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  • oldmanjoel Feb 6, 2013

    THE FEDERAL RESERVE is setup the EXACT same way. It's technically a not for profit corporation, but so is the NFL. But wait, the Federal Reserve is part of the federal government, WRONG! Go look it up yourself, it's right on their website.
    The FEDERAL RESERVE is the same structure as the NFL, and they both are FOR profit.

  • Crumps Br0ther Feb 6, 2013

    the only rich people that can be evil are republicans right?

  • ldestefano63 Feb 6, 2013

    It bothers me alot ! All these big corps & Businesses pay millions to people who can figure out all the ways they can get out of paying their share of taxes. Why is it left on us, the ones that actually bust our tails working everyday? The tax laws only benefit those with enough money to dodge them

  • tc35d Feb 6, 2013

    True Tax reform will never happen as long as politicians have to worry about getting re-elected. There are way too many special interest groups that represent a small population but have lots of money that will always get their way in congress. If a legislator has say 5yrs to get things done, and doesn't need to spend the money or the time running for re-election then they can act for the good of the country and not about the money in their campaign coffers.

    They have talked at the national and state level about tax reform for years, but nothing of any substance gets off the ground because the risk to the lawmakers of stepping on the wrong foot and getting thrown out at the next election is too great. I really don't think the founding fathers of this nation thought that people would make a profession out of politics.

  • wth50beau Feb 5, 2013

    Last year the Federal Government subsidized transportation in Indianapolis to and around the Super Bowl to the tune of $142,000.00+ taxpayer dollars. Superbowl tickets range in price from $2,000.00 to 14,000.00. I guess the attendees didn't have any money left to pay the $1.75 bus fare to the arena?

  • kcollier39 Feb 5, 2013

    nothing new here,same as it has always been and always will be.the rich keep getting richer.

  • 426X3 Feb 5, 2013

    Hey I know. Quit watching professional sports. Quit buying all the products these overpaid so-called athletes promote.

  • Honesty first Feb 5, 2013

    how many millions in taxpayer money was used to build the PNC arena? Don't forget to count the value of the land as well. What does NCSU pay to use the arena and for upkeep. Apples to apples my friend

  • aspenstreet1717 Feb 5, 2013

    All the owners,employees and players pay loads of tax. It acts as a conduit.

  • Barfly Feb 5, 2013

    "Nascar should go Non profit!!" roadrunner99

    "The "fiscal cliff" deal reached by the Senate and the White House on New Year's Eve, and passed in legislative form by the Senate early New Year's Day, includes many giveaways to special interests--including an extension of a perk enjoyed by "motorsports entertainment complexes" otherwise known as the "NASCAR tax credit." The provision, under section 168(i)(15) of the federal tax code, allows speedways to write off their costs over seven years. Typically, such expensing occurs over a much longer period of time, from 15 to 39 years. The cost of the NASCAR tax credit to taxpayers has been estimated at some $40 million--over and above any tax incentives provided by state and local authorities. Hollywood films also enjoy a tax incentive extension in the "fiscal cliff" deal."

  • federalsales2 Feb 5, 2013

    Its time the people of the USA take over the country!!! Does anyone agree with me????????????

  • federalsales2 Feb 5, 2013

    Its wrong, but will anything be done??...Heck No......

  • cwmllc1952 Feb 5, 2013

    Wendel Murphy got in politics long enough to get a law passed that farm vehicles do not pay road taxes. His tractor trailer feed trucks did most of the damage to roads where used.
    Next time you go watch the NC Wolfpack play football you can see his name on the stadium and other places paid for with the millions he saved on taxes.
    NC Taxpayers paid for all that, Murphy got ALL the credit. What a HERO !
    Politicians are our downfall.

  • BigfootBeliever Feb 5, 2013

    Didn't know they had a tax exemption. NFL should pay their fair share.

  • homefree Feb 5, 2013

    Just remember folks stories like this are one sided and don't paint the total picture. I'm sure there is more to this than meets the eye. Who you want to pay the government or the employees of these company's. Most of them employee lots of employees on all salary levels. It does not surprise me the only salary noted in the report are the top dog or the organization. All I'm saying is there is more to this than meets they eye. Don't believe the hype....get both sides of the story. Remember how liberal some media can be about stuff like this.

  • goobnav Feb 5, 2013

    Why not start by not charging for parking on State owned land at the PNC Arena?

