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  • Terkel Feb 4, 2013

    "The folks who get 'cut off' the federal extension will only be eligible for welfare if they have children. Food stamps are another matter..."

    They are indeed. Teachers can get food stamps and apparently have no shame about doing so...and then staying on them for the full year. This perhaps accounts for all those women with designer bags, big cars and nails who whip out the ol' EBT to pay for the steak. They should have to certify every week just as UE recips do.

  • beachboater Feb 4, 2013

    North Carolina has a history of this practice. And guess what? IT WORKS!!! I've heard that something like 80% of people receiving unemployment get a job within two weeks of the benefits running out.

    There are jobs out there. They may not be what you had before, and they may not pay the same, but they are there. I know of instances where wages have gotten too high for the positions, so the company either closes or lets people go to hire people with more reasonable salaries and demands.

  • Terkel Feb 4, 2013

    " My suggestion to the unemployed would be to post your resumes on websites such as Monster and CareerBuilder. I have had amazing results doing this."

    That's odd. All I get are computer viruses and marketing calls disguised as people who actually have jobs to offer.

    Don't forget those third and fourth party "recruiters" have to make their quota of calls and keep their "databases" updated! I just love the way the script comes pouring out of their mouths in one stream: "Hi FIRSTNAME (as if we were friends), I just came across your resume in our database and wanted to let you know we have several opportunities that would be a good fit for you so send us an updated resume (because this is nothing but an exercise in futility for you)..."

    I ask them to send me a copy of the resume they're looking at before we go one step further. That handles it every time.

  • Grand Union Feb 4, 2013

    "I agree. The madness has to end sometime. When the money is gone....its gone!"

    Its not gone anywhere but into the pockets of the rich....

  • littleriver69 Feb 4, 2013

    I agree. The madness has to end sometime. When the money is gone....its gone!

  • Grand Union Feb 4, 2013

    "I agree with Governor MCRory, there should be a cut off date, but to cut down what unemployed are getting I am against. I hope the Republicans will reconsider that step"

    Normally there is a cut off date of 6 months but the feds extended it first under W then Obama because of the recession.
    And the only reason there is any State shortage for this is because they cut the amount companies had to pay during good times and did not increase it back even in bad times......
    Its companies that saved this money but its the poor that will be paying the price of paying it back.

  • Grand Union Feb 4, 2013

    This is a net cost to the the State lose Millions of Federal Dollars, gets 80,000 more people on welfare and who knows how many more homes in foreclosure..........

  • kmt Feb 4, 2013

    You can tell who a person really is when you take everything away from them. McCrory is doing a good thing, but there will be a price to pay for this.

  • Bealzebub Feb 3, 2013

    This guy has never been without a job from being well connected in the upper crust his whole life. To say collecting unemployment is living off a credit card, how exactly do these people eat then? The benefit they get is already not enough to live on. So far all I've heard from this guy is more of the same old tired rhetoric that somehow anybody unemployed or poor is lazy and mooching off all these great job providers.(That don't seem to be providing any jobs) It's more of this insane supply side logic that says if we just keep lying the public prostate for the wealthy and businesses that even with no DEMAND that economic growth will magically happen due to supply. Even though nobody is making supply because nobody can buy! If he thinks just removing 100 million from the local economy is not going to hurt local businesses he is not thinking this through.

  • birkie74693 Feb 3, 2013

    Art Pope must have ordered McCrony to increase the supply of slave laborers to sell to China. God forbid that the rich piggies pay a few more pennies of tax on gas for their yachts and luxury cars, as long as there are decent working people we can bleed a bit more. Soon Art Pope will order McCrony to reinstate indentured servitude and revoke the child-labor laws.

  • starvingdog Feb 3, 2013

    The folks who get 'cut off' the federal extension will only be eligible for welfare if they have children. Food stamps are another matter...

  • b4reelnow Feb 3, 2013

    To all of you that voted for him! "How you like him now". The worst is yet to come! I heard a man say one day "do as the repubs do, get all you can and can all you get" so.....Save!Save! Save!Can!Can!Can!

  • jss27560 Feb 2, 2013

    Iak, don't you know that the needy don't have money to pay for politicians.

  • lessismore Feb 2, 2013

    should end tomorrow...

  • free2bme Feb 2, 2013

    The GOP ran this country in the ground. Now trying to look like they did not have anything to do with the mess we got. They are the big cause for the recession and why so many jobs went over seas. And this is how they help. Yes, spending cuts are inevitable but sensible ones. The Republicans care only about their wealthy friends and buying new yachts. The poor working and middle class is the least of their concern. They show that more and more everyday. McCory better be glad that no governor election is soon. About everyone I know that voted for this man wants their vote back.

