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  • airbornemonty Jan 2, 2013

    This is an old story but it serves as a good reminder and a warning to not attempt to disassemble a weapon if you are not familiar with it. And adding to that, not only was she careless but she has set a very bad example for the department.

  • superman Dec 31, 2012

    She was playing with her gun at home and off duty and shot herself? Wow. Is she for real?

  • Sherlock Dec 31, 2012

    How does an individual, that is trainned yearly on the proper use use of a weapon, "accidently shoot" themself? And she is allowed to run a large department.

  • djofraleigh Dec 28, 2012

    two headlines read strangely, one upon the other:

    Fayetteville police chief accidentally shoots self
    Former Fayetteville police chief dies

  • oldrebel Dec 28, 2012

    Hope she isn't permanently harmed by this accident. Stuff happens . . . to the best of us. Again, I'm in agreement she's probably thankful it as herself that was hurt rather than someone else.

  • Paul Parker Dec 28, 2012

    Hans - Who says that? Not me. Stuff happens to the best of us. I guess you're just perfect.

    Relic, have you not been paying any attention at all to the news for the past two weeks? All the anti-gun pundits have been hysterically screaming and whining about for that last two weeks is that only police and military should have guns!

  • Relic Dec 28, 2012

    And here's wishing Harold Medlock luck in the final choice for Chief. He's one of the reasons that the Charlotte Mecklinburg PD is as technologically advanced as it is and one of the main PD planners for the Democratic National Convention. If Katherine isn't going to be Chief, then Harold Medlock should get the nod.

  • Relic Dec 28, 2012

    I know Chief Bryant and her first reaction was probably to be glad only she was injured. ANYONE, no matter how experienced, can have an accidental discharge on a weapon. I'm glad to hear that she only had minor injuries. Yeah, foghat001, cops are a different sort and they'll be happy she's OK and pick on her, too and she'll take it. Hans - Who says that? Not me. Stuff happens to the best of us. I guess you're just perfect.

  • foghat001 Dec 28, 2012

    yeah, you can guarantee she'll take a lot of guff at the 'office' for this one

  • junkmail5 Dec 28, 2012

    Guns do accidently discharge,you can drop certain guns and they will discharge.- Lee Co Rat

    At this point only pretty old hand guns will do that... anything made it the last couple decades usually have safeties to avoid that situation (and there've even been recalls on guns where this was found to be an issue)

  • Hans Dec 28, 2012

    And only the police and military should have guns, they say.

  • Scubagirl Dec 28, 2012

    how embarrassing for her. Glad she's OK

  • Lee Co Rat Dec 28, 2012

    Guns do accidently discharge,you can drop certian guns and they will
    discharge.I will agree that it is negligent however I dont believe that she shot herself on purpose so it was in fact an accidental discharge.

  • redapace Dec 28, 2012

    "when her personal firearm accidentally discharged"

    Guns don't accidentally discharge. Operators negligently discharge them.

  • Barfly Dec 28, 2012

    She shot herself. No need to blame the gun. Pulling the trigger isn't an accident.

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