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  • toocutefb Jan 17, 2013

    People need to stay home and not go out with the symptoms, I had to go to er last for another reason, NOT FLU, and they had people all over the waiting rooms throwing up and laying around everywhere. they need to be wiping down these waiting areas. sat for hrs and not one person came to clean the waiting rooms.

  • Hans Jan 17, 2013

    Ever notice how flu, flu-like illness and flu-like symptoms all seem to be synonymous these days? Every cough, sniffle or fever is always chalked up to the "flu". Get you shot!

  • saywhat37 Jan 17, 2013

    Staying at home when you get sick and keep your kids at home when they get, would help!

  • busyb97 Jan 17, 2013

    I honestly wonder of the flu vaccine isnt partly to blame for creating "bigger badder bugs".... A super bug of sorts. They know this happens. As the virus changes over time, and people have different strains, etc..... Who knows.

  • Uhavenoclu Jan 17, 2013

    They keep declining because they are dieing.

  • smcallah Jan 17, 2013

    31 deaths from the flu? That is preposterous. Those deaths are completely avoidable.

    We need to have people register their noses and hands and present us their hand soap license. A handshake ban should be immediately implemented. You may no longer have contact with more than 10 people per day.

    How can we let this stand?

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