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  • NCHighlander Jan 25, 2013

    Where's the diversity amongst these candidates?

    Diversity takes a back seat when qualifications are needed. In this case the most qualified don't fit the usual mold. Cassey Brown is the career winner. It works both ways.

  • working for deadbeats Jan 25, 2013

    Deck-Brown is the best choice. The guy from Richmond would be a disaster.

  • snossg1 Jan 25, 2013

    I met the interum chief recently and was very impressed. She is not flashy, she is just sincere and good.

  • Barfly Jan 25, 2013

    Where's the diversity amongst these candidates?

  • Lady Justice Jan 25, 2013

    "I know of at least one current chief from an NC agency that for some reason was weeded out. His officers work hard for him and he has the support of many, many folks."

    He probably did not supervise enough people. I heard a rumor that they added a qualification that the person must have supervised some really high number of people, which eliminated anyone from RPD from applying except Deck-Brown (because she was Asst. Chief and acting Chief). I don't know if it is true - just what I heard. Maybe somebody else knows for sure.

  • mojridingrb Jan 25, 2013

    Hire the one with the most experience in all facets of police work and not someone that has limited experience in certain areas of police work.

  • Relic Jan 25, 2013

    You know. I was going to comment on this but...why bother? All three said the exact same thing in the same generic terms. Good luck RPD, you may need it.

  • Walkin Man Jan 25, 2013

    Thanks cantbtaught - exactly!!!

  • Pac-Man Jan 25, 2013

    RPD 07,

    The story might be jucier for Ms Lamb when it's too late for us. History has a way of repeating itself. I just hope the citizens voice their opinions and see that someone with intimate knowledge of the city should always supersede some who came here for a weekend.

  • determined2win Jan 25, 2013's closer to 3 hours to get to Richmond.

  • determined2win Jan 25, 2013

    Where are the other candidates? Two mentioned 'transparency', which tosses both of them out of contention in my book.

  • same ole story Jan 25, 2013

    THIS IS A RACIST BOARD!! HOW COME THERE ARE NO WHITE CANDIDATES AVAILABLE. Equal means equal there must be at least one white candidate to choose from. Imagine the march being organized if it was the other way around!!!!!

  • djofraleigh Jan 25, 2013

    One candidate looks permanently angry with attitude, another seems the true outsider spouting the common sermon, and then there's the lady running the department now who comes over as sincere and, if not commanding, in control. I say promote from within and let Raleigh have the second female chief.

  • RPD07 Jan 25, 2013

    The real story WRAL should look into is why some PHENOMENAL applicants that applied were denied getting to this stage of the game. The two outside candidates are terrible choices, just research them on google.... Unless Russell is stacking the deck to make Deck-Brown look that much better of a choice...

    I know of at least one current chief from an NC agency that for some reason was weeded out. His officers work hard for him and he has the support of many, many folks.

  • justiceforall Jan 25, 2013

    Why isn't the Rev protesting the lack of diversity in the candidates? From the clips I saw, I think the current interim chief has the edge.

  • westernwake1 Jan 25, 2013

    It appears that Raleigh has three very good police chief candidates. Let's hope they choose wisely.

  • dare107 Jan 25, 2013

    Wait a minute, they all talked about the rise in juvi crime, and last night on your even news the Director of Juvinile Justice said there was actually a decrease in violent juvinile crime!! As usual the Juvinile Justice system in NC is 20 years behind the times.

  • Pac-Man Jan 25, 2013

    The guy from Richmond also appears to be getting tossed out of his job. Just google him. Since October the mayor of Richmond has been in the works to fire him. Norwood's parents live in Richmond too and my guess is he needs somewhere to fall... You know, within a two hours drive from there. Just my two cents.

  • LocalYokel Jan 25, 2013

    While gangs are a problem in some neighborhoods, just like drugs, the gang problem won't be solved by police. Mentioning gangs is a fear tactic.

    When a police chief candidate initiates FUD discussions I stop listening to them.

  • Honesty first Jan 25, 2013

    The Guy from Richmond is by far the best candidate.

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