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  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 1, 2013

    superman - "If you have medicare or private insurance you would know that it takes them about 6 months or longer to pay insurance claims."

    That's the nature of their business. If one isn't prepared financially to deal with that, they have no business getting into it in the first place.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 1, 2013

    You know, dogs care for their own kind better than this.

    Praying for those affected.

  • superman Jan 28, 2013

    If you have medicare or private insurance you would know that it takes them about 6 months or longer to pay insurance claims. How would you like to have to wait six months to get paid?

  • wyzynidl Jan 25, 2013

    You people sound ridiculous! I mean, like really. I did not hear anyone of you talking about how medicaid hasnt paid them for months. You have to remember, this is a business regardless, and the state is not paying. You people should understand more with facts. The state feels it is okay to pay whenever, but sets laws that makes the business have to pay out. Want all yall chip in and pay those fees!

  • miseem Jan 25, 2013

    . And you are getting these "facts" from where? Always been cost/benefit analysis on medical treatment. Limited funds, spend 1 milliion on questionable unproven treatments on one person or treat 100 with evidence based protocols? Sounds like you want the tax payers or the insurance company to ignore best practices and pay according to your extensive medical knowledge.

  • Dollars-and-Sense Jan 25, 2013

    Well, well, well....Larry Patton was convicted of embezzlement in 2002. (See Offender Search on DOC's website) They currently owe over $2.5 million in various taxes, fines & interest. This is not an issue of underfunding by Medicaid. It clearly looks like bad management and unscrupulous business practices. Them taking the computers indicates their attempt to hide some financial wrong doing. The State needs to beef up the financial monitoring of Adult Care Homes.

  • miseem Jan 25, 2013

    Amen, jankenpie

  • newornamentals Jan 25, 2013

    I know liberals don't acknowledge facts as truth but please do your research folks. The Pattons are Dem donors...which means they supported ___ for Pres? They are merely ahead of the coming curve that is leading to Barrycare "Death Panels". Yes, those are real and I have actually read the Act. Have you? The Pattons are showing core Obamic values and you didn't even realize it? If you look how Obama and Biden have treated veterans, look how their new regulations are denying procedure and new drugs to seniors, in effect giving seniors a death penalty.

  • Uhavenoclu Jan 25, 2013

    Well my family has ignored me and abandoned me pretty much my whole life and I've done good and probably better then most of them have,if they are still here?.

  • sendusmessage Jan 25, 2013

    Surprise, surprise, they are tax cheats also:

  • jankenpie Jan 25, 2013

    There will be more of this because our wonderful repugnant controlled state govt. will refuse to join expanded medicaid. I will never...ever forget the 'let them die' chants from those vile conservatives during the primaries. I've been around a long time and I have never seen so many people consumed with evil.

  • sendusmessage Jan 25, 2013

    A couple of selfish lowlives.

    They sound too dumb to leave the State, so I think it may be worth investigating them... Wonder what was on those computers that they wanted to hide, Medicare over billing perhaps?

  • ymcmdb63 Jan 25, 2013

    Another example of people trying to run a business(es) to make money off our hard earned taxes. There are so many in the state that have group homes and long term care facilities charging the Government. Those business owners could care less about their patients. Sad for the people who need the proper care. Shame on the owners for leaving them stranded. What goes around comes aroung

  • Roland K. Jan 25, 2013

    wow from that paltry article you arrive at this conclusion. let's throw grandma and gramps under the bus because of the actions of these two scoundrels running adult care facilities. and Romney and his repub cronies would have made things better how? By giving free reign to private, for-profit corporations to dump customers when they get sick? no thanks.

  • salligalagher Jan 25, 2013

    How could they just leave those poor people!

  • whatelseisnew Jan 25, 2013

    Ah yes, isn't Government INSURANCE for your health care needs JUST great? Just think if we go to the Not-single payer system ALL of us can enjoy this sort of treatment. I would love to see EVERY provider refuse to accept either Medicaid or Medicare. They underpay and slow pay and as a result everyone with Private insurance not only has to pay for the lousy Government insurances, we get to pay higher premiums and higher health care bills to further supplement this huge federal scam on the population. The States were exceedingly stupid to get involved in Medicaid and the ones expanding it are demonstrating a further level of stupidity. Hang on to your wallets folks. Obama and the Dems have only just gotten started on you. Obama and the Dems have nailed the middle class again while pretending they are going after the wealthy.

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