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  • brianmnash2 Jan 21, 2013

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    I agree, Eric was nowhere to be found. Watching the game I thought Fox was entering into the comedy show television market. Chantel was so bad you had to laugh to stop from crying. I laughed all game long on the push for season tkt sales as we were getting blown out. Corvo looks like he has cement in his skates.... How is Chad still in the NHL?? He could not play anywhere else. I'd be happy watching the entire Checker team play this entire shortened least they are in shape.

  • brianmnash2 Jan 21, 2013

    1 game, one huge coaching mistake. Cam clearly was not in playing shape. The coaching staff stated the day after the game that it was clear that Cam was not ready after he gave up 5 goals in their inter squad scrimmage. If he was not ready why start him? Chantel has to go, she has to be related to someone in the organization.... I'll be listening to the play by play on radio while watching the game. Semin made several good passes setting up shots but that is not what we signed him for.

  • wcomdave Jan 21, 2013

    I hate to say it but this was one of those games where when it got to the 3rd period you were wondering if E. Staal was even playing. Never heard his named called much throughout the game. I only remember it the first period when he made that horrible tunover to Campbell when trying to clear the zone. Tripp and John, stop dredging up out past glories. The Stanley Cup was 7 years ago, we won, move on. The 2002 run? C'mon.

    Soft, soft defense. The Panthers had no problem coming into our zone and imposing their will. Jeff "Spinner", get another move. Dalpe and Boychuk were the Canes stars on Saturday. They looked 5 times faster than any non-Checker Cane out there. LaRose, stop the chirping and start playing or you will be on 4th line before the season is out. J. Staal looked like he sorely missed Malkin and Crosby out there. He was getting no help. The Canes continued their streak of allowing some new rookie their first NHL point. Seriously, think about it. How may times have they done that? Too many to count. Canes have changed my mood for opening night from excited to apprehensive in one game.

  • evenflow2005 Jan 21, 2013

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    Thank you PanthersFan45....It's hard to stop a 90 mile an hour shot from 5'ft. away top shelf. You can't let a player skate in that close to wind up for a slap shot. He almost ripped Cam's head off on that one. I'm not saying Cam played a great game, but he is not the blame for all the goals in this one. One goal Corvo gave up fumbling the puck around. I can't understand for the life of me why the Canes wanted him back. Pitkanen is back to his old no hitting self. If our offense fails, as they did in this game, were done for.

  • 321oohaw Jan 20, 2013

    ha ha ha...Nice opening game...11-37

  • StunGunn Jan 20, 2013

    It was only one game and a road game at that. I really hope the Canes can pull it together for Tuesday's home game. Cam can't stop the pucks all by himself. I hope he isn't going to left out to dry like he was so many times last season' he needs bodies in front of the net to help him out.

  • juniorsk831 Jan 20, 2013

    After last night, let's hope it's not a long short season.

  • justiceforall Jan 20, 2013

    It was obvious the new sideline reporter did not get the job on ability. Makes Tripp worth listening to. The only players that looked decent were the ones that played down in Charlotte. The rest look like they sat on their rear ends the whole lockout and did nothing to be in playing shape when the season started. Poor efforts all the way around. So far, a huge bust.

  • StunGunn Jan 20, 2013

    First game jitters, maybe? Anyway, I hope they win their home opener. I'd hate to see them lose two straight to start the season, especially their first home game.

  • fuzzter1 Jan 19, 2013

    Eh, they looked better in the 2nd and 3rd periods. Remember, they've only been playing together for a week. Consider this week a "pre-season." The ice down there sucks. The defense was non-existent in the 1st period - not on Cam.

    Could Chantel be any more annoying and obtrusive? That voice is like chewing on tinfoil. Ugh. Come on John and Trip, do your own interviews!

    Karmanos sounds a little less than lucid and certainly disengenuous. Nice try Petey. As the saying goes, sometimes it's better to let people think you're a dope than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    Chantel must go - or I will wear out my mute button quickly.

    On another note, why did they fire KK for the anthem?

  • PanthersFan45 Jan 19, 2013

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    Good post and a great obsrevation. What I don't understand Forslund & Tracy both said (before the puck dropped) they thought the game would be hi-scroing because Ward and Theodore played NO league hockey during the lockout and would likely be rusty. They were expectin a hi-scoring game. Theodore is having no problems as far as I can see. Ward ? ..... benching was needed.

  • canesnc Jan 19, 2013

    Teams now know they can beat Cam high. We dont have time for Cam to shake off the rust. Defense looks same. Too many rushes allowed. No one hitting anyone. Kovalev allowed to skate behind net untouched. Theodore making saves he is supposed to our goalies dont. Itn maynbe first game but more is expected. If they dont beat Tampa in a convincing manner going be a long short season. Sorry to say people Cam is overated. He lets in too many goals other goalies save. By the way this new girl sportscaster is terrible!!! She must be the daughter of someone in a high place.

  • mortonlipschitz Jan 19, 2013

    Welp....when you add an extra Staal to the bathroom....I guess it should be expected that there would be more stink.

  • raleigh-cary Jan 19, 2013

    Wow. Sure am glad I did not waste any money on this mess this year.

    Looks like the lockout was very productive for the Canes' players wallets but not so for their ability to compete.

    Bring back the Icecaps.

  • mbuchheit Jan 19, 2013

    No D. they look awful.

  • PanthersFan45 Jan 19, 2013

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    2 of the 4 were not Ward's fault ...... the goal he gave up on the 5-3 he had NO chance on. The 2nd goal that he gave up (also to Brian Campbell) was a great top shelf shot ...... Campbell has been an all-star defenseman w/Buffalo & San Jose. He beat Ward with great shots. As far as that new announcer they added she sounds Canadian, maybe they wanted a pretty face, don't know. She's not polished, thats for sure and she stumbles on her words. I laughed at her.

  • mjt36 Jan 19, 2013

    Maybe the new girl sportscaster and Cam Ward could trade places, because they both suck at the job they are doing right now.

  • PanthersFan45 Jan 19, 2013

    Nice to actually tune into Fox Sports Carolinas and hear the voices of John Forslund & Tripp Tracy ....... Hockey's back. Lets Go Canes !!

  • common tater Jan 19, 2013

    on the edge of my seat

  • BattlingBishop 5 Jan 19, 2013

    Hope the 'Canes do well.

  • kornfan2448 Jan 19, 2013

    Finally! I'll be watching. From home, but watching.

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