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  • myloompa Dec 26, 2012

    If you truly want to practice a religion of peace and grace, then become a Sikh.

  • superman Dec 26, 2012

    prayer only helps the person doing the praying. Doesnt do anything for the thousands of people who are dying everyday from hunger and disease. If you hungry or dying knowing someone has prayed for you is not any consolitation. If you really want to help--send money.

  • Hammerhead Dec 24, 2012

    Ditto, on both counts.

  • NC Reader Dec 24, 2012

    It moves me to see people reaching out across faith communities to those who are grieving.

  • westernwake1 Dec 24, 2012

    The Sikhs are a great and generous community. It is excellent to see them reaching out to those in Newton.

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