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  • superman Dec 21, 2012

    This aint much different than the high tax they have placed on cigarettes. Pay the tax or dont smoke. Pay the toll or use other means to get to work. The road in our subdivision hasnt been resurfaced in over 35 years. There are hundreds of pot holes they have filled over the years. I be happy for them to resurface our road and make it a toll road. When we have contacted the state they say they know the road needs work but there is no money and not likely to be any. People who live in our subdivision also pay taxes.

  • quinene Dec 20, 2012

    My drive into work was 17min shorter. My drive home was 26min shorter. Total time saved 43min.

    Not having to deal with stop and go traffic and crazy drivers on the road....Priceless!

    Say what you want...I'll be using the Expressway on a daily basis!

  • Alexia.1 Dec 20, 2012

    "How dare NC give people the CHOICE to pay to use a new road or not pay to use an existing one...." --WooHoo2You

    This is about like suggesting people can walk to work, too. They could, but we create paved roads and allow cars to allow people to be able to move more quickly.

    All roads in NC, except this one, are paid for through taxes (or federal highways dollars, which are our taxes given back to us). Why is this one special? And why are a select group of people, specifically those living in SW Wake going to RTP required to pay a toll for efficient roads, while NE Wake citizens are not?

    Just add the required cost of this road to the tax bill of all vehicles. It would likely only be $1 or $2 per driver per year.

  • Alexia.1 Dec 20, 2012

    In all seriousness, citizens of NC should take a stand to get rid of the tolling and disband the turnpike authority (whatever they are called). Who do we write to? I'll write a letter tomorrow if I knew who could do something to end this nonsense.

  • Alexia.1 Dec 20, 2012

    Curious to know how much traffic was on the road today. I drove over that new stretch about 3:45 PM and was surprised that there were actually more than 10 cars I could count. Given that it was not rush hour and some do not know the road is open, I was amazed. I wonder how many will travel that road once it starts costing money for the privilege of using the road?

    I don't really see how it will make any money. People will take the road to save time. Money it will not likely save. Tolls far exceed cost of gas. If traffic moves from NC55 to this road, then 55 will be fairly clear. So, time it will not save, either.

    The whole toll idea is nonsense. NC did not need toll roads for how many years? No we do? No, we do not. If the road is needed, collect taxes required to pay for it. We do that for all other roads.

  • wwarrior Dec 20, 2012

    I'd love to see the traffic counts for the Triangle Expressway vs. I-540. I'd also like to compare those numbers to DOT's projections. I can't imagine this toll road will ever make enough money to pay for the collection of the tolls, much less the construction of the highway itself. If they are able to pay for it, I can at least take comfort in the fact that the money didn't come out of my wallet.

    Good luck with that.

  • WooHoo2You Dec 20, 2012

    How dare NC give people the CHOICE to pay to use a new road or not pay to use an existing one....

  • Half Red Half Blue Dec 20, 2012

    @Grandpeople... This ain't no English class.

  • Half Red Half Blue Dec 20, 2012

    "A toll is a toll, and a roll is a roll, and if we don't get no tolls, then we don't eat no rolls." .... Little John

  • Half Red Half Blue Dec 20, 2012

    I cant wait to do my own study with this. One week I will use the toll road for my routine travel to work and back. Average out the time, toll cost, fuel consumption along with fuel cost. Then do the same with my current route. I don't care about how much time it would save me, I care about the bottom line. How much money would I save?

  • Grandpeople Dec 20, 2012

    WLDPIG Correct your English. You don't have to use it but it creates an option for those of us who want to save time. I would pay most anything to get out of the Apex traffic. So say off the Expressway and leave the open road to the rest of us!

  • happymom Dec 20, 2012

    Although we live very close to the toll road and it would be nice to have access to it, we won't be uasing it. Traffic is not that bad, and I refuse to pay a toll to cut a few minutes off my drive. My husband feels the same way.

