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  • NiceNSmooth Jan 8, 2013

    Ofcourse... why not wait for your good buddy McCrory to be in office so you can get all the extra money you would like

  • Scubagirl Jan 8, 2013

    oh yea, no rate increases is working out really well for the public. Bunch of lying bottom feeders! They got away with a shady merger and now this, and only one of many I'm sure. Gotta pay for that Chinese purchase.

  • Crumps Br0ther Jan 8, 2013

    Barack Obama: "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket." (January 2008)

    Can't really call him a liar, but Im sure we can find a way to blame Bush.

  • marathonk Jan 8, 2013

    I though the price of natural gas had gone down. If so, shouldn't there be a rate decrease to reflect the decrease of raw material cost?

  • Banned4Life Jan 8, 2013

    Why don't they just wait until McCrory's picks are running everything? You can just see the back slapping and laughing, cheering and toasting going on in regulator's offices then. We'll treat our citizens like "customers" for sure! Wink wink nudge nudge. Ooops1 Price increase! Ka-ching!

  • gvmntcheese Jan 8, 2013

    LOL, that is about all one can do besides cry at this point...

  • driverkid3 Jan 8, 2013

    Not to worry, they will keep raising the rates till they get to what they wanted the first time around. Then they will go for another one.

  • Whosays Jan 8, 2013

    Why does this not surprise me, and they will keep on too!

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