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  • NCCaniac Jan 11, 2013

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    I do understand what you are saying about if enough fans boycott, there would be a risk to the franchise in this area, but on the flip side if people do not boycott it just confirms in the mind of the owners that the lockouts at the end of each CBA are a fine negotiating tactic because the fans always come back. Unfortunately, not enough fans will boycott to make the message heard. If the first week of games back had empty arenas across the league...that would send a message the owners would hear. But it won't happen...and there will be another lockout when this CBA expires.

    And as much as I dislike Bettman, he was only doing what the owners told him to do as their representative. If they really did not like how he handled the negotiations they would have made it very clear to him. No, it was the owners who wanted this protracted lockout.

  • 321oohaw Jan 11, 2013

    whiner line is open...

  • Jimmytwotimes Jan 11, 2013

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    Well than, the only thing your accomplishing is, you don't get to watch NHL hockey anymore. congratulations, your grudge is only punishing yourself.

  • Killing Time Jan 11, 2013

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    Fairweather fans? Kid I've been cheering for my Detroit Red Wings since I was a child through thick & thin. I love hockey, but 2 lockouts in less than 10 years is unforgiveable.

  • Jimmytwotimes Jan 11, 2013

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    Ha Ha, the real dumb as rocks people are the ones that beleive boycotting the game will accomplish anything. those are the fair weathered fans anyway that don't watch unless there company takes them to a game or we are in the 3rd round of the playoffs. You will not be missed. I however will be enjoying 3-4 months of NHL hockey, the best sport on earth by far.

  • caniacman Jan 11, 2013

    I really do understand those that want to boycott. Trust me I do. The bottom line though is this market has its core hockey fans. If too many of us boycott the entire season, guess what the Carolina Hurricanes are going to become the Seattle or Las Vegas or Kansas City or Quebec or Ontario whatevers.... There are 5 cities that have an NHL size newer arena that are dying to get a team! If you love hockey in Raleigh and boycott we run the risk of losing this team. Hockey has grown by leaps and bounds in this area, but that will come to a halt quickly. Just know what the possible outcome could be!
    I do agree Gary Bettman has to go. I think that would be the first thing the league could do to get fans back, I think he has more to do with the lockouts then anyone. Also lets not discount Fehr role in this one either. It was the PA that did not want to start negotiations sooner not the owners. That said the owners tactics once they did start was a joke. I am not happy with the last 100 days but will be in that arena because the fear of what a "boycott" could cost us and the sport I love are too much. I cant wait until the 19th when we can stop talking about the ugly business side of the sport and get back to the debate of the actual games being played!

  • same ole story Jan 11, 2013

    "Most importantly to our fans, who love and have missed NHL hockey, I am sorry," Bettman said. "I know that an explanation or an apology will not erase the hard feelings that have built up over the past few months, but I owe you an apology nevertheless.

    Better dig A LOT DEEPER THAN THAT GARY!!!!!you have kicked us to the curb too many times in the last decade to get my hard earned money!!!!! Better think about ticket deals and free center ice packages for the fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A short season is nothing more than a joke! Just to save face and not have another blank spot on the Stanley cup for a lost season under your watch!!!!I might, and do mean might, see you next year!! Pitchers and catchers report in a few weeks so this lame "mini season" will be put on the very back burner. You need to come up with a plan to "beg me to come back!!!!!"

  • Bob Sidel Jan 11, 2013

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    Don't knock it just because the game is too complex for you. And you would definitely know what watching grass grow feels like living in Willow Springs, wouldn't you?

  • Bob Sidel Jan 11, 2013

    The only difference not going to games could make is the franchise relocating..there are other places that will support the team if NC chooses not to. Anyone who appreciates the game should support it however they can.

  • dehowell2 Jan 11, 2013

    Well now that the prima donnas got their way we are stuck with hockey for a few months. About as exciting as watching grass grow. Maybe the team and fans should all go back up north asap.

  • kkevin7048 Jan 10, 2013

    I hope we play the Buffalo Sabres.

  • 321oohaw Jan 10, 2013

    all you whiners...shut up already, you know you will be back in the arena watching the canes because you live a miserable life...stop your incessant whining, get in your mini van with your wife and kids and get to the game.

  • PanthersFan45 Jan 10, 2013

    I think the fans will be back in full force after about 1 month. Football season will have ended, Baseball has not started ...... with a shortened hockey season , playoff time usually ramps up about now anyway (after the january all-star break). I am looking forward to having more than just college basketball to watch over the next couple of months.

  • NCCaniac Jan 10, 2013

    Some people here are saying that if you want to boycott games this season then you are not a fan...or that the owners already know how upset all the fans were so you are not telling them anything they don't already know.

