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  • hope4thepack Jan 29, 2013

    well, we got the obligatory phone call from AT&T that they are offering EVERYONE who was affected by the outage a $20 CREDIT that will be reflected as an ADJUSTMENT within the next 2-3 billing cycles. WOOHOO!!!! A whole $20 for this expensive service that was out for 48 hours (not that this is just for entertainment but for business also)...waiting see how long before a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT is filed? For those who were not affected by the're one of the lucky few ....i'm still shopping around to de-bundle my life

  • ncsualum09 Jan 24, 2013

    I love my u-verse service, MUCH better the TWC. I've not had an outage and i've had it for years...

  • joeBob Jan 24, 2013

    When the ATT Uverse sales people were canvasing our hood, the guy could not tell me if the video signals came over the telephone wires or the broadband cable line. (?) ATT was a monopoly for years with terrible customer service. I severed all ties with them at the first chance I got and never looked back.

  • jonnraleigh Jan 24, 2013

    I've had my Uverse since 2009 when I was the first customer on the VRAD. I've never had a down day.

  • hope4thepack Jan 23, 2013

    our uverse has been out 48 hrs and still waiting....find it interesting that it was not publicized on national media....also to the point that it seems to be suppressed by at&t seeing that tomorrow, Thursday they will release their "earnings" report on Wall Street, I'm sure they're not wanting any undue attention brought to them to save their collective behinds and their precious about "customer NO SERVICE" will be unbundling this bungling from these fools

  • tayled Jan 23, 2013

    AT&T has beat us over the head trying to get us to swithc to U-Verse. Hmmm, what about this makes me want to switch?

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jan 23, 2013

    Zealotry: "Hmmmmm, All of my Time Warner Cable services are working GREAT!!! That is why you shouldn't try and get TV from the phone company!"

    Actually, if you want the most reliable service you can get, you shouldn't BUNDLE your services. By the way, why would I get phone service from a TV company? Your logic works both ways.

  • teddyspaghetti Jan 23, 2013

    the customer service on this fiasco has ben terrible! AT&T is downplaying saying "limited" number of customers affected. I"d bet if you counted then, you be inthe hundreds of thousands! That may be a small percentage of their customers, but it's a lot of angry people.

    If there was a decent alternative, I'd go with it, but what we go is a choice of awful and horrible!

  • tayled Jan 23, 2013

    This is exactly why we do not have U-Verse. If one goes out, they all go out, internet, phone, and TV.

  • jeannieess Jan 23, 2013

    Been out since late MOnday nioght - was experiencing "outages" before that - picture going to "snow" and back again service since LATE MOnday night ...on Internet service I have is on my phone through the 3G..killing my battery and data usage!! help or advice from AT&T I have read that over 2.5 million were affected????

  • mharan Jan 23, 2013

    Been without service since late Sunday evening. 40 hours and counting......

  • gossman Jan 23, 2013

    Call (yes, and wait the 40+ minutes)... they are willing to give a $20 credit and $5/day moving forward.

    I have been using my AT&T cell phone as a hotspot and getting close to reaching my data limit... They also said that IF I go over, call and they will waive the overage charges.

    Still considering switching... calling around - CenturyLink, TimeWarner, etc

  • Zealotry Jan 23, 2013

    Hmmmmm, All of my Time Warner Cable services are working GREAT!!! That is why you shouldn't try and get TV from the phone company!

  • makgss Jan 23, 2013

    Here's what I understand...the issue has to do with the Residential Gateway IP address. If it has one, service is OK. But if you reset the modem (power off will do this) or if the modem needs to renew its address, you will join those of us w/out service. Relates to a server (DHCP) issue AT&T is working on. Try to avoid resetting your Uverse modem in the mean time.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jan 23, 2013

    That's what you get for bundling. I have, in my opinion, the best of everything. HDTV through DirecTV.. Internet through Time-Warner Cable.. Cell Phones AND Home Phone through Verizon. They all work great. If one goes down, which is very rare, the rest is still working.

  • Toogie Jan 23, 2013

    I'm off Mourning Dove and mine has been out since I got up yesterday morning, spent 30 minutes on hold last night, at&t said there's an outage we have no idea when it will be back on. Very frustrating. I can't believe it's been out this long and still not fixed.

  • tt4400 Jan 23, 2013

    Mine has been out since early Tuesday AM. After calling got the automated response about widespread outages and that customer service agents don't have additional information. Saw my neighbor 4 houses down that's also has Uverse and they have full service...... This is really weird!

  • Jimmytwotimes Jan 23, 2013

    My neighbor in Raleigh has had no phone,internet, or t.v. since monday. How in this day and age does a company leave customers without that for going on 36hours now? I would get rid of that garbage service fast.

