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  • ncrepublican1776 Dec 20, 2012

    I agree southerntalent..I dont want that kind of trash in my neighborhood either.

  • southerntalent Dec 20, 2012

    ever ride by one of those places and see it is the people who can barely afford kids or are on govt assistance wasting their money at those places.

  • AlbertEinstein Dec 20, 2012

    Obscure arguments of the irrational. Taxes, crime, drugs, religion, and on - just where do the childish comments stop and begin to reflect objectivity towards commerce, morality, and improvement of society?

  • fivetoolkid Dec 19, 2012

    disgusted- what misery do you speak of?
    Also- thats an ignorant statement, bc drugs are currently illegal and the fate of sweepstakes is yet to be determined, and as of now are protected by an injunction.

  • Rebelyell55 Dec 19, 2012

    "Was it not BEV PURDUE that signed this bill into law??"

    Yes and a GOP controlled Supreme Court. Next.

    December 19, 2012 4:13 p.m___________________________________
    All of that is true, and Bev. also started looking at this as source of additional revnue for the state. Many counties saw a drop in tax when they shut em down a few years ago. If they're not going to regulate them, then yes shut em down. Right now there is too much room for abuse. The LEO don't like em due to complaint where someone spouse lost the rent money or whole pay check. They're also starting to be a source for arm robbery.

  • disgusted2010 Dec 19, 2012

    This would be like drug dealers getting together and asking the state to stop drug arrests. It is amazing how much misery these people have caused over the years all in the name of money.

  • fivetoolkid Dec 19, 2012

    As far as taxing the locations- the high taxes in cities like Raleigh and Wilmington is unfair. A $1000 tax per terminal is so out of control- It s cheaper to open s strip club. Others will agree and would know how much some of these gvt's charge, but anything over $25 a terminal is outrageous.

  • fivetoolkid Dec 19, 2012

    The lottery/harrahs has nothing to do with whether sweepstakes should be legal or not. The gvt can do what they want to do,they lied about the lottery to get it passed-look it up.They have misled and lied about HArrahs too. Anyone remember that one of the rules to get the lotto was there would not be any billboards on highway? How long did that last? The gvt does what they want to do. Sweepstakes does not meet the requirements of gambling. You get free entry,you get a product with a purchase, and odds are from a finite pool of entries. Its not gambling- but thats not the fight anymore. The gvt just banned them. Just like they banned synthetic pot- they didnt say it was a drug- they just banned it making it illegal to have. The gvt has the power to do whatever it wants to do. So the arguing over lotto and harrahs is dumb- has nothing to do with sweepstakes. Like saying you should be able to sell moonshine in a pool hall bc liquor is legal everywhere else. Its totally different.

  • Brian Jenkins Dec 19, 2012

    "Was it not BEV PURDUE that signed this bill into law??"

    Yes and a GOP controlled Supreme Court. Next.

  • dcatz Dec 19, 2012

    "Was it not BEV PURDUE that signed this bill into law??"

    Southern Democrats have ALWAYS been more socially conservative. The democrats started out as the party of social conservatism.

  • smalldogsrule Dec 19, 2012

    Social conservatives are enemies of freedom.

    I will ask this question again:

    Was it not BEV PURDUE that signed this bill into law??

    If so, tell me how she is a social conservative.

  • cthomas3058 Dec 19, 2012

    I think the sweepstakes should be closed. It would eliminate alot of gambling and besides of anyones belief, it is illegal in NC. Harrah's is able to operate because it is on an Indian Reservation. Certain State Laws do not apply on Indian Reservations. I think the Supreme Court should uphold the ruling, and lets move on...I am sick of hearing about it.

  • Enough is Enough People Dec 19, 2012

    Tax this and lets makes some money. Duh


    Oh they do! I own three Sweepstake establishments and last year I paid 327K in taxes just on my machines alone! Each city is different, but every city I am in business in has a yearly tax on every machine I have. When you ad up all the taxes I paid last year on these three business I spent well over 500K in 2012. To be very honest, I actually believed they would keep these establishments open no matter what just because they are such a revenue generator for the local governments.

  • dcatz Dec 19, 2012

    "I agree, as are fiscal liberals."

