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  • clickhere Jan 21, 2013

    Police have not released any details about their investigation, including how Gemeille and Irby knew one another, . . .

    ahhh, they lived at the same address, see above paragraph. but in any case, sounds like life in prison, 2nd offense. too bad they let him out the first time.

  • Bartmeister Jan 21, 2013

    Doesn't say the charges were dismissed.

  • Wickedone Jan 21, 2013

    No Bartmeister - he's out of jail for the 2010 charge because those charges were dismissed. Now, you know

  • Bartmeister Jan 21, 2013

    So he's charged in a murder 1 in 2010 and he's out on bail or bond? Good to know.

  • Scubagirl Jan 21, 2013

    " (Sometimes, folks are wrongly charged.)"

    And sometimes NOT

  • mjdjmd324 Jan 21, 2013

    He was out of jail on the 2010 charge because the charges were dismissed. He spent 10 months in jail, with no evidence to support the charges. It took that long to get the charges dismissed. (Sometimes, folks are wrongly charged.)

  • housley41011 Jan 21, 2013

    Sensless violence wonder where things broke down in his life where he so numb death is the norm for him. Nice lookin young man unfortunate

  • Terkel Jan 21, 2013

    cocker_mom got me thinking. How does this sound: if you're charged with another crime while out on bail, the bail is revoked and you get to sit in jail till we're darn good and ready to try you, and any time served does not count against your sentence.

  • cocker_mom Jan 21, 2013

    Truly we need to get to the bottom of this. It seems like every murdering criminal has a long and storied past with regard to already being out awaiting trial on some other charge and their behavior has escalated.

    I agree - judges who have let these felons out on bond / bail should be named.

    Also - maybe it really just is a few bad apples - as none of these murders appear to be strangers to the system. they repeat and they escalate, often without even going through trial of one crime before committing another.

    The answer might appear to be to be VERY hard on violent offenders from the start - at least if they are locked up they won't be committing more acts.

    Wonder what the average number of prior offenses is for someone accused of murder? And how often murderers are already awaiting trial on another charge?

  • djofraleigh Jan 21, 2013

    Maybe he won't be out, after this, to do more harm? So far, the law has not taught him much.

  • Wickedone Jan 21, 2013

    What's wrong WRAL? - didn't like the fact that I was setting the record straight - instead of misleading the public into thinking that this guy was somehow just set free from a murder charge and was therefore able to commit another crime that has people wanted to execute him already, I explained why he was set free and that doesn't fit the sensationalism of your story? You have freedom of speech, don't I?

  • mxteam44 Jan 21, 2013

    It's people like this who make it essential to own a firearm to protect yourself and your family. I wish we lived in a world where I didn't feel the need to have a loaded gun in the house and in my car.
    Let's hope the justice system gets it RIGHT this time, and puts this guy away for the rest of his life!

  • Sundays Child Jan 21, 2013

    Shouldn't the judge who signed his release papers share in the blame? Who is the judge?

  • MyOwnTwoCents Jan 21, 2013

    He also has upcoming court dates for assault on a female and assault inflicting serious injuries. Why is he out on the streets? What happened to that murder charge he was facing back in 2010? Someone has some explaining to do.

  • bombayrunner Jan 21, 2013

    Obviously there was NO GUN involved else the media would be ALL OVER IT. We don't want to show there are any stick beatings or poisonings ... no sir, we want GUNS to be the cause!

  • Terkel Jan 21, 2013

    Charged with a beating death in 2010, and he's walking the streets. Arm yourselves. What else is there?

  • beachboater Jan 21, 2013

    This shows that the system really is flawed. He's out as a free man after being charged with murder, and now commits another murder. Something is wrong with this situation.

  • Toddler10-21 Jan 21, 2013

    Well Heavenly why dont you take these people in, and talk with them, and care for them, and babysit them, and asked them why did you commit these crimes?

  • dontstopnow Jan 21, 2013

    fredk, sure makes you wonder where all the outrage is over the way this guy has been allowed to continue on his criminal spree over a period of years that boggles the mind. Wonder if he will walk this time?

  • dontstopnow Jan 21, 2013

    wow.. They have now changed this guys age from the first version of the story this morning. So guess he was 17 or 18 when the first murder charge was filed in 2010. Gets interesting now since he was an adult back then as well...

  • I know some stuff Jan 21, 2013

    I'd love to hear from Ron Cooper...
    Why was this guy not in jail?
    Here's his history, pulled from the 2010 WRAL story....where he was one of 4 charged in a Murder>
    Court records indicate Gemeille has been arrested several times in Raleigh, including a charge of assault and battery on July 15, shoplifting and larceny on July 7 and larceny on Feb. 16.

    In November 2007, he was also charged with simple assault, and in March 2008, he was arrested on charges of simple assault and communicating threats.

  • dryjr Jan 21, 2013


  • Scubagirl Jan 21, 2013

    So WHY was he free and allowed to do this AGAIN????

  • dontstopnow Jan 21, 2013

    What a fine upstanding American Citizen! Just put him on death row, where he should have been the first time he was involved in a murder in 2010 when he was 16 years old! So much for changing your ways.

  • MonkeyFace Jan 21, 2013

    if he killed once, what makes you think he wouldn't kill a second time... so he was outta jail why?

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