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  • TeresaBee Jan 4, 2013

    I have traffic calming islands on my street in Raleigh. Does nothing but turn the street into a slalom racing street. One of those islands are in front of my home and wiped out all the parking on both sides of it. When family comes over they have to park around the corner. Speeding continues including school buses and the Fedex truck.

  • 68_dodge_polara Jan 4, 2013

    After looking at a map your right jdew. If you don't like traffic don't buy a house on such a road.

    You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality. -Ayn Rand

  • jdew Jan 4, 2013

    Rainwater Road is classified by the City as a collector street. It was designed by the city to be a collector street and it is doing an excellent job. After all is said and done, Rainwater Road will continue to be a collector street. The last thing in the world that the City needs is to muck up an efficient collector street.

    I would like to suggest to everyone that thinks traffic calming is the 'perfect' solution, that they drive over to Mourning Dove Drive and see the final product of the City's effort on their collector street. Our councilman told us that Mourning Dove Drive was an 'abomination' and that Rainwater Road would not look like Mourning Dove Drive. Well, the City wants to use the same traffic calming devices on Rainwater as they used on Mourning Dove ... so why should be believe that the results will be any different?

    Raleigh, correct Mourning Dove ... and then come back to Rainwater. I bet the Mourning Dove residents would appreciate your efforts.

  • dipenkara Jan 4, 2013

    Why can't the speeder's be given speeding tickets? Isn't this problem supposed to be addressed by city law enforcement?

  • jdew Jan 4, 2013

    Yes, a 17 died in my front yard. She died because of on undeveloped mind of a teenage driver with a .29 blood alcohol content. I called 911. I stuck my head and body into the burning car and found the dead girl inside. I used my garden hose to put the fire out before it consummed her lifeless body.

    I asked the policemen that were still on the scene the next morning if this accident could have been prevented by any of the devices currently being used by the City to 'calm' traffic. They all indicated that this was an alcohol related death, and that nothing but better thinking by an inexperienced teenager could have prevented it.

    Everybody needs to understand that the concrete and asphalt devices proposed by the City are not going to prevent alcohol related accidents.

    I have live on Rainwater Road for over 19 years and I can assure everyone that this was not typical. The other six accidents have all been simple fender benders with absolutely no one getting hurt.

  • jdew Jan 4, 2013

    Let's talk about preceived speeding on Rainwater Road. For 8 days in November the Raleigh Police Department monitored the traffic on Rainwater Road using two speed monitoring boxes, one for outbound traffic and one form inbound traffic. The average speed of the 5,352 outbound vehicles was 30.2 MPH. The average speed of the 7,786 inbound vehicles was 31.2 MPH. The speed limit on Rainwater Road is 30 MPH. I do not think we have a speed problem on Rainwater Road.

    After the city drafted its plan for Rainwater Road several neighbors circulated a petition against the proposal at the recommendation of our councilman. Our councilman said that we live in a democracy and if we did not want the city to install traffic calming that we needed to get a majority of the residents to sign our petition. Our petition was signed by a majority of the residents and was submitted to the City as we were instructed to do by our councilman.

    Yes, I am the grumpy old man, and I did not need to lie.

  • think01 Jan 4, 2013

    "a number of drivers seem to take pride in going over them at normal speed"

    What exactly is the problem with going over the speed humps at normal speed? They're supposed to be designed so that you can go over them at the speed limit. Admittedly, the contractors Raleigh uses to put in speed humps can't seem to figure out how to make them uniform, so you can go 40mph over some and have to slow down to 15mph for others, but so many times I've seen people treat these like the speed bumps in parking lots and roll over them at 2mph.

  • Road-wearier Jan 4, 2013

    "Where ISN'T speeding a problem?"

    Where speed limits aren't set artificially low. Speed limits should be set at the point that 85% of traffic would flow if left to its own devices. There will always be speeders; there will always be slowpokes. I'm not saying this is case on Rainwater...not sure I've ever been on the street. But on freeways and highways, 85 percentile is the ideal level.

  • trekkie Jan 4, 2013

    if i could hit a speed bump at the speed limit and not lose my teeth I may not mind the things, but they don't work that way.

    I'm with localyokel. Four cop cars tagging everyone that comes through there for a week or two should solve all budget crisis and slow people down.

  • LocalYokel Jan 4, 2013

    Police could calm traffic across the city if they just did their jobs.

  • sinenomine Jan 4, 2013

    According to a WRAL report I selected at random the crash referred to in which a 17 year old was killed was allegedly due to the driver being DWI and speeding 75 in a 30 zone. This is, thankfully, not the usual conduct of most drivers nor is it a situation which speed bumps or other traffic calming devices might have prevented. I vote against the speed bumps!

    The old WRAL article is here:

  • bignbad123 Jan 4, 2013

    This is not true - "Hundreds" have not signed a petition to kill this project. there aren't even hundreds that live on Rainwater. One grumpy old man has lied to everyone in the neighborhood to try and stop this project even though a 17 year olf girl died in his front yard due to speeding. Let's hope the city does the right thing....

  • sinenomine Jan 4, 2013

    Speed bumps have recently been installed or are currently being installed in the vicinity of Brooks Elementary and Carroll Middle schools in North Raleigh. I wonder if this is true of other school zones as well?

    Speed bumps may calm traffic slightly but a number of drivers seem to take pride in going over them at normal speed. I suspect that speed bumps may be partially underwritten by auto repair shops because they cause much greater wear and tear on suspension parts. (Lest anyone take me seriously about the auto repair shop part please note use of sarcasm font.)

    Anyway, the bumps are a hassle and I don't like them. Of course I usually do the speed limit.

    One more thing - in a city which is supposedly trying to become more bike friendly the speed bumps are a major problem. Did anyone bother to think about this? I ride a two-wheeler on some of the same streets I drive and I won't be doing it that much with those bumps in place!

  • umop apisdn Jan 4, 2013

    Rainwater doesn't have a traffic problem, the issue is that there's a lot of money in that area so they powers that be are taking care of their own. I drive down Rainwater all the time and can tell you there are far greater problems in other areas. Those areas don't have any clout so they'll be ignored.

  • Earth Brooks Jan 3, 2013

    Speed bumps.

  • Bartmeister Jan 3, 2013

    This is the street that the 16 or 17 yr old girl was killed last year due to speeding and a drunk driver isn't it?

  • busyb97 Jan 3, 2013

    Where ISN'T speeding a problem?

  • Scubagirl Jan 3, 2013

    Makes absolutely no sense to me that a neighborhood with a speeding problem, KNOWS it but doesn't want to do anything about it.......Folks are sure not going to slow down on their own.

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