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  • roadrider18 Jan 25, 2013

    Gail such thing as an "assault rifle"!!! I was in the USMC and LE. I can find no such classification of weapon.

    Gail Geely...."walk past an M-16"? Come on! Do you have any idea the paperwork, administrative controls and training for the carry and use of a select fire weapon by a police officer?

    And who is advocating M-16 toting, battle dressed guards in our schools? But, then, it works in Israel. We already have LEO/Resource officers.

    Frankly, I would call Sandy Hook a terrorist event. It matters not the state of mind. Study of suicide bombers has proven this fact. I suggest reading "Terrorist in Love" by Ken Ballen.

    A violent death at the hands of a criminal, is simply horrible, regardless of the age of the victim.

    You have to ask yourself, are you going to be the sheep, sheepdog or wolf? And they exist even in societies banning firearms!

    Regardless of form factor, a tool of death is simply a tool in the hands of those committed to murder and mayhem.

  • roadrider18 Jan 25, 2013

    A lot of confusion in this article. Either not well researched or intentionally misleading.

    But, thank you for stating "military style rifles". There is no such thing as an "assault rifle". "Assault" is a verb and is a violent, illegal act in most US jurisdictions. "Rifle" is a noun and a either offensive or defensive tool.

    Straw purchases are illegal PERIOD.

    Law abiding citizens do not make straw purchases. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

    From BATFE:

    "Generally, the straw purchaser is used because the actual purchaser is not eligible to conduct a transaction because he or she is a felon or other prohibited person. However, a straw purchase occurs even when the actual purchaser is not a prohibited person. The crime committed is knowingly making a false statement on the Form 4473 indicating that the straw purchaser is the actual purchaser, when this is not the case. Additionally make sure you familiarize yourself and anyone who purchases a firearm as a gift."

  • Paul Parker Jan 25, 2013

    WRAL... never letting facts get in the way of a good story!

  • budatduke Jan 25, 2013

    Another little item your reporter got wrong. In NC it is not necessary to go through an FFL to purchase a handgun. What you must have is either a permit to purchase or a concealed carry permit. That's what's needed to purchase a handgun from either an individual or a business.

  • mj1angier Jan 25, 2013

    Wakewiseone- never let facts get in the way of a good story.

  • wakewiseone Jan 25, 2013

    "In North Carolina, those who want to buy an military-style automatic rifle can do so without going through a criminal background check. "

    in the interest of accuracy in media reporting, i offer the following response.

    the ABOVE statement on procuring an automatic weapon is INCORRECT. "It has been unlawful since 1934 (The National Firearms Act) for civilians to own machine guns without special permission from the U.S. Treasury Department."

    i am a law abiding gun owner. so i do take exception to your statement on how easy it is to obtain an "automatic" weapon. that is not so.

    you might want to make a correction to that as it does mislead the reading public on one of the more important facets of firearms.

  • ripetomatoes Jan 24, 2013

    Of important note, it is WAY easier to grow drugs than to manufacture modern guns.bill0

    Please elaborate on growing drugs being easier. I know lots of tool and die and machinists who can kill a tomato plant by looking at it, but would get very excited about constructing a firearm because it is their wheelhouse.
    I think there's only one drug grown around here. It is legal in some states. The rest of the drugs need a different climate.
    If we already have laws controlling these aspects of gun sales, we don't need more laws to bend or break. We need enforcement of the laws we already have.

  • Paul M Jan 24, 2013

    As one sided as WRAL is i would'nt beleive what they write

  • mj1angier Jan 24, 2013

    Instead of making lawful people prove they are able to buy guns, identify those that can't. Put it on the drivers lic., like corrected vision restriction. Want to buy a gun? Show you diver lic. No restriction, you are good to go. All the reasons that you can not buy a gun legally can be linked to the DMV.

  • davisgw Jan 24, 2013 does not get involved in transactions. It is simply a classified as site and if you respond to an ad you are dealing with the individual who placed the ad , so the AK 47 deal was not reported correctly.

