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  • tonycheeek Jan 14, 2013

    Correction: Many Raleigh city blocks are ~500 feet long; the diagonal of Nash or Moore Square is close to 700 feet.

  • tonycheeek Jan 14, 2013

    John, Thurs. Jan 10, section B edition of the News&Observer has an article about the two brothers with the sentence,"Marshall, 16, of 5504 Lake Side Trail in Garner, was charged..."

    I plotted the address of the perp and the slain. I have since found a google maps measuring tool puts the addresses within 700 feet of each other as the crow flies. (700 feet is like a city block.)

  • That Explains It Jan 14, 2013

    tonycheek, if what you are saying is true, that it is STUNNING that that particular fact has not been a part of any of the news reporting. Where did you get that information from?

  • tonycheeek Jan 11, 2013

    Does it bother anyone that the younger perp in the Oakwood assault, 16-year-old Shabar Master Marshall lived at an address within 1000 feet from the home the two slain Golden Corral employees, Samual Flores Mendoza and his wife, Maria Saravia Mendoza?

  • Fireflies Rock Jan 11, 2013

    So tragic for this young couple and their family. I hope the police find the low life(s) who destroyed this family and took away two young boys' parents in this horrific way.

  • nitabitasmith Jan 11, 2013

    It seems like after the last couple of shootings last yr, more and more ppl are resulting to gun violence. It seems like it is getting worse.

  • PracticalMagick Jan 11, 2013

    This is just ridiculously heartbreaking amd senseless. I'm so happy that the restaurant family cares. You don't see that nearly often enough.

  • westernwake1 Jan 10, 2013

    Prayers to the family and children. It is great that Golden Corral is stepping up to help out.

  • daddyankee Jan 10, 2013

    "they didn't deserve what they got" uh yeah. That's quite the understatement. Only the scum of the earth really deserve to be murdered.

  • mcraineycrazies Jan 10, 2013

    how sad, prayers to the family and those kids : (

  • djofraleigh Jan 10, 2013

    MOTIVE!!!! Please...was this random or for a reason related to the victims?

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