  • nashville1966 Feb 2, 2013

    I agree with Governor MCRory, there should be a cut off date, but to cut down what unemployed are getting I am against. I hope the Republicans will reconsider that step

  • Stilllearnin Feb 2, 2013

    "Friday's report did serve as a reminder that unemployment has been stuck at 7.8 percent or more since September. The rate would be even higher if many Americans hadn't retired or stopped looking for work. The proportion of the adult population that is working or looking for work is near a 32-year low. If labor force participation were still at its prerecession level, unemployment could exceed 11 percent.
    And despite the consistent hiring gains, the job market has a long way to go to fully heal from the recession. Between January 2008 and February 2010, the United States lost 8.7 million jobs. Since then, it's regained 5.5 million — 63 percent of the lost jobs."

    And our unemployment rate is much higher. Where are the jobs to get folks off unemployment in NC????

  • tigo7 Feb 2, 2013

    where is the coverage of county layoffs in mental health for 2013?

  • pattip574 Feb 2, 2013

    There are 6 months between now and July. Community colleges are cheap in NC, as are the state colleges. Unemployed folks most likely qualify for the PELL and other grants. Why wasn't time used more wisely to cross train into another field, earn a degree or do something else productive instead of sitting home collecting a check? Come on, people! It's time to stop the freeloading!

  • lasm Feb 2, 2013

    "It's ludicrous to draw a line until there are plenty of jobs out there for everyone, and there right now, there aren't."

    There are jobs listed every day on job boards; and signs in windows of grocery stores, dept stores, restaurants, etc. When I was unemployed for over a year, not a day went by that I did not search for a job. After applying for hundreds of positions, I did indeed find one. If you want a job, you have to look for one just like you work at one-EVERY day. While unemployed, I drew unemployment insurance; but kept looking. Everyone else I knew at the time that was on unemployment insurance was NOT looking-and the Employment Security Commission employees NEVER asked to see any list of employers we contacted seeking employment-which is SUPPOSED to be required. I definitely kept a detailed list as required. I am GLAD our Gov. has said "enough"! There comes a time when helping "tie you over" becomes "entitlement" in some peoples mind.

  • b4reelnow Feb 2, 2013

    To all you pat mccrory voters: "HOW YOU LIKE HIM NOW"
    Things are going to get worse! I suggest that we all do as the repubs do as I heard some one say, get all you can, and can all you get! Now i get the picture! Save! Save! Save!

  • Mom120 Feb 2, 2013

    wish he was unemployed

  • Tunaboy Feb 2, 2013

    Obama ended his "Jobs Council" this week so it must be time for McCrory to end the emergency benefits too ... makes perfect sense

  • justsooamazin Feb 2, 2013

    Join us on Monday, February 4th in Pack Square at 11:00 AM as we rally to tell lawmakers to Take the 350 Challenge and to stop punishing the jobless for the failure of our leaders to improve NC’s economy over the past two years.

    North Carolina has a 9.2% unemployment rate, 5th highest in the nation. But right-wing lawmakers plan to slash NC’s maximum unemployment insurance benefit by 35% from $535/week to $350. People who made as little as $55K/year qualify for the maximum weekly payment if they lose their job through no fault of their own.

    Gov. McCrory fully supports the cuts, even though then he gave 5-10% raises to his cabinet secretaries, who were already making $121,807/year, and even though the better unemployment insurance benefits are being funded with FEDERAL money. They are turning down $25 million A WEEK that could be pumped into NC’s struggling economy to make an ideological point: they think the jobless are slackers mooching off the government.

    If Gov. McCrory

  • cordellforshee Feb 2, 2013

    falysi-sorry you lost your job. i hope things get better for you. cordell

  • mr2fish Feb 2, 2013

    Finally a little common sense. Unemployment has it's place, but not for two years and not at the level it has been doled out. Most unemployed should have no problem finding a low paying job to offset the unemployment check. Too bad it may not be your dream job.

    Sometimes it's hard to be responsible and not live beyond your means in the first place.

    I'm currently unemployed but I do not see where it is the governments job to support me. Somewhere I missed that lesson in civics class.

  • FlyingTurtles Feb 2, 2013

    It is interesting to me to note that leftists can never find any excuse to limit, much less cut, any government expenditure, regardless of what it may be. Except of course for Federal spending on national defense, that's always a expense they're willing to gut.

