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  • pipcolt Jan 25, 2013

    If they are members of gangs then ship them off to where we house the terrorist, because that is exactly what they are.

  • miseem Jan 25, 2013

    Sounds like time to change the penalty for juvenile crimes. Anything involving a weapon for anyone over 12 should require prison/incarceration terms beyond age 18. Don't think a 14 year old won't shoot you? How much are you willing to bet one it?

  • newtonatlaw1 Jan 25, 2013

    JohnDresher: You make a sound point while challenging sacred cows some use to institutionalize failure of personal responsibility. I hope someone takes note and you are able to advise on public safety from your observance of our community and perspective as a writer chronicling this trend. I appreciate your input. Deb, Attorney

  • SARCASTICLES Jan 25, 2013

    Mr. Drescher, I wasn't "calling" you a conservative, but simply asking you if you were one, based on your opinion.

    I agree with you about the cultural tendency toward this type of shocking, cold-blooded violence.

    In spite of your hyperbolic attack on me personally, I'll assume that you don't usually put labels on people and categorize them into various identity groups such as "Progressive Liberal", which I certainly ain't.

    I was making an attempt to illustrate that, even though we don't necessarily agree politically, we can find some common ground on common sense issues such as this one, and agree that it is indeed a serious problem which all of us should work together to solve. Deal?

  • Terkel Jan 25, 2013

    beachmama, you confuse spanking with hitting.

  • That Explains It Jan 25, 2013

    Wow, Lady Justice, I guess, to you, simply attacking me personally is adding "something." No problem.

  • Lady Justice Jan 25, 2013

    "rich son, mass murder is such a very minute part of the overall murder rate that I'm not sure you can draw that conclusion."

    That is not even close to an answer to the question asked. Looks like you really have nothing of substance to bring to the table. You talk, talk, talk about groups of people, but have nothing to offer when asked to provide some real insight into the why's and what can be done to repair the problem. Just all talk with nothing productive to add.

  • That Explains It Jan 25, 2013

    Sarcasticles, riddle me this. People who try to put labels on people and categorize them into various identity groups rather than deal with people as individuals are typically Progressive Liberals.

  • SARCASTICLES Jan 25, 2013

    Mr. Drescher, would you identify yourself as a conservative?

  • dollibug Jan 25, 2013

    What is more frightening to me is when the GRAND JURY can indict people without any is one thing to have *something*....but not when there is *NOTHING*....

  • That Explains It Jan 25, 2013

    rich son, mass murder is such a very minute part of the overall murder rate that I'm not sure you can draw that conclusion.

  • shortcake53 Jan 25, 2013

    beachmamma, I never said "beat" your kids. But a good smack on the backside never failed to get our attention as kids and let us know a point was being made. I too have grown sons with kids of their own and you better believe they know how to act because they know what comes if they dont! I am so sick of those who say "oh the poor little things, dont spank them". It didnt kill us, our grandparents or parents and wont hurt todays kids either.

  • rich son Jan 25, 2013 culture the blame for those who committ mass murder?

  • NCAries Jan 25, 2013

    Can't behave properly in a civilized society, take them OUT of society and keep them out.

    That's fine if you believe society is civilized with the lack of morality on so many levels by so many upstanding so called citizens.

  • Crumps Br0ther Jan 25, 2013

    There is a reason that "Wake Arrests" shows pictures rather than simply names and charges.


    Which is?

  • Lady Justice Jan 25, 2013


    So what are the reasons you think Hispanics and Blacks are more often the perps? If you think it is because of their parents, what makes those parents different than the parents of Asians and Whites?

    What can you and I, and the other potential victims do to work on the underlying issues you define as the cause?

  • cblackman Jan 25, 2013

    Start arresting the parents also....and, strip them of all the entitlements for taking care of these children....including their housing....

  • That Explains It Jan 25, 2013

    One need only scan the many articles about home invasions, shootings and gang violence, including the section on this site titled "Wake Arrests" to find the truth in my prior assertion. There is a reason that "Wake Arrests" shows pictures rather than simply names and charges.

