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  • dreleethree Dec 21, 2012

    This Man Also got Us for $2700.00! he promised a nextday return w/ interest! Investment:But ofcourse nothing but these SAME exact exuses! I told him we needed the money as it was our hard earned money for bills: he said no prob.I'll have it back tomorrow!! We made him sighn a promissary note..this didnt bother him as he sighned! We ended up pleading with our creditors, he cussed & fussed us! we lost a vehicle & things got behind in our life!...Dont give him Nothing! NOT EVEN YOUR BUSINESS! hes a conpulsive LIER!

  • superman Dec 21, 2012

    Check out a "stranger" before you give them money. Also it is best to pay directly for materials or supplies. Do you know that if the contractor gets materials from Home Depot etc and he doesnt pay that Home Depot can put a lien on your house? I had concrete driveway done on my yard and I paid the concrete truck driver myself. Always watch out and be careful when doing business--sometimes a deal is not a deal if you dont get anything for your money. If he is buying materials from Home Depot go with him and pay for the materials that will be delivered to your house.

  • lec02572 Dec 20, 2012

    Never, ever pay up front. If the person doing the job does not have the finances to do the job, then hire someone who does. Saving money can sometimes cost you more.

  • BULLDOZER Dec 20, 2012

    That man doesn't care about "5 On Your Side."

  • Wake1 Dec 20, 2012

    Crook!!!! Folks, do some research first before you pay anything!

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