    But you are all missing the point. The point is that the end of each of the two last CBAs has resulted in a lockout imposed by the owners. Why were the owners not afraid of what a 2nd lockout would do to their business? Afraid enough to motivate them to get the negotiations going over the off season to avoid a lost part of the season? They were not motivated enough because they were not worried at all about the fans being mad enough to do anything that matters. "Yes, the fans are mad, but they will come back. They always come back." So, there almost certainly will be another lockout when this CBA is done. As a fan of the Canes and the NHL....THAT is what I am tired of.

    The only thing the owners understand is the bottom line, the $$$. So, the only message I can send that registers at all is what I did. I canceled my tickets for this season and got my refund. I will watch the games, and be a fan, but I cannot support this kind of continued arrogance of the owners that shut their business down every few years. Since all they understand is money, that is the only tool I have to make my point. I don't want apologies. That means nothing. I want statements that they understand that lockouts and canceled games are not the way to handle labor negotiations. Don't say you are sorry. Say how you plan to change the behavior that keeps getting us to this point.

  • Killing Time Jan 10, 2013

    Boycott the rest of the season. I'm going to. I don't expect the NHL to kiss my feet, but if I'm paying your salary at least act like you care. 2 lockouts in a decade is too much. Vote with your wallet.

    "But it'll hurt the vendors!" Oh so you're worried about Hardees not making $texas? Canes management is still going to staff the ushers everywhere if there are games. Let's face it: the rest of the people there mostly work for some food conglomeration. Those jobs aren't exactly hard to come by. And if it's a booth run by volunteers? I somehow doubt the canes mgmt. will suddenly stop letting those groups in. They don't need anymore bad PR. So remember, folks! Act like you've got a pair and just say no to the NHL until next season!

  • Killing Time Jan 10, 2013

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    This is a sports forum. Get out.

  • Wags Jan 10, 2013

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    yeah, You are an Obamacare fan and we are the ones that are dumb as rocks! lol.

  • SportznutV2.0 Jan 10, 2013

    would love to see the first two games played in front of a totally empty arena..

  • dwntwnboy2 Jan 10, 2013

    "The agreement had nothing major given by either side"- the players gave up 7%, the owners GAINED 7% .......of 3.3 BILLION dollars, I think the players gave up a bunch! I do agree though- Betteman should go! This is the third stoppage of games since he got in control.

  • Honesty first Jan 10, 2013

    Now the owners and league and players are all contrite and want us to come back. Forget it. The agreement had nothing major given by either side. This could and should have been worked out months ago. Bettemn has a huge ego and is willing to kill the game to look big and tough. Not with my money.

  • wcomdave Jan 10, 2013

    My tickets are $10 per game and I ride a FREE Canes bus to every game. The Canes aren't getting rich off of me. I love the game of hockey and am glad to see it back. If you don't like hockey stay off this forum. We don't need people sowing their seeds of hate on something they don't even care about. Get a life.

  • StunGunn Jan 10, 2013

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    +a million!

    You go, girl!! The lockout sucked, but it wasn't done to screw over the fans; we were merely collateral damage. Feel the worst for the workers who counted on the income, but hopefully the Canes will make the playoffs and that will make up for some of the lost games. Speaking of playoffs, it will feel like playoff hockey as soon as the puck drops - each game means so much more now. Since there are fewer home games, I think there will be sellouts.

    Now here's something I've been wanting to say for months and months:

    GO CANES!!!!!

  • Sac Fly RBI Jan 10, 2013

    With maybe only 24 home games, good luck with seeing those family fun night prices this season. The games might be a little sloppy, but with this short season every game is going to means something. It is kind of like seeing the last 50 laps of the Daytona 500. Up until then you just see a bunch of cars following each other in circles. Every game should be full of energy. No reason to be tired unless the players have been sitting around and are out of shape. And if it is exciting enough, then maybe they might think of shorting the NHL season perminately.

  • gervin Jan 10, 2013

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    Ha. A family of four can attend a Canes game for $40. Go on the $1 hotdog nights and you have a game and dinner for $50.

  • edits Jan 10, 2013

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    Call me dumb as a rock, call me mindless, call me whatever you like. My decision to spend some of my limited disposable on going to watch a hockey game is just that, my decision. Do you really think in this day and age that the NHL doe not already know that the fans are tired of it? It's a business, they are in it to make money, just like Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Victoria's Secret etc. As far as the name calling a judgement you feel you are entitled to dole out go ahead, hope you don't live in a glass house.

    I enjoy the game and will watch most on TV and probably attend one or two..I like the sport, the fans, th atmosphere and sometimes even indulge in an 8 dollar beer.