  • That Explains It Jan 25, 2013

    Each of these "boys" were either black or hispanic. To ignore this fact is to deny the reality of the situation, which is that the core problem is Cultural within these communities. NOT racial or ethnic, but Cultural. Those that consider it an attribute to deny this and reflexively label anyone who points it out as "racist" are contributing to the problem, with complete disregard to the consequences, but with full and exclusive regard to their own personal self image.

  • boggy1 Jan 25, 2013

    Parents (or should I say the people resposible for conceiving and giving birth)should be held accountable for their minor children's actions! People just don't take responsibility anymore. It's always someone else's fault or problem! This world is going to H E double L in a handbasket!

  • same ole story Jan 25, 2013

    Just look at the homes they come from. If the parents don't want to raise there kids as productive citizens with RESPECT to everyone then the prison system will!!!!!

  • Scubagirl Jan 25, 2013

    It's frightening yes, BUT IF THEY WERE DEALT WITH APPROPRIATELY THE FIRST TIME and kept in jail, NOT felt sorry for it would decrease some. Quit giving them merely a slap on the wrist and make the sentence count. Can't behave properly in a civilized society, take them OUT of society and keep them out.

  • bill0 Jan 25, 2013

    "For all those asking "where are the parents", you only need to look as far as the Progressive movement; ie, the Gov't. will take care of everything. And it's this movement that's instilled parental apathy insofar as "ahh, the school, county, state and Fed will fill in the gaps"."

    If you really believe "The Progressive Movement" is responsible for crime rates, then you should be THANKING them. Violent crime rates have been DROPPING for the last couple decades. That includes violent crime from teens.

    The thing that has gotten worse is 24/7 news coverage trying to fill the time with stories about horrific crimes.

  • Fireflies Rock Jan 25, 2013

    "it's probably frightening to the community." You're darn right it's frightening. The "norm" or not, it sure seems to be here in this area lately!

  • beachmama Jan 25, 2013


    You do not have to hit your child to teach them how to be respectful, kind, productive person in this society. I have two grown children (boys). They are both self supporting and darn good people. Values do not have to be beat into your child. In fact in my own personal life, to hit a child just tells that hitting is OK. You are welcome to hit your kids if that is what you think is effective, but I was beat all of my youth and all it did was teach me that this was not the way I was going to raise my children

  • Lady Justice Jan 25, 2013

    "And don't tell me that 'society failed them'.

    A lack of parenting is what failed them."

    Simplistic responses like this, which lack intellect or insight is also what is wrong. Are there bad parents out there? Absolutely. Does society contribute to the differences we see today? Absolutely. Most of the time, when I see comments like this; they come from somebody who does not currently face the challenges of being a parent of school aged children TODAY. Most parents today recognize that almost everything is different than it was 50+ years ago.

    Society has decided that parents cannot parent the same as they did 50+ years ago. Society has decided that when kids fight they are charged with a crime, but 50+ years ago, that was rare. Most families cannot survive on a single salary and provide the technologies required for children today to be on a level playing field like their peers. Jobs are not so available for teens like they were 50+ years ago. Why? Because of technology.

  • lwe1967 Jan 25, 2013

    Inspite of the ACLU, the State of North Carolina has to enact laws to protect their citizens from these hoodlums. This is what comes from moolicoddling the kids instead of disciplining them as they should. The gangs are a problem no matter how you look at that. All over the Country. It doesn't make any difference if a child, teen or young adult commits the crime. If they commit adult crimes, they are going to have to pay. The goody two shoes people have been wrong in their handling the kids over the past 30 years. Their way hasn't worked and never will. I do see that all kids are not the same. Some can be talked to, other have to be punished. Parents, if you can't raise your children as they should be, don't have them!

