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  • sunneyone2 Feb 1, 2013

    What about the buildings NC State university maintains on the land? There are at least 5, probably more...

    Build a stadium there? WHY? Why would you destroy open space like that?

  • skeeter II Feb 1, 2013

    I assume that the City of Raleigh is responsible under the lease for the maintenance of the DIX grounds and buildings not still occupied by the State. This would also call for the city police to patrol the DIX campus.

    Have not heard anything about this in the newspaper or on TV.

    Sure would like for a copy of the lease to be printed in the News and Observer! I am wondering about what the State gave up and what the City is responsible for!

    Seems like a BAD deal for the State and for the City taxpayers! Where is the City going to get the annual rent money?

  • nic Feb 1, 2013

    I have a great idea how about build a mental health facility since there are no beds available at CRH, Cherry, Broughton and patients are taking up beds in emergency rooms for 3 or more days while waiting for some facility to have an open bed. So while your mom is in the ER for a heart attack she is in a bed next to a psychotic patient who has been there 2 days without meds. Very comforting thought...but lets build a park because we don't have enough of those. While Dix was opened people used the open space for thier dogs, planes, walking and if the hospital was reopened they would still be able to do the same.

  • dwntwnboy2 Feb 1, 2013

    "this artical we make this little known Mecca a destination, for pick pockets, and those spring Nudest doing some sun Bathing"- well, if they are naked, nothing to pick out of their pockets now is there? :-) Nothing wrong with the human body anyhow, and when was the last time anyone heard of an actual "pick pocket" thief? Great open green space for the city to grow around, we'll be glad we did this in 20+ years.

  • oleguy Feb 1, 2013

    Just saying, Sounds like Unlawful assembly,, Haz. chemicals on state property, County and city dog ordances being broken, When some ones dog running loose mistakes a radio plane for a frizby it will be on...Just saying, and now this artical we make this little known Mecca a destination, for pick pockets, and those spring Nudest doing some sun Bathing,,, Just saying, and all this at the cost of taxpayers,,, Build a park Charge admission

  • newform Feb 1, 2013

    The comments about stadiums and entertainment venues perplex me. Raleigh has more than enough areas zoned for business. What it lacks are large, natural, open spaces. This land is a huge opportunity for Raleigh. I firmly believe preserving as much of the existing natural layout to be the best use of Dix campus. The mental and physical benefits gained, from being in nature, seem to stay closer to what Dorothea Dix envisioned for the campus (other than an institution for mental health services, of course). It is such a beautiful, peaceful place that we
    would forever lose with the addition of further concrete and asphalt.

  • cjw6105 Jan 31, 2013

    What a wonderful idea to put a stadium/arena on the Dix property. That would bring in more parking meters, which would make Downtown Raleigh awash in funds. Then they could look for a mental health facility somewhere, maybe in Lizard Lick, Kennebec or near the Nash County line.

  • superman Jan 31, 2013

    Get the plans from RR and build an entertainment complex.

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Jan 31, 2013

    How about we make it hospital for the mentally ill? There is a tremendous need for that. And most of it would still remain an open space within the City.

  • markjb33 Jan 31, 2013

    Jerry Richardson has said he will will move the Panthers if Charlotte doesn't come up with the money to revive BofA stadium. Radical thought in this college sports only town, but build a stadium on this property, bring the Panthers, maybe when the Hornets return they too will come to Raleigh(PNC). That would make Raleigh a destination.

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