  • WLDPIG Dec 20, 2012

    i don't have to pay no toll, beacause i won't be using it!
    they can put that in their pipe and smoke it!

  • tarheelbabe Dec 20, 2012

    I think it was a huge mistake to close the TW Alexander extension. 13K used that extension a day compared to how many using the toll road on any given day? I wish someone would to a story on how much has been made on this toll road so far

  • Get_Serious Dec 20, 2012

    According to google maps, the expressway adds over 3 miles to my trip (one-way) and the time is about the same.

    Admittedly I drive in early so traffic isn't much of an issue.

    I did find it odd that of the 3 options offered via google, the route straight down 55 wasn't even offered, I had to correct it myself :)

  • baldchip Dec 20, 2012

    Looked pretty enpty this morning. Tax payers will end up bailing this fiasco out!!

    No tolls north-no tolls south!!! That's only fair!!

  • babedan Dec 20, 2012

    Yet they are funding a new loop in Durham? The new loop in Fayetteville is going to be toll free, and of course anything in North Raleigh will be toll free. Now they are going to spend millions on a "superloop" that will cause more congestion than it fixes. Also, those who say it will save time, If you live in Apex how far out of your way will you have to drive to get to the toll road? Also, ask yourself how many more miles a day you are driving around this big loop? And for those who will "Speed along" can't wait to hear what you have to say when you get a bill for speeding because you were timed from one toll section to the next and it was figured you were doing 85 in a 65. So your so called savings is a joke. If I need to get to that side of town from Holly Springs, I have 3 ways, 55, 1 to 40 or 751. All of them are just as easy to use as paying for this money pit.

  • YeaOh Dec 20, 2012

    All of 540 is designed to be tolled. It's only a matter of time before the whole thing will be. I say, let those you use it, pay for it.

  • YeaOh Dec 20, 2012

    When this thing connects with I40 again it's time to remove large trucks from the stretch of I40 this thing bypasses.

  • usocrazi Dec 20, 2012

    There is nothing I hate more about driving than stupid toll roads.
    I can't believe that they are here and more coming.

    The ONLY thing they accomplish is private companies stealing the publics money. Paying for our roads through our taxes has and always will be the intelligent way to go.

    Toll roads and state lottery...WOW ...we should all give up and go ahead and move to New Jersey.

  • dmccall Dec 20, 2012

    If they can photograph a license plate and match it to a DOT database address, then there is no reason they couldn't match the plate to a registered NCTollway account.

    We should be able to register a credit card with such an account, and avoid the whole transponder or snail mail hassle and unnecessary extra costs.

  • SnoresLikeBuffalo Dec 20, 2012

    @whatelseisnew: While removing the tolls is best, the next best thing is to minimize the toll cost/mile and maximize revenues by charging everyone who uses 540, not just those in southern Wake county. All of us paid the 6 cents/gal to build the first portion, why should those who live in North Raleigh get a toll-free ride and those in south Wake County have to pay?

    Sadly, someone has to pay, and it should be all of us...

    Until then, I will Boycott the Triangle Expressway.

  • kcfoxie Dec 20, 2012

    Get_Serious: Clayton is the issue with completing the loop, and it's costing land owners lots of money because they can't sell their land until the state decides what's going to happen.

  • mep Dec 20, 2012

    Tolls.... because "somehow" 39 cents of taxation on each gallon of gasoline sold in NC, along with a bevy of other taxes and fees, AND all sorts of money and grants from the Federal govt is just not enough. P L E A S E!

  • Get_Serious Dec 20, 2012

    "The fewer natives clogging them up with their rotten attempts at driving, the faster I will sail through." -piene2.

    Hmmm, someone needs to move back home.

  • Nunya123 Dec 20, 2012

    Suasponte - hows about another 40 minutes per day at work? At my hourly rate I'll make up the amount spent on tolls for the year in less than 2 months with the extra hours. After that, it is additional earnings I can make that aren't wasted in traffic. Works out to an additional weeks pay every two months (or I can spend an additional 40 hours with my family every two months since I dont need the money).