  • twoods7 Jan 25, 2013

    For all those asking "where are the parents", you only need to look as far as the Progressive movement; ie, the Gov't. will take care of everything. And it's this movement that's instilled parental apathy insofar as "ahh, the school, county, state and Fed will fill in the gaps".

    Just remember, you reap what you sow; ie, you get what you put into it.

  • rmsmith Jan 25, 2013

    There are those that are living off the social programs and are having more kids just to collect a higher paying check from the government. Housing, food stamps, medicare, car insurance, free cell phones, are more. They do not care about the kids which are allowed to roam free to do what ever they want to do including drugs, crime and gang activities.

    Those same kids grow up and have kids of their own and once again, follow in their parent(s) footsteps; living off society.

  • shortcake53 Jan 25, 2013

    Make spanking the norm instead of abuse, TEACH your children manners and respect, SHOW them the right way to live instead of plopping them in front of a tv or comp, and KNOW what they are doing and with who. Its not rocket science people, common sense and being involved is all it takes. Too many parents let material things come before raising their family, get your priorities straight.

  • Hippy_mom Jan 25, 2013

    Where are the parents?!? For many of the kids who get into trouble these days one can cite a lack of parental guidance, for a number of reasons. Everyone can drum up sob stories and excuses, but if these criminals are treated as juveniles, I feel their parents should be charged as accessories. Taking someone's life is not kid's play. The lack of remorse on behalf of the teens who have been arrested is very telling.

  • dollibug Jan 24, 2013

    Education begins at home....there are a lot of children who come from single parent homes now....with probably little to no education at home....these parents think that the children will be taught everything at is sad when this generation of young people have no morals, values, standards, trust or respect....and integrity is gone by the wayside....we have allowed and encourage this kind of issue....again, education begins at home.

  • webhype Jan 24, 2013

    look at the last names, figure it out

  • joeazar Jan 24, 2013

    I hate to think NC will become LA but clearly gang violence is accelerating in the Latino community. This needs to be nipped ASAP or the Triangle is toast

  • newtonatlaw1 Jan 24, 2013

    Interesting that the Legislature passed amendments to a terrorism statute effective 12/1 which, if employed, could be effective against the gang culture initiating these boys early on placing the community in fear intentionally, as Colon describes. In my years of practice, it is my observation that one writer here is correct: lack of parental role models or any basic discipline or respect inevitably has brought us to this generation of lawlessness among this demographic. If you have never had consequences, why fear authority? We should be very worried. The question becomes then: what would deter a lawless 15-17yo with no supervision? Curfews? Mandatory parenting classes for teen parents? Ramped up law enforcement? Or, as Colon is trying to do, hammer down in adult court to perhaps make an impression on others (yet I do not know how effective that is on immature criminals as that takes cunning these guys do not possess). We'd better find that answer. Deb, Attorney

  • jrfergerson Jan 24, 2013

    Somehow we have created a new type of society where there is no respect for others nor respect for ones self. In today’s classrooms we find at least half are filled with kids coming from homes where you see very little morals, values and integrity is taught.....maybe the guns are not the problem but more so what today’s society has created

  • determined2win Jan 24, 2013

    Colon... they're called 'gang-bangers' being initiated into making the team cut.

    Wake up and smell the coffee, Sport. You'll figure this out - if they do an adult crime, punish the little snots as adults. And don't tell me that 'society failed them'.

    A lack of parenting is what failed them.

  • NCHighlander Jan 24, 2013

    God it is purely disgusting to see people act shocked at the coming tide of this stuff. You folks can't be serious. Where have you been? Look to Las Angeles 20 years ago and any fool could have seen where we would be with open border policies. Now you folks want to say you didn't see that coming? Give us a break politicians.

  • chrisnrali Jan 24, 2013

    Thuugs breed thuugs. It's ignorant to expect some form of civility around animals who would rather kill you than talk or walk away.

  • superman Jan 24, 2013

    Appears that Mr. Willougby didnt do his homework about the statistics before he opened his mouth again.

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