    You'll get no argument from me. Both the Republicans and Democrats are fiscal liberals who do nothing but spend other people's money.

  • phillipreopel Dec 19, 2012

    You can enter the sweepstakes for free by mailing to an address on the offical rules posters in the centers. If there isn't any offical rules, those are the illegal machines. Get rid of the bad systems and leave the legal systems. I am so sick of this argument. Don't police people from doing what they want if they aren't hurting anybody. It isn't the governments job to tell people what they can and can't spend their money on.

  • ncsweepstakes Dec 19, 2012

    @ James27613 Every SweepStakes location I know of has a sign posted showing how you can enter with "No Purchase Necessary". The hoops you have to jump thru actually seem easier than those offered by McD & Coke

  • james27613 Dec 19, 2012

    The difference is when McD or Coke has a game in progress,
    purchase is not required, you can enter by following the procedures in the rules of the game.

    These companies sell you a service and you get an entry.

    The games in question are designed around a system of drawings. Typically, players buy phone or Internet time and in return get entries into the sweepstakes. Software makers say the games merely reveal the pre-determined results in an entertaining way, not unlike contests conducted by soda bottlers or fast food chains.

  • internethwy39 Dec 19, 2012

    I dont get it..the average nc citizen wants to do it the legislative says no...Harrahs wants to do it they say Yes?

  • drfiesta Dec 19, 2012

    Tax this and lets makes some money. Duh

  • ncsweepstakes Dec 19, 2012

    So if the law is that a sweepstakes game cannot be played using an "entertaining display" on a machine, are the websites / companies below breaking NC law?

    If so NC should apply the law equally and charge them if they do so to the sweepstakes owners. (I believe the law to say the equipment is to be seized, so is the local TV station below's equipment going to be seized)?

    Below are links to various "sweepstakes" games that can be played online, including local news and car dealer websites. Also tv shows like Wheel of Fortune, which are aired on local TV stations here in NC, have sweepstakes all the time.

    WBTV (Charlotte News) Wheel Of Fortune AllState: SanDisk: Kroger: Real California Milk: http://sweepst

  • ctya Dec 19, 2012

    You are so right nancyjacobs58. I don't go to the sweepstakes, but will hope a bus to AC once in a while. If people choose to spend there last gambling who am I to say any thing. To each his or her own

  • 75Tarheel Dec 19, 2012

    Bad law by Supreme Court. Legal employment is legal employment. Let those who enjoy their game of chance enjoy their game of chance.

  • Sherlock Dec 19, 2012

    If they have been order close, why are they still in operation? Just closed the doors and have them wait. The state courts have ruled.

  • WageSlave Dec 19, 2012

    Social conservatives are enemies of freedom.

    I agree, as are fiscal liberals.

  • nancyjacobs58 Dec 19, 2012

    The Supreme Court Officials and a few others don't seem to realize if people want to gamble they will find a way whether it be in NC or taking a Bus or a Red Eye Jet to Atlantic City. Why not keep those $$$$$ in NC. Just Wondering...

  • itlsss Dec 19, 2012

    With all the hot shot lawyers in Raleigh and they can't write a law that bans gambling run by private firms but allow gambling run by the State. Must be a reason, huh.

  • southerntalent Dec 19, 2012

    Just as the former Randy Parton theatre in Roanoke Rapids has a chance to make some money back as the sweepstakes parlor it has become along with doing some shows,this will probably close them up again.

  • sewing1255 Dec 19, 2012

    If they decide to close the sweepstakes parlors then why don't they stop the lottery. It doesn't really make sense they are both gambling parties.

  • Half Red Half Blue Dec 19, 2012

    "Social conservatives are enemies of freedom."

    I like that.

  • dwntwnboy2 Dec 19, 2012

    Legalize gambling- other than at the State controlled "lottery" level. Let's open up some world class casinos and bring in some jobs and incomes!! Why should the native americans get to do that when the rest of the state can't? It's worked well for Biloxi- brings in LOTS of money, heck, even New Orleans has a casino in the middle of town.

  • Rebelyell55 Dec 19, 2012

    Knew that was coming, that's a lot of money on the line. Wonder if the Rep. will take it up before next spring?

  • dcatz Dec 19, 2012

    Social conservatives are enemies of freedom.

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