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  • Uhavenoclu Jan 16, 2013

    I visited the supermarket 5 times today..............Stop visiting other countries to help ,help your own instead.

  • baldchip Jan 16, 2013

    Yes Romneycare-Ms Helen goes quite often. And those wonderful children have a party every time she gets there.

    When you go to ther Ryan Epps Home from here, you are allowed 1 suitcase. Because, Ms. Helen has a second suitcase for you to take full of clothes, frilly dresses, and other stuff for those children.

    AS someone said, she has a reserved seat in heaven!! Yet, she is not finished yet in her service to the Lord!!

    God bless you Ms. Helen!!

  • romneycare Jan 16, 2013

    According to this as of March 2011 ... she has visited Haiti 51 times... so shes been back 7 times in a little under 2 years! What a thoughtful lady!

  • superman Jan 16, 2013

    It is heartwarming to see people in this country that seem to find places around the world to help when there is nothing they can do in their own country to help.

  • Missy93 Jan 16, 2013

    What a wonderful, warm-hearted woman !

  • sunnyside Jan 16, 2013

    Just a note of correction - the Ryan Epps home was built well before the earthquake. It was damaged by the quake and money was raised to repair it. Helen's church is Horne Memorial Methodist in Clayton. Helen has been single-mindedly devoted to improving life in Haiti for decades. If there is a heaven there is a place there for her.

  • westernwake1 Jan 15, 2013

    Well good for Helen Little. A positive contribution in helping the chidren of Haiti.

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