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  • SFSOLDIER Jan 29, 2013

    Greed, corruption and theft drives the train in our health system…it will be the end of us as a nation before this is over.

  • ohmygosh Jan 28, 2013

    So is population control a global issue. It should go hand in hand with health care. Lets face it, it would be a lot easier to afford global health care if family sizes were 4 or 5 rather than 10+.

  • hapd Jan 28, 2013

    It is wrong for the cost of healthcare to be so expensive. The cost of medical coverage is absurd. I don't begrudge the doctors from making a living however they are pricing themselves right out of the market. OBAMACARE IS NOT GOING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM EITHER. We will see that soon enough.

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