    Oh yeah, we paid for and own it but, have to pay to park? How about I watch games at home with free parking.

  • gnboliver2 Feb 5, 2013

    When the circus comes to town this week to the RBC center, do they have to pay NC taxes? If so, then the Hurricanes and the NCAA should do the same. If not, then they should not.

    I don't know the answer to this question...but it would be the closest example of a similar situation.

  • rroadrunner99 Feb 5, 2013

    Nascar should go Non profit!!

  • rroadrunner99 Feb 5, 2013

    The states and Federal Governments want more taxes, well these sports teams is the place to get it!Let them feel the sting of the taxman for a while.

  • goobnav Feb 5, 2013

    This is not a Right/Left issue.

    Check the "Fiscal Cliff" deal. They extended tax breaks for Hollywood to the tune $443 million dollars!!!!! That's the same tax dollars going to people who fake it everyday!!!

    That's the LA Times. Mainstream reference. Did they even blink and eye about that ridiculous spending for a Multi-Trillion dollar industry? Of course not.

    Hey WRAL, why not impress the public and show this tripe for what it is. You know the same actors that say they'll pay more when they actually pay less? Nice reporting, I mean propaganda!!!

  • Ken D. Feb 5, 2013

    "But they play football on Sundays. that makes it a religion!"

    "That property be taxed would be good, including church land other than sanctuary."

    I'll bet more praying goes on in football stadiums than in churches.

  • Riddickfield Feb 5, 2013

    What bothers me is that the dean dome gets a $million annual subsidy from the state for upkeep. They could charge more for tickets or put naming rights on the building rather than have the state subsidize rich people's basketball tickets. Its not like the rams club is running in the red and they aren't selling tons of merchandise. Meanwhile the state continues to borrow money.

  • bbrown07 Feb 5, 2013

    They should pay Taxes like the rest of us do

  • thefensk Feb 5, 2013

    Just because something doesn't turn a profit doesn't make it a true non-profit organization. It should reflect on the intent of the organization. Any sports entities should be considered businesses. I mean, what do they provide for the common good? That would be my litmus test. I guess salary caps for executives of "non-profits" would be a good litmus test as well. Whoever said that in the comments, that was a very good point.

  • tayled Feb 5, 2013

    Just wait until Pat McCory votes for NC tax $s to go to the Panther Stadium upgrade.

    Sport teams should pay for themselves Pro and college

    If you get a chance, listen to Billy Joel's song called "No Man's Land" and you will hear a lot of truth in what is going on with stuff like this.

  • wral mods blow close my account Feb 5, 2013

    Just wait until Pat McCory votes for NC tax $s to go to the Panther Stadium upgrade.

    Sport teams should pay for themselves Pro and college.

  • kermit60 Feb 5, 2013

    Amazing how a "non-profit organization is able to pay it's employees millions a year. I guess they get it all from donations. I bet Wal-Mart wishes they could call retail sales a sport. Not only would our politicians use tax money to build there stores but they wouldn't have to pay taxes either.

  • djofraleigh Feb 5, 2013

    Face it. The rule here is Remember the Sabbath and keep it sporty! I resent that donations to ACC sports are tax deductible and stadiums are supported by tax dollars. This is not going to change.

    I would support a law that no employee paid under a non-profit could make over $100,000 a year. That property be taxed would be good, including church land other than sanctuary.

  • zoso62 Feb 5, 2013

    But they play football on Sundays. that makes it a religion!

  • Force_One Feb 5, 2013

    Absolutely enraging.

  • ncouterbanks69 Feb 5, 2013

    Heck at least I get something out of this. What do I get from all the free money to the illegal criminals and the lazy? A bill. Fix the real problems then worry about this.

  • uBnice Feb 5, 2013

    @sctech: The education is not free. If they do not play, they cannot attend, so it is a job, a contract between employer and employee. The job that they do is an intensely physical one that requires 30-40 hours a week. The return on the investment is astronomical for the Universities and the NCAA. There is no workman's compensation for athletes and they are subject to rules that no other scholarship student has to even consider.

    As far as getting a good education, let's not pretend that a group of young men who should not even be in college will actually now do college work while working 30-40 hours in their job!


  • beachlvr0804 Feb 5, 2013

    They want to reform the tax code? The IRS can start here......

  • Crumps Br0ther Feb 5, 2013

    And you thought Barry was going to punish rich people, ha ha suckers!