  • Get_Serious Dec 20, 2012

    What ever happened to the plans for this to be a loop? I thought they were going to finish out the Holly Springs to Knightdale portion.

  • Get_Serious Dec 20, 2012

    Never gonna use it. I live out in Holly Springs and refuse to spend a dime on this road.

  • whatelseisnew Dec 20, 2012

    "Charging tolls on one portion of 540 will cause drivers to avoid the toll road and resuls in reduced revenues. Putting tolls on all of 540 spreads the cost to everyone who uses 540 and results in a lower cost/mile. "

    I do not understand this. Your argument should be REMOVE the tolls not inflict further punishment on other people. ALL OF US have paid an extra 6 cent tax per gallon to build 540. That has been happening since 1989. People should be pounding on the legislature and the Governor to immediately ELIMINATE these tolls. It is especially nasty to toll a road that receives heavy usage from people traveling to and from work. The State gets money from fuel tax, then it gets money from your paychecks and money from the companies you work for and other businesses that exist in RTP, restaurants and such. Now they want more from you. Time to demand your wallets and purses by left alone.

  • samdutes Dec 20, 2012

    Yes by all means boycott all toll roads. The fewer natives clogging them up with their rotten attempts at driving, the faster I will sail through. -piene2

    Ha, from someone who drives a, just lol.

  • areyououtofyourmind Dec 20, 2012

    Just got a bill in the mail for $2.25. Oh, wait they added a $6 processing fee!! Absurd. From 54 to 64 (one way) cost me $8. 25. Good luck with getting people to use this.

  • samdutes Dec 20, 2012

    If you don't want to pay the tolls and prefer to complain about hidden taxes, there is a really simple solution...stay the heck off the darn thing!

    I am, going to let the folk who love double taxation pay for it.

  • EvanRude Dec 20, 2012

    If your vehicle is running 10-20 fewer minutes in more consistently moving traffic you WILL save on fuel. This offsets in whole or in part the toll charge. I'd rather not pay to drive on a road either, but it is what it is. Don't keep driving the old way because you think you are saving money - you are not.

  • whatelseisnew Dec 20, 2012

    "If you don't want to pay the tolls and prefer to complain about hidden taxes, there is a really simple solution...stay the heck off the darn thing!"

    thanks for the solution. SO can I expect to be reimbursed for the 6 cents per gallon extra tax that was collected since 1989 to build this road? It really frosts me that people like you are okay with this. That is precisely why we are constantly gouged by Government.

  • raleighdurham Dec 20, 2012

    north carolina's first toll road...and it's a shame.

  • raleighdurham Dec 20, 2012

    the fees for this toll are ridiculous! i got a bill for less than a dollar, wondered why the state paid postage, my paid postage, and the cost of my check would total more than the fee and forgot about it. next bill i received was for $48! (late fees...)

  • sonicbluezx3 Dec 20, 2012

    I don't live in RDU any more, but if I did I would use the road. Do the math... if you drive the full length 5 days a week (round trip) that's $23.80 a week. All you have to figure out is if the extra 40 minutes of your time is worth it, and figure out if the extra gas used sitting on 55 or whichever other way you go would even it out. I wish we had something like this in Charlotte....

  • chargernut69 Dec 20, 2012

    Now the police have a new road to give speeding tickets on. Added revenue with tolls AND now tickets ! A "win-win" to fund more NC pork barrel projects !

  • R_U_Nuts Dec 20, 2012

    The odds of a tax/toll being removed once they are in place is almost zero. I agree in principle that considering how high the gas tax is in this state, this should have been funded and planned as a non-toll road. When I lived in San Diego, there was a 8 mile section of toll road that paralleled the freeway. Although it was more expensive, it would save me easily 30 minutes one way if the traffic was backed up. Because of my flexible work schedule I was fortunate not to have to use it very often. Does anybody have any idea how much extra gas a car uses for idling 30 minutes? Would that not cancel out the cost of the tolls? You know somebody in the political arena is getting fat pockets for this one.