  • caniacman Jan 10, 2013

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    I always love when people throw a number out and dont have a clue. If you do not care about sitting down low you can get 4 tickets for $40. We get a pizza and bring drinks and eat in the parking lot before the game. We spend $50 at the game and about $10 on pizza, NO different then going to a movie at night and getting popcorn and drinks!!! If you go on a family night you get the same priced tickets and $1 dogs. You can easily take a family of 4 to a Canes game and spend well less then $100 a time if you want to.

  • geoherb1 Jan 10, 2013

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    It's not amazing to me. Your estimate is off for those who bring a family of four to the lower level and club level--although our seats on the third level don't cost us that much. I'll be there as many home games as possible in spite of the lockout. I still love the game, just not thrilled with the owners or Bettman.

  • caniacman Jan 10, 2013

    If no one shows up we will have no hockey team in Raleigh. If you love the sport you will still go. Boycotting does more harm then good. Plenty of ways to show displeasure with the lockout but it is business and it was a business decision that was made(a bad one at that). I just love the game too much and want to see it continue to grow and not showing up is not the way to do that!

  • dehowell2 Jan 10, 2013

    It is amazing to me that you people will pay $200 for your family to go watch this bunch of prima donnas. Don't complain about not having any money - you are willing to throw it away so best of luck to you

  • Willie_11 Jan 10, 2013

    A few months late but its game on. This is good news for Raleigh and the area in general. Go Canes!

  • Jimmytwotimes Jan 10, 2013

    Ha Ha Ha! Pack the arena? This is the Canes we're talking about here.

    Oh yeah, there will be several sold out games, there always is, unlike the wolfpack

  • Jimmytwotimes Jan 10, 2013

    Anyone that "boycotts" games is just punishing themselves from seeing hockey. There will be plenty of fans there and several sold out games. The owners and players know people were angry so you will not be showing them anything new. Its over and the deal is good for 10 years, so you boycotting them,....well nobodys gonna miss you or notice your gone.

  • dwntwnboy2 Jan 10, 2013

    Its not the full season some of us depend on for the money, but at least it's not a complete loss. We'll take whatever games we can get just to get back to work. 48 game season should be about 24 home games- and if they can make the playoffs- even better!!!

  • NCSU84 Jan 10, 2013

    Since Hockey is a Canadian sport, why is the HQ in New York and not Toronto?

  • luvshockey Jan 10, 2013

    Let's play some hockey! Can't wait for the first game! Ditto McGusto and Kenshi.

  • Hans Jan 10, 2013

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    Ha Ha Ha! Pack the arena? This is the Canes we're talking about here.

  • juniorsk831 Jan 10, 2013

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    and you think by your decision that you're on top of your game?

  • juniorsk831 Jan 10, 2013

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    who do you think you're really hurting by your decision?

  • ncteacher22 Jan 10, 2013

    Thank you MCGusto! Let's drop the puck and watch some hockey! I'll be there!

  • Obamacare lives on Jan 10, 2013

    You people are dumb as rocks. If no one shows up for these games it will show the NHL that the fans are tired of being on the losing end of these greed holdouts.

    Sure, pack the arena and show them all how mindless you really are.

  • kenshi Jan 10, 2013

    Still have my season tickets, just waiting for the games to start!

  • MCGusto Jan 10, 2013

    I don't understand all of the animosity towards the players, coaches, and the league in general. You all sound like you feel as though you are entitled to hockey and how dare anyone take that away from you. I've grown up a huge hockey fan my whole life and I absolutely hated enduring the lockout. However I never watched hockey and the players because they were altruistic people looking out for our best interests as the fans (Because they have never been this). Instead, I watched hockey because it is fast paced, exciting, and always a good time (Even when we lose :-/). When the shortened season starts up again, hockey will still be all of the things it has always been, and I will be right there watching it live or on television. I'm just happy things have finally started to come together to get this season underway again.

  • zoso62 Jan 10, 2013

    Who really cares? A bunch of spoiled brats and rich kids. Think I'll go watch something else.

  • ra7751 Jan 10, 2013

    Sorry, but I am having a hard timing forgiving the NHL again. I had just started following the Hurricanes again after the last disaster. Then came this lock out. I still love the game of hockey but not the business of the NHL. Unless the NHL comes up with a very attractive deeds and not hollow words, I would rather go to a local rink to watch pick up hockey.

  • Z Man Jan 10, 2013

    Hello owners and union... Do not hold your breath waiting for my support as you will surely pass out. Thanks, One who used to attend games.

  • SubwayScoundrel Jan 10, 2013

    Game On !!!!!!!

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