  • davisgw Jan 24, 2013

    A lot of people are using the term M-16 when in fact they should be saying AR15. The difference is an m16 is a true assault weapon with automatic fire capability. AR15 does not have the auto fire capability onlt semi automatic. If you are going to make negative comments about guns at least get a basic education of the subject instead of running off at the mouth with no real knowledge of the subject.

  • emtp2k Jan 24, 2013

    ekscholl:Guard civilians in gun-free zones with whatever tools we see necessary, whether that is an armed guard or not, OR we need to repealed gun-free zone legislation.

    Amen, the only deterrent most criminals know is armed force. Most of our law enforcement officers have part time jobs, why not allow them to work overtime or repeal the gun free school zone law that has failed us miserably and allow any teacher that wants to carry, do so.

  • Gunny the Racist Jan 24, 2013

    The 2nd amendment protects us all from the tyranny of a government trying to control the people from being able to protect themselves....always has, always is. This is a non story.

  • batcave Jan 24, 2013

    "Is that a good learning environment for our children? Do we want them to have to walk past someone with an M-16 when they go into school to learn?” Neely asked.

    Is it a good learning invironment when a person is shooting at you? Israeli kids go to school with fences and 2 armed guards. This gives them a safe environment to play laugh and learn, things kids should do. Kids adjust in a week it will just be part of school. Neely shouldn't be in charge of anything. The world has changed and we have homegrown terrorist, like Israel you change. Or try the same stuff that has never worked and won't. Buy automatic rifles??? this column is flawed.

  • wake1794 Jan 24, 2013

    This article contains one glaring error, gun buyers cannot buy
    automatic military style rifles unless they have ATF approval
    and a stamp that costs in the neighborhood of around $ 200.00.
    The application process to get permission to do this is quite
    lengthy and there is lots of paperwork to fill out. The author
    meant to say semiautomatic military style rifles which can be
    bought online but have to be shipped to an authorized party or gun dealer who is supposed to check the permit that the buyer presents and the application that individual presents.

  • yankee1 Jan 24, 2013

    Duh! How many criminals and gang members does anyone with any common sense think will be heading out to buy a gun at a place that requires a background check? I mean c'mon people. The only affect this kind of thinking has is to dumb more aggravation on the law abiding citizen. WRAL should have asked Mr. ATF why they didn't stop Fast & Furious, why they can't keep guns away from felons and why they try enforcing the laws on the books before making up new ways to get in our face. Too simple, I guess.

  • ekscholl Jan 24, 2013

    This issue should be up to the states to decide, not the president or Congress. I think that adding additional gun laws to the books in NC is a waste of time. I also believe we have lost sight of the problem: to prevent another Sandy Hook. In order for us to thwart gun-free zone shootings, we need to protect against it. Guard civilians in gun-free zones with whatever tools we see necessary, whether that is an armed guard or not, OR we need to repealed gun-free zone legislation.

  • bill0 Jan 24, 2013

    "We have 100's of drug laws on the books that makes it illegal for an illegal drug owner to sell drugs to an illegal drug buyer. How's that working out for us?"

    Of important note, it is WAY easier to grow drugs than to manufacture modern guns. There are only a handful of major manufacturers and we could quite easily create a database of every gun and who the lawful owner is. Any guns that found their way into the hands of criminals could be tracked back and we could make a huge dent in illegal sales. Current estimates are that over half all gun violence can be tracked to 1% of gun dealers. Put a system in place to actually track and prosecute the bad apples and we won't have to discuss any limitations on the 99% of responsible owners and sellers.

  • pdhsc Jan 24, 2013

    Our store does a great deal of online firearm sales and performs the back end services for buyers who have purchased online from another source, whether its an individual or a gun dealer in another state. All our sales by law must go to an FFL dealer, who performs the background check requirements for the purchaser. Every firearm received by us must also by law go through the background check for NC prior to disposing the firearm to the buyer. Our staff is trained to recognize any indication that a transfer might be part of a straw purchase and are upon such indication the transfer is stopped. There are other ways that straw purchases are detected also. A Multiple sale report is generated to sheriffs office and Batf upon any combination of pistols or revolvers disposed of to the same unlicensed person at one time or during any five consecutive business days.

