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  • grimreaper Feb 1, 2013

    "charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon."

    Wait a is ILLEGAL for a felon to posses a firearm and also to conceal one and to use one in committing another felony...oh wait, that's right background checks don't apply to criminals and they don't recognize any laws...exactly why more laws have zippo affect on crime...only enforcement of existing laws has any tangible result...

  • ncguy Jan 30, 2013

    Traveling crooks the other two are far away by now.

    hopefully this guy will talk.

  • Luv2Camp Jan 29, 2013

    Good job Cary PD!!!

  • Not_Time_Yet Jan 28, 2013

    "Its the who what"

    I suppose the Cary cyber crime unit could track down your real identity and charge you with some sort of slander, etc. At the very least let you know the internet is not as anonymous as some people think, wouldn't that be fun.

  • Phyxius1 Jan 28, 2013

    Good job for the Cary PD for catching so fast...More crime in Cary though and it along with even more in Raleigh seem to be hitting the headlines more than Durham lately. Lots of robberies, shootings and stabbings going on at an alarming increase everywhere lately.

  • DangYankee Jan 28, 2013

    @Its the who what: Epidemic? Seriously? One of the most dangerous small towns in NC? You *DO* realize there are more than 140,000 residents, right?

  • EnoughWhiningAlready Jan 28, 2013

    Oh wait.........I may have jumped the gun in my "absurd" comment -- I see in the story that Cary PD already has 1 person in custody and tbfromnc was giving the kudo's and not criticism. My bad. My apologies tbfromnc --- I get so used to people bashing Cary and it's PD that I see criticism where there isn't any. So sorry!!

  • kellypsnll Jan 28, 2013

    @Its the who what, I didn't see where the perps brandished a weapon or injured anyone at the store. Do you know something we don't? Yes it is a crime but violent?

  • Jazz99 Jan 28, 2013

    This is at least the fourth robbery that I remember.

  • Its the who what Jan 28, 2013

    Another violent crime in Cary North Carolina. The level of crime in this town is approaching a epidemic level. They do not have the PD that can handle this type of crime. Cary is one of the most dangerous small towns in NC. I say this every week because there is a violent crime committed every week in that town and the crimes are committed by people who live there in the town. You have got Forbes and many other publications fooled but the real truth will be uncovered soon.

  • harmstrong4 Jan 28, 2013

    Hey Prozac...if you ship them all to Alaska, who is gonna vote for the

  • EnoughWhiningAlready Jan 28, 2013

    "Good Job Cary PD."

    Meaning what? That the PD should somehow be mind readers and known beforehand that a robbery was going to occur and been waiting at the door? That is absurd.

  • tbfromnc Jan 28, 2013

    Good Job Cary PD.

  • right2life Jan 28, 2013

    They were robbed in 2003, or so.

  • EnoughWhiningAlready Jan 28, 2013

    We were just in there a few months ago. Nice people and beautiful things. Glad no one was hurt.

  • LuvLivingInCary Jan 28, 2013

    it's a darn shame that you work hard and try to make a better way for yourself and family and someone's looking to steal it from you.

    i think they need to open a gitmo in alaska and ship all the misfits up there.

  • Just another bad guy Jan 28, 2013

    I'm not sure if it has, but most buildings in Cary are the same color tone and nobody is allowed to have useful signs to tell customers what their business is, so it is possible the robbers thought it was a convenience store.

  • BernsteinIII Jan 28, 2013

    Unreal. Hasn't this place been robbed several times before?

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