  • venitapeyton Dec 20, 2012

    Assuming that public safety (law enforcement, fire departments and EMS) won't get a bill (that requires payment), who might secretly get a free pass?

  • SnoresLikeBuffalo Dec 20, 2012

    NC now plans to put tolls on US 95, a road that never had tolls. How? By changing the law, of course. If they can do that for US 95, they can do that for 540!

  • davisdwain2 Dec 20, 2012

    LOVE this new road! It saves me many minutes going to the Apex area, and I'm so excited to take it all the way to 1. The road builders did a wonderful job on the road itself...smooth road/bridge transitions, attractive privacy walls, beautiful bridges.

    If you don't want to pay the tolls and prefer to complain about hidden taxes, there is a really simple solution...stay the heck off the darn thing!

  • SnoresLikeBuffalo Dec 20, 2012

    Boycott the Triangle Expressway!

    The tolls on the Triangle Expressway are unfair, unfriendly, and too high. Why should some have to pay to drive on this part of 540 and not drivers in North Raleigh where there are no tolls? Commuters from Holly Springs and Fuquay Varina are facing tolls of over $1200/year to drive from NC 55 to RTP!

    When originally planned, tolls were not planned on 540. When the North Raleigh part was completed, funds to complete the rest were not available. Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, and Fuquay Varina were told the only way 540 could be completed was to put tolls on the rest of 540 (but not on the section already built because a law prevented tolls on pre-existing roads).

    Charging tolls on one portion of 540 will cause drivers to avoid the toll road and resuls in reduced revenues. Putting tolls on all of 540 spreads the cost to everyone who uses 540 and results in a lower cost/mile.

    Until then, boycott the Triangle Expressway!!!

  • ldestefano63 Dec 20, 2012

    I travel every day down 55 to US 1, it's going to cause more backups at the congestion point due to people getting on and off and merging, just what we need. I hope no one uses it either, it's too expensive being tolled both ways, if Holly Springs, Apex have to pay both ways then everyone should have to, our taxes paid for the other sections to be built but those sections only pay one way. Nothing but a bunch of BS! Who has an extra $100 a month?

  • whatelseisnew Dec 20, 2012

    "Total toll with transponder was $2.64."

    So 5.28 round trip plus perhaps a gallon of gas which gives the State another 37.5 cents. I do not understand why you are not willing to pay your fair share of 28.275 per week to travel to and from work. The State needs that money far more than you do. After all, the next Governor might want to donate this toll money to a good cause, perhaps a larger teapot museum, or larger pensions for a corrupt member of Government.

  • same ole story Dec 20, 2012

    sooo NCDOT in its infinite wisdom goes with their own transponder system instead of using EZ PASS which every other state on the east coast uses for toll roads & bridges. brilliant.
    Thats because the EZ pass system wouldn't give any "kick backs" to the Good Ole boy network in NC.......

  • Suasponte Dec 20, 2012

    Ah , the new math. Nicole of Holly Spring computes 20 minutes the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon equals 40 extra minutes at night. Those pesky word problems.

    $1200 in tolls a year @ $3.75/gal equals approximately 20 tanks of gas money for my truck that I'm giving to the state. I then have to buy the gas it actually takes me to travel to work.

    Yes, thank you Santa. May I have another?

  • Enough is Enough People Dec 20, 2012

    I hope everyone avoids this section to prove the point that toll roads dont belong in NC.

  • douglascarey Dec 20, 2012

    I suspect this section of road will have a negative affect on business in Apex as people bypass the town, we should know in less than a year.

  • piloterror1 Dec 20, 2012

    sooo NCDOT in its infinite wisdom goes with their own transponder system instead of using EZ PASS which every other state on the east coast uses for toll roads & bridges. brilliant.

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