  • research9 Jan 24, 2013

    "Is that a good learning environment for our children? Do we want them to have to walk past someone with an M-16 when they go into school to learn?” Neely asked.

    So she automatically jumps to M-16s to arm the guards? Nice strawman, lady. A normal, holstered, handgun would be sufficient for a guard to have. And, I had armed police officers at my middle school everyday (Ligon). It never bothered me much, they were all pretty nice guys and I felt safe. I was not scared of the officers.

  • jeffdaughtry Jan 24, 2013

    : Can ARMSLIST help me conduct a transaction?ARMSLIST is purely a service provider that allow sellers to list items. As such, ARMSLIST can not and will not be a party in transactions. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller to conduct safe and legal transactions.
    from seems wral is being less than truthful in reporting.

  • BCampbell Jan 24, 2013

    "Your reading comprehension skills are a little shaky this morning. According to the article "A representative of told WRAL’s Debra Morgan that she could buy an AK-47 for $1,300 and offered to throw in seven magazines with 540 rounds of hollow-point ammunition. No permit and no background check were needed, although the seller asked Morgan to show ID to close the deal."

    All I did was state the law, which WRAL stated incorrectly. If that person completed the transaction online in the manner they mentioned, that would be illegal. Even if you outlawed all semi autos and large capacity mags, these transactions would still occur.

    Your reading comprehension skills are the ones that are shaky, no doubt from your irrational fear of an inanimate object.

  • joeBob Jan 24, 2013

    The "loophole" as characterized in the article is a transaction between individual gun owners. There is no state or federal law against it because it is virtually unenforceable. We have 100's of drug laws on the books that makes it illegal for an illegal drug owner to sell drugs to an illegal drug buyer. How's that working out for us?

  • jeffdaughtry Jan 24, 2013

    firearms ordered online must be shipped to a ffl(dealer).they are not shipped to the individual.please do a little research and report the truth.

  • BCampbell Jan 24, 2013

    "’Is that a good learning environment for our children? Do we want them to have to walk past someone with an M-16 when they go into school to learn?’ Neely asked.”

    Nice use of hyperbole. I haven’t heard anyone suggest we arm guards with M-16s

    “Neely says there's no need for anyone to be able to buy a rifle with a high-capacity magazine capable of killing dozens of people very quickly.”

    Single shot muskets are capable of killing dozens of people very quickly.

  • BCampbell Jan 24, 2013

    “People selling handguns online are supposed to ask the buyer for a pistol purchase permit or a concealed handgun permit to show they've passed a background check. They're also supposed to go to a federally licensed firearms dealer to handle the transaction, but there is no way to make sure that they do.”

    There is no way to make sure people don’t speed in their cars, there is no way to make sure people don’t rob liquor stores, there is no way to make sure people don’t break into people’s houses in the middle of the night. There is no way to make sure people follow any law that you enact.

    “’Where people go into a gun dealer, they buy a gun, which on its face is lawful, they turn around and sell them on the street immediately to the people who cannot own them or they were paid to go in and do that process to begin with,’ Woodham said.”

    Straw purchases are illegal. Might want to add that part.

  • BCampbell Jan 24, 2013

    “It’s as easy as going to a website that sells firearms and contacting the seller.”

    No, it’s not. A gun purchased online must be shipped to a FFL dealer who runs a background check on the buyer before completing the transaction.

    “Earl Woodham, spokesman for the Charlotte division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, says there is not a federal, criminal background check required for the personal purchase of a long gun or a handgun.”

    Wrong. Any buyer of a handgun must have gone through a background check, either by applying for a pistol purchase permit or by gaining a concealed handgun permit.

  • yelnatsthegreat Jan 24, 2013

    My magazines are not for sale.

  • flyguync Jan 23, 2013

    Might need to check the thing about "automatic" weapons in the article. It's illegal to own "automatic" weapons unless you have the proper license and go through a great deal of red tape. If we're going to report on such a sensitive topic, we need to make sure the terminology is correct.

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