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  • btbt Jan 23, 2013

    This story was posted on January 15th and today is the 23rd, so that makes it NINE days, not over a month. Using your version of math, the couples 8 month (240 days) delay would be more like 720 days or almost two years. 5 On Your Side did do a follow-up the next evening and said the couple was given a refund. I agree the case is now closed. As for the math, just keep working on it.

  • Scare Crow Jan 23, 2013

    UPDATE!!! this story has been on here for over a month!! It's no longer news WRAL.

  • superman Jan 22, 2013

    SE Perhaps you can suggest to them that they answer email on a timely basis. Refund any money for items they cannot deliver within 90 days. It just aint about their being slow it is about not keeping people informed on progress and giving them the opt to get their money back. I am happy they are able to support their family but keep in mind they are holding thousands of dollars in deposits and it is taking months to deliver the merchandise. Just isnt fair to their customers. Not answering mail and keeping people informed is not a mistake-- that is deliberate.

  • SE Jan 21, 2013

    I am a personal friend of the Utt-Grubbs, so I can't speak to the specifics of the business, but I think it is important to say that these are really good people. They have done something that I think is pretty amazing, building a business from scratch in these tough economic times that is already, not only providing for their family, but is providing work for others in North Carolina and enabling them to provide for their own families. They value family above all else and so its not surprising that I've heard Kelly talk over and over again about how happy it makes her to know that their hand crafted pieces are going to homes all over the country where they will be a part of the everyday lives and celebrations of other families. Yes, they have apparently made some mistakes and I'm sure the lessons learned will be put to good use. It is tough to be out there starting a business, so I just think that part of this discussion should be bravo and Godspeed!

  • superman Jan 21, 2013

    If they are 5 or 6 months behind on their production there must be a "lot" of people who are unhappy. I was a high school teacher for many years. At the end of the school year I sent every parent a letter in which I tried to say something positive about their child. I admit some letters were very difficult to write. I found it is a good idea to always compliment people for a good job. Last year I had some trees removed from my yard. I tipped each of the 6 workers $50. Their work was outstanding and I was well pleased. I almost make it a point to let people know when their performance is not so good. It works both ways with me.

  • Pseudonym Jan 18, 2013

    I can appreciate growing pains and being overwhelmed. That's why you underpromise and overdeliver. Tell the truth at the very least. If you lose a sale, oh well. But you will lose MORE sales if you make promises you cant keep and/or lie.

  • jkling Jan 18, 2013

    "but the show wasn't about you." - btbt

    No it wasn't but it was a one-sided and biased piece. "both sides were presented" is tchnically true, but patently false: WRAL clearly has a dog in the fight, so to speak. And I admit to leaving off an extra "probably", but I thought from the context I had implied the "probably".

    You point is still wrong: "far from universal" is accurate. If you unfilter the results on yelp, you see several positive comments that don't show on the main page (because that business is not a "Premium Partner". Websites that make their money off of ad revenue and what essentially amounts to bribes (in the $$ paid for :Partner" status). That is hardly an impartial forum. The fact that some praise does exist means that your complaint is NOT universal.

  • jkling Jan 18, 2013

    I'm a Political Science major who has taken a few public opinion, sociology and statistics classes.

    Using "yelp's own numbers" is not scientific nor particulrly helpful. People ARE more likely to complain. As far as yelp and other online sites, false and duplicate entries are EXTREMELY common.

    Here's just a few peer reviewed journal entries and scientific publications on it.

    Moyer, M.S. (1985), "Characteristics of Consumer Complainants: Implications for Marketing and Public Policy," Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 3, 67-84.

    Munson, J.M. and S.H. McIntyre (1979), "Developing Practical Procedures for the Measurement of Personal Values in Cross-Cultural Marketing," Journal of Marketing Research, 15, 48-52.

    Pfaff, M. and S. Blivice (1977), "Socio-economic Correlates of Consumer and Citizen Dissatisfaction and Activism," in Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior, Ralph L. Day, ed., Bloomington: Department of Marketing, Indiana University, 115-123.

  • superman Jan 18, 2013

    The company agreeded to a refund. How slow are they in sending a check? Will it bounce?

