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  • less_govt_is_better_govt Jan 16, 2013

    Aubrey Moore, 38, and Cortney Moore, 27, were arrested in March 2010

    Today's date: 1/16/2013

    It took over two yeas to find out there was not enough evidence? Sounds like the sketchy shenanigans at the wake county court house.

    Law enforcement can falsify probable cause, file false charges against you, and then the district attorney will continue your case since they cannot prosecute and hope you will take a plea deal. No way are they taking your case to trial if you proved the law enforcement officers falsified probable cause, they will help the law enforcement agency keep that information covered up (right colon willoughby?)

  • Viewer Jan 15, 2013

    It took 2 years for them to figure out they had no case???

  • Terkel Jan 15, 2013

    What do the authorities now say killed the child? A great deal is not being said. Like, what happens to the next child they make?

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