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  • early exit Roy Jan 31, 2013

    mys1983, it doesn't bother me this lady got the job. But it is pretty much statistically impossible the final three candidates were all black. It was in the plan that Raleigh was going to have a black police chief. The best way to guarantee that is all three finalists are black. She may be the best person and I hope she does well. But, she is an insider and they protect their fellow oficers.

  • Pac-Man Jan 31, 2013


    How will a new person come without hidden agendas? The two other candidates know nothing of Raleigh and we know nothing of them. Dolan, the past chief, did come with fresh ideas, but also with plenty of hiddens agendas.

  • MadMaxx Jan 30, 2013

    Oh yeah, that will work..........not. You need new fresh ideas, no culture of the same old routines, promote those you like and run down the ones you do not. new fresh face will come in with out hidden agendas and internal politics. seems like some folks are already sucking up for new promotions.

  • mys1983 Jan 30, 2013

    itsnotatumuah...would you have posed that question if it were all white applicants? Perhaps they just happend to be the most qualiified....

  • itsnotatumah Jan 30, 2013

    Were there any non black applicants? Seems like diversity is one sided. Hopefully they are actually qualified and not just put into the position to look like a tolerant progressive and affirmative action organization.

  • working for deadbeats Jan 30, 2013

    Good choice! She's the right person for the job.

  • computer trainer Jan 30, 2013

    Politics, politics, politics!

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