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  • Sherlock Jan 9, 2013

    We should have stayed with Progress Engery.. But Duke does have power over the commission, see how they won the last case. So just pay up and wait for the next increase in a couple of more months.

  • goldenosprey Jan 9, 2013

    I'm reminded of MasterBlaster in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
    Except Tina Turner's character didn't work for MasterBlaster.

  • JohnFLob Jan 8, 2013

    Pardon the pun but doesn't Duke have too much power already? Since they acquired Progress Energy, a lack and of progress and extortionist rates are sure to follow. When Duke feels too greedy now they can just flip a switch, and us off, and shut down the whole state.

  • limitguvment Jan 8, 2013

    Greed is rampant!

  • zonk Jan 8, 2013

    I know RM is a muni and what a co op is I belong to one NC is in the bottom third of nationwide rates Yea it is cheaper in Montana but alot of areas don't have service

  • lwe1967 Jan 8, 2013

    They are never happy! They want more and more! Why don't they cut the salaries of their top executives? They are paid too much for the little that they do! The merger was not a good thing! It should have stayed Carolina Power and Light. The public utilities should be elected instead of appointed by the governor!

  • Rebelyell55 Jan 8, 2013

    It will most likely happen, remember we just handed the goverment over to them this last election.

  • Scubagirl Jan 8, 2013

    "The people of N.C. have been had.

    HAD is not the word I would use, but at least had gets by the censors

    And to those saying where are those who supported the merger---I don't think there were very many on this site from what I could tell both before during and after the merger as well as during the UC hearings.

    We can hope that the AG gets involved and is on our side.

  • superman Jan 8, 2013

    How many people do they have that are working on rate increases. Give them the rate increase and pull the plug on all those people making up lies as to why they need an increase.

  • goldenosprey Jan 8, 2013

    "The City of Rocky Mount is about 30% higher than our area. You do some research"
    I see Duke and their handmaidens in the UC are working diligently to close that discrepancy.

  • Luv2Camp Jan 8, 2013

    Zonk - Rocky Mount is not in a coop. It is a municipal electric system.

    I think we may have talked past one another. I believe you are now saying that rates in the Triangle are reasonable as compared to those in Eastern NC. I agree with you on that front. However, when you compare the overall NC rate, which includes investor-owned utilities, munis, and coops, to the same value in other states, we do not look nearly as good.

  • signify6644 Jan 8, 2013

    "People need to get serious about conservation." Wrong. We need get serious about creating energy, and jobs. End the wasteful green FRAUD spending.

  • 426X3 Jan 8, 2013

    No big news here.

  • piene2 Jan 8, 2013

    People need to get serious about conservation. With a little planning and investment the average household should be able to lower their energy use by about twenty percent.

  • bichonman Jan 8, 2013

    Sure glad the merger is saving me money.

  • Six String Jan 8, 2013

    How's that merger and reduction of rates going for everyone who supported the idea?

  • zonk Jan 8, 2013

    luv2camp I have nothing to do with utilities so I have no reason to use their propaganda as you say. But I am in the energy business to some extent and track what other States pay. I did not say we were the cheapest but compared to other States our electric rates are very reasonably. Go to the Eastern part of NC, their rates are higher than the Triangle because of having to belong to a co-op. The City of Rocky Mount is about 30% higher than our area. You do some research

  • ncpilot2 Jan 8, 2013

    Where are all the supporters of the merger who claimed it would REDUCE our rates. I have never seen ANY company get better when it got bigger. The people of N.C. have been had.

  • hp277 Jan 8, 2013

    Power companies are investing in gas-powered plants because the fuel is cheap - even cheaper than coal - burns cleaner and doesn't leave them with tons of coal ash waste.

  • sendusmessage Jan 8, 2013

    I certainly hope McCrory doesn't side with these crooks and help give them more corporate welfare...

  • jlp Jan 8, 2013

    Can't really call him a liar, but Im sure we can find a way to blame Bush. - Crumps Br0ther

    Except we don't have a cap and trade plan so nice try creating your own republican reality.

  • lprop Jan 8, 2013

    Be interesting to see the operating expenses.

  • jlp Jan 8, 2013

    Just needed to get their boy into the Governor's Mansion so they could try again. I bet they won't have any problems raising your rates now. Open those wallets now that Governor McCrory is in town.

  • signify6644 Jan 8, 2013

    Thank Obama and his EPA buddies. You voted for this. enjoy!

  • Just Once Jan 8, 2013

    I have an idea... no. This merger should hold down costs. Tell them to show us the efficiency.

  • SaveEnergyMan Jan 8, 2013

    Prices are going up because the utilities have to buy expensive power from solar and wind sources per NC Senate Bill 3, which mandates % of power from renewable resources. They are also investing in new natural gas combined cycle plants and shutting down coal - to meet new stringent EPA air quality regulations. When gas prices rise again, you will see huge increases in rates as a result.

    This is the change you voted for - at the national and state levels. There is no one to blame but ourselves.

    BTW: power costs here are not too bad. California and the Northeast are much more expensive. I don't work for the utilities, but in the energy area. I see what others pay and what other states are doing.

  • hp277 Jan 8, 2013

    If Duke was upgrading their system to a smart grid that was more efficient and reliable, I could understand the rate increase.

    But if this is just to pad the pockets of executives and shareholders, forget it!

