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  • Flattop Jan 7, 2013

    When will the NAACP focus on solving the morale issue with the Black youths who keep killing people?

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Jan 7, 2013

    First they need to get rid of the dreds and get a clean hair cut. Now after that, the judge should send them to prison for 50 years.

  • harleysfather60 Jan 7, 2013

    Yes, lots of sensoring lately. Im sure these young men have made lots of good contributions to society, and have excellent work history.

  • ListentoMeNow Jan 7, 2013

    Will stupid people EVER realize that you don't get away with murder? I am continually amazed at the ignorance of these folks on the news.

  • Bronco Jan 7, 2013

    No probation and No parole and definately no PLEA BARGIN..Go directly to jail for life if found guilty.

  • ThaasRiiight Jan 7, 2013

    @ lumberman...Excellent comment and I am black myself!!

  • lumberman Jan 7, 2013

    Black on black crime is through the roof. But it is a problem NO ONE wants to admit is a problem. Do not talk about it and maybe it will go away. The good rev barber should take a stand against this but there is to much danger in going in to the war zones for him. He only shows up in the nice safe places like say a school board meeting.

  • JohnnyVoodoo Jan 7, 2013

    bmac , I was being sarcastic in a politically correct manner so WRAL would not censor me as they sometimes do. I know what Barber is all about. And this is the first time i've ever used REV. in front of his name. He has refused to denounce the Wilmington 3 who murdered their white victim in cold blood down in the Wilmington area, and he seems to never show up even when black on black crime is committed within his own communities....thus, he only shows up when the cameras are rolling and the reporters have their pen and pads out.. I get it, and I agree with you.

  • carolinadrew Jan 7, 2013


  • PracticalMagick Jan 7, 2013

    Sorry...I haven't GOTTEN to that story yet...

  • Banned4Life Jan 7, 2013

    And yet, we've had stories about killings and more with folks of a different skin coloring and you didn't see any comments like those from our Kool Kalm Kollected bunch here....

  • PracticalMagick Jan 7, 2013

    Well, I guess the guy that thought my question of whether or not they shot each other was dumb is feeling a little dumb himself.

    Glad they caught them.

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