  • clbrannan Jan 18, 2013

    Despite Miss Laliberte's best efforts, this is still a non-story. I'm looking to get those 4 minutes of my life refunded…

  • Navypottery Jan 17, 2013

    Not sure where jkling is getting the data. The statement that "People are far more likely to complain than praise" is proven false by Yelp, the very site at the heart of the conversation. Yelp's common questions section shows that 39% of all reviews on yelp are 5 star, 28% 4 star, 13% 3 star, 8% 2 star, and 12% 1 star. So where is the data to support that "FAR" more people complain than praise - is there a reference you can cite?

  • btbt Jan 17, 2013

    jkling- I'm wondering which facts you think are completely false? How would YOU know? On the video, the company said they had several satisfied customers. The fact that you have done business with the company before and had a good experience, has NOTHING to do with the facts of this case. On the follow up report, they said others have also contacted the station with similar reports. By the way, BOTH sides were presented in the video. But by saying that the company is an "accidental business" and that they have "zero business experience", it sure does not present a good image for the company. It is mind blowing that the OWNERS made these comments. I'm glad you had a good experience, jkling, but the show wasn't about you.

  • jkling Jan 17, 2013

    The Nelson's experience being "far from universal" is simply not true. - btbt

    Actually, no. There are 6 reviews on yelp, and a couple on BBB. People are FAR more likely to complain than to praise. Add to that companies have to PAY yelp to SHOW good reviews. Sites like that are only one side, and unfortunately people would rather think businesses are out to get them to look from the other side. Having done business with them in the past, I know some of the facts presented are probably completely true, some are completely false (and they probably have leeway to sue if they wanted to....but no business wants to sue away a problem...). Most are probably somewhere in between. WRAL is a business, and one interested in getting ratings. This story plays much better if they are "saving the day", and not reporting fairly and evenly.

  • rachel Jan 17, 2013

    custom furniture or not, people are expected to pay for their order, therefore, they are entitled to a delivery date. Even a start up knows approximately how long it takes to build something, so a several month delay is just slack. If they want to do business this way, then they should agree to getting paid when they deliver the product-perhaps that would speed up production if money was tied to it.

  • carolinagal78 Jan 17, 2013

    There is no excuse for 8 months and there is no excuse for not communicating w/customers. Good for you if you received your furniture and were pleased w/it. Obviously this isnt the case w/everyone based on the reviews. I personally wouldn't do business w/them knowing how they treat some of their customers.

  • btbt Jan 16, 2013

    Theham - 5 On Your Side helps people who are getting a raw deal. Look at such sights as and, they have several similar complaints about this company. The Nelson's experience being "far from universal" is simply not true. Maybe you can work for the company as they need employees.

  • bubbba Jan 16, 2013

    If you cant fill the orders dont take the money. I dont care about growing pains or lack of business exp. No sympathy.

  • Navypottery Jan 16, 2013

    Theham - it seems like the difference with your story is that you actually received your furniture! From the text and video of the story above, the company wasn't answering calls/emails about the status of the order, and 8 months later the people did not have the furniture they ordered, and did not have a date of when to expect it. This after spending over 4,000 dollars. The least the company could have done was be up-front and transparent about the whereabouts of the furniture via regular communication means. People can appreciate honesty and transparency.

  • superman Jan 16, 2013

    I can understand the delays especially with custom items. However there is NO EXCUSE not to answer phone calls or e-mail. People deserve better than that. They just need to stop collecting money on orders they cant fill for several months.

  • theHam Jan 16, 2013

    I've bought furniture from Carolina Farmhouse, and have to say, my experience was very different from what's described above. We were thrilled with the furniture, and the communication, delivery, etc. was in line with what they told us to expect. It's a different experience to buy locally-made custom pieces than if you buy a box of pressboard from China and an Allen wrench to put it together yourself, but CF was upfront about what to expect. I guess that doesn't make as good a story for local news, though... Just wanted to point out that the Nelsons' story is far from universal with this business.

  • snowl Jan 15, 2013

    That's utterly grubby, glad 5 On Their Side cleaned up the situation.

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