We worked hard to get in a better position but now in our senior years with health problems etc. we are back at that stage again. It's not that people are not going to pay their taxes or fees. Some people cannot afford to do everything at one time. As for planning ahead, children get sick, cars break down and employers cut back making it very difficult to pay rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries etc plus the off-month expenses like this all at once. And please don't be mean to people just because they are struggling or don't understand something.

  • BubbaDukeforPresident Feb 6, 2013

    North Carolina is the seventh worst state overall, and is also the eighth worst for individual income tax rates and the forth worst for sales taxes. However, the state’s corporate taxes are decent (ranking 29th) and unemployment insurance taxes rank 5th in the nation, according to the Fiscal Times in a January 31st article.

  • Terkel Feb 6, 2013

    I think this is where the confusion started:

    ""Registered motor vehicle collections always lag real property collections." (Kincade)

    Real property means land and fixtures. He meant personal property taxes, not real property taxes.

  • ThomasL Feb 6, 2013

    See no problem with it they should be more concerned with these out of staters moving here and NOT changing there vehicle registration and running around with whatever state plate they have.If you travel 40 west you'll likely see plates from all over the us at least 8-10 per morning evening commute.They also need to crack down on ones with expired plates etc.Had game warden in franklin county check a man hunting had non existent plates no registration no drivers license no insurance vin number on truck was changed and came up to a vehicle in Virginia and the guy still drives the ranger around Zebulon all the time.

  • Nancy Feb 6, 2013

    Quite honestly, the staggered way you pay taxes on your vehicles and registration is and always has been a nuisance.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Feb 6, 2013

    "I hope this explanation helps."

    FE, I think what they are asking is the same situation I am in (and probably everybody else). My registration is due in January and my property taxes come due in, say, June. So if I pay my taxes in June this year, will they send me another bill next January when my registration is due again? Will I have to pay my full tax bill twice in six months?

  • jblake1932 Feb 6, 2013

    They are referring to VEHICLE property tax, not your REAL property tax. GEESH, some of you need to read SLOWLY!!

  • amenmike Feb 6, 2013

    NC State governement has a long history of "withholding" tax payments due to the counties. This is yet one more grab at power and purse in the Statehouse in Raleigh.

  • ohmygosh Feb 6, 2013

    This is an acceleration of tax collection. Mine is due in Sept instead of the following January. I've seen this same sort of tax grab in New York. Once the money gets to Raleigh, they will decided how much and when to dole it out to the counties. Maybe not now but surely later. This will undoubtedly lead to job layoffs in the county tax collection offices.

  • Terkel Feb 6, 2013

    "It's not a matter of paying bills correctly. It's a matter of having the money to pay a larger bill at the time the bill is due.."

    That IS a matter of paying bills correctly.

  • Brian Jenkins Feb 6, 2013

    WHat would it matter if you used your tax refund check or not? Are you serioulsy cutting it that close that you plan on using your tax return to pay property tax? Thats sounds insane to me. LOL

  • Terkel Feb 6, 2013

    tayled, go to the DMV website and look up the rules for inspections. Sorry don't have the link handy. But there is a $200 limit on repairs. If your repairs cost more you're allowed to apply for an exemption. Again, look it up but there is a limit.

    The guy at my inspection place "very kindly" (and while talking faster than I've ever heard a Southerner speak) offered to hook my car up to the computer for $30 so he could tell me what was wrong. Advance Auto will do this for free.

  • RocknRollDoctor Feb 6, 2013

    I see a lot of fingers pointing at the State of NC.

    The tax money goes to your county and city if you live in a city.

    The counties are the one's that benefit from this plan. The State of NC still only gets its $28 registration fee. Although, that is sure to go up once the real cost of collecting and distrubuting these funds is realized.

  • FE Feb 6, 2013

    Re the "taxes stay the same" issue:

    Some of those taxes billed each year are not really taxes but rather fixed fees based on location of the registered vehicle. At one time you had to purchase a windshield decal, or even years ago a separate "city" tag. You can be driving a worthless/old vehicle, but those annual fixed fees still show up each year.

    As an example: The "City of Raleigh" fixed fee that appears on annual vehicle property tax bills is now $30. As recent as 2005, it was a "mere" $15 per year.

  • dirkdiggler Feb 6, 2013

    "I know all about it. I bought a new Camaro last year."

    Weren't you just bragging about how frugal you are in your '92 Honda? Either way, you're a complete tool.

  • dirkdiggler Feb 6, 2013

    "WAHHHH me and my girl have our bills due at the same time"

    So now I'm a lesbian? You assume so much, it's hilarious. Here's a thought- If you can't even accurately guess a poster's gender, you most likely also can't accurately judge their financial situation.

  • nckidd29 Feb 6, 2013

    I even have to pay property tax on my 10ft John boat. Really!?


    That's what you get when you tell them everything you own ! I get a paper from the county every yr,,List all of your personal property,,tax this tax that,,,do you own a dog ? blah blah blah !!!When they start feeding my dog,or paying for my rec toys, Then they might know what i have,,,Until then NOT !!!!!!!!!

  • Terkel Feb 6, 2013

    "in an economy with high unemployment, the State is going to punish the unemployed, or the underemployed by forcing them to pay taxes they can't afford to pay in order to get their license renewed so they can continue to look for jobs. How very compassionate."

    This applies to EVERYONE. Please stop with the "poor, minorities, and children hardest hit" stuff.

  • dirkdiggler Feb 6, 2013

    "No is this the first year you paid property tax?"

    No. What would give you that indication? Because I made a sarcastic remark based on someone'e else's remark that has nothing to do with not paying taxes? Who peed in your cornflakes this morning?

  • geaton Feb 6, 2013

    Paying taxes on a car I own, in order to keep it is called extortion. When the government does that I guess it is not illegal. Go figure.

  • Brian Jenkins Feb 6, 2013

    I know all about it. I bought a new Camaro last year. I could not transfer my personalized specialty plate so i had to get a new tag. I never knew I had to turn that old tag in because I have other tags that were not required. I just didnt know. I had to pay the full years tax on a car I DIDNT EVEN POSSESS simply because I didnt turn the tags in. I know all about it. How do you get charged property tax on property you didnt own and have the bill of sale proving the trade in? Its based on a license plate not even the car you own.

  • beas Feb 6, 2013

    vinylcarwraps--calm down. Until you have walked in someone else's shoes, stop the blame.

  • FE Feb 6, 2013

    "I don't understand how this will work - I JUST paid my registration fees and my taxes are due in June. Will I have to pay the registration fees again 5 months later?"

    Registration fees are just that - REGISTRATION! They are paid once, and only once, at the time you register the vehicle via purchase or ownership transfer. There are such goodies as "Highway Use Tax" included. Those fees go to the state...ONCE!!

    Property taxes are completely different and are an annual (assessed) charge based on the value of the vehicle. Yes, you pay them EVERY year. Those payments go to the county where the vehicle owner resides.

    I hope this explanation helps.

  • NYtoNC81 Feb 6, 2013

    offconstantly: why am i still paying taxes on a car, that i bought 8 years ago, and paid taxes on it in the begining when i bought it???

    Me: You wouldn't have to if you didn't use public roads. If you never drive on roads maintained by the state or federal government you don't need to be insured/registered. Easy solution is to build your own road.

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