  • monet0645 Jan 23, 2013

    N. Hills / Six Forks U-Verse still out. Per info from other sites, the outage is limited to U-Verse customer's only - if you have a land line, internet or cable bundled in any way that's NOT U-Verse, you should be up and running. Mine went out at 9pm Monday. Looking at coming up on 36 hours with no service. I better get a credit for the days lost. The service is too expensive to pay for it if I'm not accessing it.

  • oleguy Jan 22, 2013

    I have a wired in phone and watch free TV with an antenna,,, Dsl internet,, NO Problems,, Stick with things you can see and touch,,, Wireless will let you down,,,

  • PanthersFan45 Jan 22, 2013

    I have U-Verse and I have not experienced any problems at all. I don't know if it was out during any length of time during the day today because I was at work ....... I'm home now, everything is fine and I have a bundled package of TV, Internet & Phone.

  • CaniacCheryl Jan 22, 2013

    We live 2 miles from Crossroads (Cary) off Holly Springs Rd, and ours went down around 9:00 last night. We experienced several power surges just before it went down; not sure if that was related or not. Ours appears to still be down (just tried to call the house and phone isn't working); wonder how long this is going to continue? It is definitely a big inconvenience, given that we have our phone, TV and internet all on U-Verse.

  • mark2345678910 Jan 22, 2013

    Cary, Kildaire Farms, still out.

  • KIB894 Jan 22, 2013

    Have had AT&T U-Verse since Jan '09 and this is the first "outage" I've ever experienced. It went out this morning at 9:45AM and was back by 11 AM. Far better than Directv or TimeWarner ever were!

  • makgss Jan 22, 2013

    Been seeing lots of comments on AT&Ts site from all over the southeast...AR, FL, TX, NC, SC, OK - although the AT&T staff has quit posting.
    Also saw some local (Cary) saying they were back on. As for me, (Falls/Strickland N. Raleigh) been down since 6 AM and still out. Typically don't have issues, but this is painful and the information/communication from AT&T dismal and dismissive. Personally, I don't like being identified as "a limited number" when I see such a wide reaching geographical impact while there's no explanation about why the service has been out for over 24 hours for many...or was that only for a limited number.

  • LuvLivingInCary Jan 22, 2013

    still light years better than cable

  • archmaker Jan 22, 2013

    no problems with ours in garner - love uverse!

  • ncwyrm Jan 22, 2013

    Ours (N. Raleigh, Strickland/Six Forks area) went out around 3 this morning, and did not come back up until after 2 this afternoon. We have had U-Verse since 2009, and aside from the kinks of being the first off our VRAD, we have been very pleased. Much better up-time than with DSL, and no weather-related issues like we had with DiSH. I would have simply chalked it up to problems with my service, had I not seen a posting from my sister-in-law in Florida that hers was out as well.

    AT&T really need to work on their communication skills, especially since they are, well, a communications company. From what I read, it was a DNS server issue, but nothing "official" from AT&T.

  • I know some stuff Jan 22, 2013

    I'm in Cary, and ours was out from 9 pm Mon, to noon today(Tues).
    Looking at web replies, outages ranged from FL, to TN, and for periods a bit longer than ours. It is unbelievable that a service disruption, specific to Uverse, could be so broad, with no obvious reason (like weather, terrorists, power outage,) VERY frustrating.
    Having said that, the only other outage in 10 months, lasted only 30 minutes....way better than the weather impacted satellite that we used to have. Up until last night, I would have rated Uverse(incl ph, internet,TV) as Very good.
    NO service is perfect. Pick the lesser evil...if you can.

  • Tired of the Whining Jan 22, 2013

    No problems here in North Raleigh between Capital & Falls! So maybe this outage is 'limited',

  • blahblahblah Jan 22, 2013

    Just switched to U-verse on Saturday! Lucky me!

  • teddyspaghetti Jan 22, 2013

    we were hit yesterday around 3. Been down ever since. Was told it goes from Texas to Florida and up to NC. You'd think after all this time, someone woulda found/fixed the problem!

    We've had uVerse for 9 months....nothing but spotty/no internet service, dropped calls, pixilated TV. If there was a REAL viable alternative, I'd switch, but unfortunately, we are all stuck!

  • rakowmike Jan 22, 2013

    I would say call Time Warner but with out internet how would they see the message. Good luck

  • mford20 Jan 22, 2013

    the comment that the outages are "limited" only applies if you look at the entire US as a whole. Facebook notes that the outages are over a wide area. ATT does not give a lot of information on what happened and when it will be repaired.

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