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  • blmcrae Jan 9, 2013

    This proposal was shot down in a blaze of glory. This is absolutely about choice. We prefer traditional for our children, and it works great. Do not force me into year round. Every freedom we lose moves us closer to socialism. That is UnAmerican...

  • Shells Jan 8, 2013

    It would make my day to see this for Wake County.

  • goldenosprey Jan 7, 2013

    Your position is understandable superman. As a huge chunk of state and local expense, school funds should be allocated wisely. But not cheaply. Start skimping on education and you end up in South Carolina or Mississippi or Texas.
    Whoops, looks like we are already on the way...

  • superman Jan 7, 2013

    I live in Wake County and as a taxpayer without children I will never support another bond issue spending a billion dollars to build more schools while some are vacant 75% of the time. Would you rent out a house or apartment for just 9 months a year or would you want to rent opt to rent it for the entire year. Schools need to excerise financial responsibility is important. Please also keep in mind that parents get a nice income tax deduction on their state and federal taxes so please dont say you pay your fair share.

  • goldenosprey Jan 7, 2013

    If your elementary school kid is on year round while your middle school kid is on traditional, that IS a problem. The solution is to put all schools on year round and let parents choose tracks for all siblings. I've taken vacations in March and December with no crowds.

  • nor98 Jan 7, 2013

    We love the year round schedule however I don't think it should be mandatory. We chose Tramway Elementary because of the year round schedule vs. sending our child to our traditional district school. The issue no one is mentioning is this mandatory change will cause Lee Co. to have to redraw elementary districts to include this school as a district school now. Lots of elementary children will be forced to change schools. Most of the kids at this school now would not be in the Tramway district I would bet.
    If Lee Co. wants to implement this change, at least provide a 2 year timeframe before implementation-not 6 months.
    Lee County year round is not on multiple tracks like Wake County--one track--so there is no added space benefit.

  • sfallin3 Jan 7, 2013

    "The kids are more engaged in school and it is a more effective use of school space because you can put an extra 15-25% of kids in a building without affecting class size."

    I have yet to figure how you can utilize space with year round school! Yes, Year around school is ok when all of your children are on the same schedule....What happens when your children are on different schedules? I will tell you that you end up squeezing your summer vacation into a very small window when EVERYBODY is trying to go on vacation!

  • goldenosprey Jan 7, 2013

    75Tarheel, I would argue you are putting the interests of a few athletes ahead of the interests of the school body as a whole, not to mention taxpayers. Besides, the entire state may eventually transition into year-round.

  • 75Tarheel Jan 7, 2013

    And yet no one has mentioned what this will do to middle school athletic programs in Lee County. We are part of a conference that includes Harnett Co. If we go to year round schools it will require athletes to come to practice and games during breaks. And teachers to come to help with ticket sales, concessions stands and crowd control. Which teachers want to volunteer for that??? If we dont, then the Harnett County schools will just kick us out of the conference all together. IF we can find another county to allow us in it will mean more travel, longer travel and more difficulties for low income families who have to take off work to get kids to practice and games during the breaks between sessions. Discrimination??? Sounds about right to me.

  • btneast Jan 7, 2013

    Year round is superior to our old agrarian throwback traditional calendar. The kids are more engaged in school and it is a more effective use of school space

    All that and more. Year round is great. Both my daughters did a family we loved it. You get 4 each 3 week breaks, so you are not forced to take vacations when the rest of the free world is. The kids do better because they don't have a long 12 week break where they forget half of what they leaned.Once a community goes to it, the afterschool and daycare providers will all adapt. It is MUCH better than traditional calandar.

  • goldenosprey Jan 7, 2013

    Year round is superior to our old agrarian throwback traditional calendar. The kids are more engaged in school and it is a more effective use of school space because you can put an extra 15-25% of kids in a building without affecting class size. Time all of NC, at least off the coast, got with the program.

  • greg11 Jan 7, 2013

    I hope they don't do this. I don't think a few people should be able to decide changing all the schools to year round. We as tax payers and parents of school children should be able to vote on the matter. But as usual its all about numbers. If they think it will raise EOG test scores by 1%, then they will do it no matter what the parents think.

  • msncdso Jan 4, 2013

    "But others say the schedule creates child-care challenges and disrupts summer plans"

    Not as much as when there are several children in the same family having many different schedules.

  • mkjarrell Jan 4, 2013

    I am a Lee County employee, born, raised, and still living in Wake. A little clarification may help the conversation:

    First, the use of the term "year round" is slightly different than in Wake County. The schedule is similar to Wake County's with short breaks after each quarter, but there is still a shortened break in the summer. It looks similar in many ways to the modified schedule some Wake high schools use. Another difference is that there are no "tracks". Everyone will have their breaks at the same time.

  • common tater Jan 4, 2013

    It's deja-vu all over again. I see lots of protests, arrests, firings, scandal, and turmoil in their future. Superman has it right...we have to stop trying to please every parent in the county.

  • superman Jan 4, 2013

    Year-round schools are not best for the parents but the tax paying community is not responsible for their children. It is not financially responsible to have schools vacant 3 months a year and then cry that you need more schools. Allowing parents to decide will open the same "can of worms" that Wake County is now experiencing. You cant do the right thing when you are more concened at plasing the parents. People should realize that children will most likely change their life at least a little. Taxpayers without children really dont care what is best for the parents who are draining the county and state budget.

  • westernwake1 Jan 4, 2013

    Lee County should look at making year-round voluntary only. Covert only a number of the schools based on the demand. Allow families to choose between traditional and year-round tracks.

    Forcing mandatory year-round schools is not best for families.

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