  • Offshore Jan 8, 2013

    Barack Obama: "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket." (January 2008)

    It's all a part of the plan, he said he would raise the cost of... well everything related to his "Green agenda". You get what you voted for. Oh, and anyone who believes he's just going to raise taxes on the rich, AAAAAhahahahahahaahaaaaa. (it's really not funny)

  • Rebelyell55 Jan 8, 2013

    One more thing to remember, as the rate goes up, so does the sale tax revnue from the rate increase. The state needs money, and this just one more way to get it with out actually passing law to raise taxes.

  • Rebelyell55 Jan 8, 2013

    I guess that profit just won't enough for them folks, and that pay out they had to do. Now, let see who will be on the "regulators" board when the request goes through. Thankful that Roy is fighting this, but I'm afraid he'll have a hard battle now.

  • silverflash Jan 8, 2013

    I KNEW the whole progress energy/duke energy merger would lead to this. They have ZERO competition now. And I thought nuclear energy was supposed to be cheap? I live within sight of the harris lake tower. I should be paying alot less than I am.

  • Scubagirl Jan 8, 2013

    "Progress Energy, which Duke acquired in July, filed last fall for a 12 percent rate increase, which the company said was its first request for higher rates since 1987."

    WHY don't I believe that????? Hoping the UC tells them NO in no uncertain terms but it's doubtful. What a sham!

  • Karmageddon Jan 8, 2013

    In the 1990's California stopped the power companies there from building any new power plants. The utilites were forced to buy power from outside the state. All those utilities started raising their rates because they knew California had no other choice. The ratepayers cried about the high cost of electricity so the legislators in all their wisdom put caps on what California utilities could pass on to the customers. Shortly there after the utilities declared bankruptcy. Can you see it coming, North Carolina?

  • Luv2Camp Jan 8, 2013

    zonk - your statement is incorrect and is utility propaganda. Look again, NC rates are NOT some of the cheapest in the country. Do the research.

  • zonk Jan 8, 2013

    Stop complaining we enjoy some of the cheapest electric rates in the country.

  • westernwake1 Jan 8, 2013

    Yet Another Rate Increase (YARI).

    Can the North Carolina Utilities Commission explain to me how the merger of Duke and Progress Energy was beneficial for the citizens of North Carolina or has saved them money on utility bills?

  • tran Jan 8, 2013

    Duke Energy has a plant under construction in Indiana that is way over budget. As predicted, they are hitting us up to cover that and line their pockets. This merger was nothing more than a license for rent extraction. And now it's Katy bar the door.

  • jgilchr Jan 8, 2013

    Is anyone surprised? Since the NC Utilities Commission has shown themselves to be a subsidiary of Duke Energy, and since McCrony is tied to the company I am sure this will sail through without any trouble.

  • Scubagirl Jan 8, 2013

    oops my bad, Chilean company not Chinese......Either way at 415 million dollars to purchase it, and they plan to borrow 1/2 that to pay for it. Guess the other is from scr**ing the customer.

  • baldchip Jan 8, 2013

    NO WAY!!!

  • wildpig777 Jan 8, 2013

    DUKE requests another rate increase? no problem- the nc utilities commission should immediately request a 10% rate decrease. SEE HOW EASY THAT WAS. all you people reading this post oughta contact the nc utilities board and demand a rate decrease request.. it's quite easy

  • Half Red Half Blue Jan 8, 2013

    The republicans may not like higher taxes but they sure do love to stick it to you in other ways.

  • North Carolina Cutie Jan 8, 2013

    Well get ready you all put your boy mccoury in and he is buddies with duke energy so oh well you got what you wanted so don't complain when your light bill goes up.

  • xylem01 Jan 8, 2013

    This would be a great opportunity for the new governor to show he's not a tool of Big Energy and stand up for the citizens of NC. - goldenosprey

    If I'm not mistaken, he actually has ties to Duke Energy so it's a perfect opportunity for them (if I'm not mistaken).

    When will Duke Energy ever get enough money? They just got a rate increase of 7% and the gall of them to ask for more!

    I guess I'll just go to my managers them I'm going to need a 7% increase and expect to add more to that after I've received the first 7% increase.

  • JustBeReal Jan 8, 2013

    Let's see...
    First we allow a merger to go through forming a massive monopoly
    Second immediately after the merger theDuke fires the CEO they said would run the compnay and replaces him with their good ole boy
    Third they are now looking to help pay off all their screwups with our money.

    When will any politician have the Ba!!s to stand up to these fools and for get about their lobbying money...probably never

  • goldenosprey Jan 8, 2013

    This would be a great opportunity for the new governor to show he's not a tool of Big Energy and stand up for the citizens of NC.

  • spiritseeker Jan 8, 2013

    It is interesting that Duke Energy is asking for a rate increase now right after they just spend $400+ million to purchase hydroelectic generating facilities in South America. Is this rate increase meant to pay for that?

  • chance2llc Jan 8, 2013

    I just wish they would pay their vendors in a timely manner. 60-70 days are the norm now use to be 25-30 days

  • yelnatsthegreat Jan 8, 2013

    Bust up the monopoly now and encourage competition. Duke lied about the merger. They promised savings for customers.

  • ckblackm Jan 8, 2013

    Yay for big business... they've always got customer's interests at heart! /sarcasm.

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