    Government cannot keep robbing businesses and citizens employed in the private sector to keep funding more and more government. Frankly, a significant portion of the persons on government payrolls need to be invited to get out and join the rest of us in the private sector, get off the wagon and help those of us in the private sector to pull the darn thing. Government "employees" contribute nothing to GDP and government spending is not a plus for the economy. Private sector employment grows GDP and private sector spending fuels the economy.

    There will be no end to the sob stories and the tear jerking stories. It's time for adults to make the tough decisions to do what is necessary for our long term best interests.

  • durbingoodwin Feb 1, 2013

    After almost a year and working very hard to find a job, I started a new job this week. But it is a long-term temporary assignment. Having said that, there are just not enough jobs out there. One job I applied for had over 900 resumes that were sent to them. I know because I spoke with the Office Manager. Easy to say cut benefits, but if not for unemployment my husband and I and my 3-1/2 year old granddaughter, who we are raising, would not have had a place to live, food on the table and the essential utilities. So the Governor gives everyone a raise and then says we have to cut the budget. Really?!

  • vjoyoungblood Feb 1, 2013

    I think McCrory and Tillis need to live a month on unemployment at its current rate -- bet you that would have a different tune!!! And to cut it off at 6 months -- what the hell are you supposed to do with 9% unemployment. Jobs can't be found. Let's see them do it for a month -- and no, they can't call their "good old boy" network to get them a ob.

  • mistressingrid Feb 1, 2013

    I pray it goes through. There are too many people milking the system. I know someone personally who lost their job due to drug addiction 1 1/2 yrs ago. They file for unemployment & eventually got it. All anyone ever wanted for this person was help for their addictions. Unfortunately, unemployment has continued to sponsor their addictions. They have never even tried to get a job. Just waited for the $ to hit their acct so they could get wasted. They would spend all that money in a day or two. Where there is 1 doing this, ther are more than you think! Our Govnmt & courts has been a huge disappointemnt of getting them help.

  • Dreamin of Disney World Feb 1, 2013

    About darn time.

  • happymom Feb 1, 2013

    "I don't have that issue to deal with because I know children are expensive so I specifically made a conscience decision not to have them until I'm well established and don't need a job to raise them."

    What should I have cut out? My son's medicine and therapy? Our house so we can live in a tent? Food for my kids? Should they be sent to school naked? They already where 2nd hand clothes. Should we give up our insurance and go on Medicaid?

    We always lived frugally, but there was NO WAY to plan for this. It can happen to anyone. I'm well-educated and we were always responsible finacially.

    And that's the point. It's easy to say, "tighten your belt" but what do you do when you are out of belt? Should I put my kids up for adoption?

    I'm well-educated. We saved. We planned our pregnancy. We didn't have any way to see this coming 12 years after his birth. And we certainly didn't plan on autism happening.

    So you tell me... what should I do?

  • Pleasepostmycomments Feb 1, 2013

    At least Pat is giving everyone a 6 month notice!

  • rjdohnert Feb 1, 2013

    if he goes through with it, start a recall petition that will remove this governor from office. They act like operating for 5 more months, the Federal deadline is December is going to kill them. Economically, its devastating because its within the start of the holiday season, about 40% of those people without work will become desperate and do whatever it takes to get by even if its illegal and the money you save from paying them the federally mandated extension will be quickly eaten up by having to take care of these people in jail and the state will have to pay more for foster care for the misplaced children. Start applying for disability people.

  • oleguy Feb 1, 2013

    There is no money folks,,, its all borrowed,,, The country is broke,, Get a grip,,,

  • lizp8613 Feb 1, 2013

    I understand that it is difficult to find jobs today, but, for those who are upset that unemployment benefits will end--how long should benefits be allowed? Who is going to pay for the benefits? You have to admit there are large numbers of people who aren't looking for jobs--who are content to continue uneployment as long as it lasts BEFORE looking for a job. I know this is not the case for everyone. But again--should the state continue to borrow money to provide unemployment until whenever? Some people have said they paid into the system so they should get something out of it. Employees do not pay, employers do--and unemployment taxes aren't cheap.

  • TVs_Deceit Feb 1, 2013

    kornfan: ""Move to Montana ect where there are more jobs." I can barely pay rent and you suggest I pack up all my stuff, pull my wife from her job, pull my son out of school in his senior year and move half way across the country? Okay, that's feasible. Oh, and just go to school, that's free."

    How was I supposed to know that you have a wife w/ a job and 12th grader? Like I said.. it's impossible to give advice w/o knowing your situation.

