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  • hollylama Jan 9, 2013

    Houses in Waters Edge have such a distinct look.

  • piene2HasNoClue Jan 9, 2013

    @kermit60, the man was armed with a gun, his wife fled to get away from him, and he isn't complying with police at a standoff, and your suggestion is to swing by the next day to see if he feels better? Is that the response you would want if you lived with or next door to this?

  • Terkel Jan 9, 2013

    Very tired of shootings, standoffs, murder-suicides, and DV. Give the next barricade drama queen five minutes to think it over, then take him out so he can't hurt anyone. It'd be kinder than what I'd want to do to him if I'd had to get up in the middle of the night like all the neighbors did.

  • kermit60 Jan 9, 2013

    If the wife had already left the home, what was the big need for the cops to enter this guys house? Understandable if she was inside and a possible hostage but he was alone. Probably should have left him alone and came back the next day.

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