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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Feb 5, 2013

    God must be hard of hearing. He needs you to scream, shout and amplify your music.

    And, make it loud enough so everyone hears you...sees you...and can't ignore you. Why else would you crank up the worship volume to anti-LoveThyNeighbor, anti-DoUntoOthers volumes?

  • same ole story Feb 5, 2013

    Just a shock and awe from the pulpit. If the message was real then it wouldn't need to be blasted upon the group.

  • kornfan2448 Feb 4, 2013

    If you want absolute peace and quiet, buy an isolated house in the remote country side, not in the city limits in a subdivision in where the houses are 20' apart.

  • Crumps Br0ther Feb 4, 2013

    How loud do you need to be for God to hear you?

  • goalflinger Feb 4, 2013

    I agree with TriangleMommy. I have been in that church too and have friends who are members. I was there Sunday morning. They have done some minor things to lessen the sound, however it is still "way" too loud. One low volume song does not a reasonable worship service volume make. My argument is (with many scripture to support it) and always will be: If you love your neighbor as yourself, then you will not harrass them in any way. You will set a good example instead of a bad example ESPECIALLY if you are a true church, and not HAVE to be dragged into court. Perhaps the mantra over the entrance of the church "Reach, Teach & Release" should also include "Practice what you Preach" I can imagine that the HIGHWAY TO HELL is ideed a noisy place. I guess you expect me to say, "Thank you."

  • TriangleMommy Feb 4, 2013

    I've been in that church, and the music is so loud you would think you are at a rock concert.

    Sad to think the Church is more worried about their music than their relationship with their community.

  • kornfan2448 Feb 4, 2013

    Why have a set decibel level for a noise ordinance if you can still be cited for "unreasonable and disturbing" noise levels? How vague is that? Who is it that determines what is "unreasonable and disturbing"? I have never understood those that live in the city and complain about noise, and yes, I live in the city and hear noise all the time.

  • beach2011 Feb 4, 2013

    If your church is bothering an entire neighborhood - you are not honoring GOD - what is up with that. God can hear you even when you whisper!! : ) That is all man made ego -

  • superman Feb 4, 2013

    Just turn the music DOWN. If we dont go to church there--we dont want to hear your music. Please love me a "little" more and turn down the racket.

  • mollystillman Feb 4, 2013

    I am a member of newhope and I gracefully and respectfully stand with our church. Here is a video that a neighbor took of the noise and a decibel level meter: - As you can see, in the video, the neighbor is in his backyard with the meter measuring the sound level at the property line. I would genuinely wonder if any of you can HONESTLY hear anything that is louder than the birds and the wind. Is there faint music? Yes, but the birds and wind are no quieter. And frankly, I would have to think that if I were to step inside, I wouldn't hear anything. I know the heart of our church and our church LOVES our neighbors as ourselves and seeks to make this right in every way possible. Our goal is to serve and love the community, not create enemies. Don't believe me? Come visit our church on a Sunday morning for a service and you will see exactly what I mean. We are a community of Christ-loving, people-loving individuals.

  • WizAR15 Feb 4, 2013

    Low frequency or not, If it's at or below the decible level that the city ordinance set, anything the church does is showing that they are reasonable and trying to help. As for a mother in tears, ever heard of a white noise will need one anyway so get over it.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Feb 4, 2013

    "We are making modifications to our church building plans to include sound attenuation materials"

    Why don't they just turn the music down? Plenty of churches "love God" without music blaring 1/2 a mile away and disturbing the neighbors.

  • goheels2012 Feb 1, 2013

    We've walked along the Tobacco Trail which runs behind the church and we heard the bass and music from about a half mile away. I had no idea it was a church until we finally walked passed it. It literally sounded like an amphitheater although all the music was coming from inside the building. I appreciate what they're trying to do, but I couldn't imagine living near that. It's no different than when a car pulls up next to you and rattles your mirrors due to their bass and loud music. Plenty of us have been annoyed by that and this is really no different, except that it impacts people from half a mile away.

  • straight forward Feb 1, 2013

    This lawsuit is ridiculous...maybe they should have put some thought into it prior purchasing homes near a commercial/industrial area. Not sure who was there 1st, the church or the homes but in any event, be thankful that it is a church and not some manufacturing plant! At least the church is working with the residents in attempting to achieve a common goal. On another note,,,that attorney needs to attend some type of church herself! Compensation for loss of property value and quality of life?????? Really???? How much is that worth? Let me guess...millions right? Get a Life Liar! Oh...I meant lawyer.

  • ohmygosh Feb 1, 2013

    Low frequency stuff is terribly penetrating. I'm sure the measurements done didn't target these frequencies.

    I'm sure they are just trying to reach our to God with the boom-booms.

  • LuvLivingInCary Feb 1, 2013

    follow the sue money....they should bar the attorneys from the bar for frivolous lawsuits.

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