    And no, school isn't free, but there are school loans and Pell Grants to help. I get school loans, but the money I'll make will cover them in no time because I'm training for a high-paying in-demand job.

    You seem to have a defeatist attitude. That's probably a big part of your problem. EDUCATE YOURSELF WITH A SKILL that's in demand. Go to the library for free and read books with job-related subject matters.. Computers, electrical, networking, plumbing.. whatever.

    Offer to do people's yard work. The Plasma center pays cash. Day labor pools do to.

  • diane7183 Feb 1, 2013

    While I appreciate the plight of the unemployed, I also have known many who have done nothing to look for a job since they received over $500 a week or more in unemployment compensation. They, instead, would drink beer and cook steaks on their patio every afternoon. I think this type of behavior has ruined the benefits for some that need these the most and that is very sad. My suggestion to the unemployed would be to post your resumes on websites such as Monster and CareerBuilder. I have had amazing results doing this.

  • protestthis Feb 1, 2013

    maybe the deadbeats who seem to think that the bottomless gov handouts will 1) get a job or 2) leave the state for other states that will continue to live on borrowed money.

  • superman Feb 1, 2013

    Unemployment is only for two years. Welfare is a lifetime gift. Cut welfare so those people will try to find a job.

  • falysi Feb 1, 2013

    "Lazy do-nothings?" Do you have to be hateful as well as uniformed.

    I have many marketable skills...there is no market.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 1, 2013

    WooHoo -

    Democrats have been governors of NC since 1993, and many many of Hunt's best friends were big business owners here.

    Hint ;o)

    Hint ;o)

    That's why the Unemployment Insurance rate kept falling in this state for (yes) two decades.

  • Nancy Feb 1, 2013

    I suppose it could be worse, we could be california where they owe close to 9 BILLION to the feds for extended unemployment.

    Or we could be in better shape where TX owes a mere 1 BILLION

  • mxteam44 Feb 1, 2013

    I know folks are going to suffer when these extended benefits run out, but those who are resilient will survive. I've been unemployed since April 2011. I saw the writing on the wall, and took a part time job BEFORE I lost my job. When my benefits ran out (much sooner than the folks they are talking about in this story), I took on 2 other part-time jobs. Just this week, I started a 5-week temporary job, working 40+ hours a week, PLUS my 3 part time jobs. Needless to say, I don't see my family much right now, but the bills are getting paid. Yes, it's been frustrating, but you do what you have to do. These folks whose benefits will expire will have to do the same.....and I don't say that in a cold-hearted just have to find ways to make ends meet, and look forward. It CAN be done!

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 1, 2013

    Quite frankly, I would have liked to see this hit taken in three areas equally.

    1. 30% hike in business Unemployment Insurance rates.

    2. 30% deduction in unemployment compensation paid to new applicants, and

    3. 30% swallowed by the state by instituting a hiring freeze to cut the unproductive from its offices.

    What's wrong with doing that!?!

    Heck, they could probably get a huge part of that 30% from those who are little more than rude slackers at DMV offices, not that all who work in them are rude slackers, cause all aren't - just get rid of the ones who are.

  • Plum Tuckered Feb 1, 2013

    This looks to me to be a short-sighted move, but they've made up their minds and we are stuck with it (i.e., don't bother calling your representative to complain on this issue).

    Time will tell whether the ultimate, intended effect -- improving job numbers and industry recruitment -- will come to fruition, creating stable jobs and lifting the state's economy.

    However, taking these few hundred million dollars from upwards of a million people who really need it, and who will definitely put it immediately and directly back into the economy, will surely negatively impact the state, socially and economically.

    However, if similar millions of dollars are squandered on incentive packages to attract businesses that potentially provide only a few hundred jobs, we should be screaming mad and calling for the heads of those behind this move.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 1, 2013

    WooHoo2You - "We are not talking about the last 20 years."

    The Democrats have been lowering Unemployment Insurance rates employers within the state pay for quite a long time.

    Research it!!!

    That's what led to the Fund being too low to meet the disaster.

  • ncbearman Feb 1, 2013


    email me, I may have some part time work for you.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 1, 2013

    claytontarheel -

    I agree with you.


    As it is now, I read it's more like 40% for businesses and 60% for the unemployed.

    I also think the state needs to tighten it's belt by instituting a hiring freeze to get some of the unproductive fat out of its offices.

  • Nancy Feb 1, 2013

    "Yes, but not at the feet of the needy."
    Iak Hsehpen

    So who picks up the tab? There are only so many "rich" you can drain before that pot is empty.

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