  • infaith4him Feb 5, 2013

    What a screwed up society we live in!!!!
    The entertainment industry like sports, hollywood, music, etc makes a huge amount of money that produces nothing that is actually needed and offers no service other than entertaining people!! Most of us bust our chops 40 plus hours a week, have two or more jobs that actually produce something or offer services that helps others. Then we have our military that risk their lives everyday, are away from family for months and yet make very little.
    The "working" class can barely scrape by on what little we take home after we are taxed to death, pay health insurance, feed and clothe our kids, etc. Then at tax time we are lucky if we can break even and don't have to pay the government even more. The working class is constantly having money taking away from them to "pay back the national debt" (according to our government) but they never cut their own income. We are taxed to death in everything we do! Then....there are the sports industries who make u

  • smalldogsrule Feb 5, 2013

    I used to highly respect the Carolina Panthers because their stadium was built without one single dime of tax payer money. Now I see that they are stepping up to the government trough just like all the other teams and asking tax payers to build them a new playground.

    I never knew that the NFL was a tax exempt organization. But, if they are pulling in that kind of money and not paying any tax on it, why do tax payers have to build their playgrounds, why can't they build their own???

  • Barfly Feb 5, 2013

    The president wants the NCAA to consider compensatng college athletes (football) if they get hurt. The president seems to feel elite collegiate athletes would have nothing to fall back on if they have a career ending injury. I guess a free college education isn't much to fall back on, but it beats being stupid.

  • bubbles719 Feb 5, 2013

    There is no defense for a tax code law that exempts big sports from paying taxes. Just another example of what money and higly paid lobbyists can accomplish. The whole system is corrupt.

  • Esse quam videri Feb 5, 2013

    Tax exempt, operating in facilities (partially or wholly) funded by tax dollars - as in the 35% corporate and personal taxes I pay on everything I make. I guess that's what we can expect when our "American Idols" are singers and sports figures, rather than the men and women placing their lives on the line; out "Leaders" have nothing more than their own agendas and well being on their minds; where your sexual orientation is a segue into a complaint about your treatment (I don't ask, and you don't have to offer); and where people can't just be American, they have to be "African American" or "Hispanic" I will now be officially offended by anyone who doesn't refer to me as Scottish American).

    This nation is broken.

  • chrisnrali Feb 5, 2013

    "Doesn't bother me as bad as about 47% of the population not paying any income tax"
    I have yet, in my 40 years on this rock, met anyone who didn't pay taxes. Except multitudes of illegal aliens.

  • Charity1218 Feb 5, 2013

    So,,, Just save your receipts from expense of going and file them under charitable donations.

  • Half Red Half Blue Feb 5, 2013

    "This doesn't bother me as much as does the fact that utility companies (Duke, Progress, etal. ) don't pay federal income taxes as they are "deferred" to some later, future date...and we ain't talking chump change here either brother."

    Yet they keep asking for rate increases. So why is not OK to raise taxes but ok to raise rates? Cost of goods and services keep going up but not the paychecks. Where is all this money supposed to come from?

  • Half Red Half Blue Feb 5, 2013

    If the NFL is a charity organization then I am one too.

  • josephlawrence43 Feb 5, 2013

    This doesn't bother me as much as does the fact that utility companies (Duke, Progress, etal. ) don't pay federal income taxes as they are "deferred" to some later, future date...and we ain't talking chump change here either brother.

  • Peasey Feb 5, 2013

    It's easy to get upset over the prosperity of others when you have none yourself.

  • dragonflycloudrider Feb 5, 2013

    They give taxes to those making BILLIONS but they froze my acct for owing them 240.00. I hate this country

  • gopack54 Feb 5, 2013

    Doesn't bother me as bad as about 47% of the population not paying any income tax.

  • Barfly Feb 5, 2013

    It bothers me that folks exalt athletes, performers, and celebrities. It's entertainment. A venue for elite owners to show off their latest human purchases.

  • dsdaughtry Feb 5, 2013

    non profits is widely misused in America. It's high time for universities and pro sports to pay into the system and avoid this "tax loop".

  • CrewMax Feb 5, 2013

    I commend Cullen Browder for investigating this. Of course, it's atrocious, but , GE pays no taxes, either. And then Obama slams private individuals for not "paying their fair share". Nothing makes sense anymore.

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