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  • robkur9 Dec 21, 2012

    Witnesses say, school bus was already stopped with lights flashing (yellow to red, not sure of the timing it changed over), all the kids started walking towards the bus, and saw a white Jeep coming with the driver on a cell phone, all kids stopped except John Luke Kurucz (pronounced Coo-roots), the driver sped up to beat the yellow light of the school bus without regard to the kids already moving towards the bus. It all happened so fast. John Luke said he remembers looking and not seeing the Jeep.

    The driver, Ms. Hale, made several mistakes. This is one more example why the use of mobile devices while driving should be outlawed. Plus there needs to be more public education about school buses and how drivers should deal when approaching one.

  • LibertarianTechie Dec 19, 2012

    Concerned for a hurt person? Sure. In the same instance I also feel for this driver because he is being charged when, a 17-year-old child, whom is almost an adult, walked out into the road when the bus only had yellow lights in front of traffic. If the child did not screw up, he would not have been hit. How could the driver avoided the accident?

  • takeabathgreg Dec 19, 2012

    ban him from ever driving again

  • livinonfaith Dec 19, 2012

    Just slammed on brakes last week when I encountered a slowing bus with flashing "amber" lights. When it finally stopped it was right beside me.

    I just sat there until it started up again, just in case a kid came out from behind the bus and crossed in front of me. But it did feel a little silly since if kids had gotten out and crossed the road, they probably would have walked behind my car.

    Oh well, the way I see it, better safe than sorry where kids are concerned.

  • Glass Half Full Dec 19, 2012

    Sorry the young man was injured. For the record, as I have been meeting an approaching school bus with it's yellow/orange/amber lighst flashing I have slowed down preparing to stop just to have the bus drive right past me. So now, if I see the yellow/orange/amber lights flashing I still slow down, prepared to stop if need be, to see where the bus is going to come to a stop. In defense of the driver today, if the bus hadn't stopped, if the red lights weren't flashing, and the young man stepped into the road, I don't think he should be charged, however, I wasn't there, don't know all the facts. Just my opinion.

  • LocalYokel Dec 19, 2012

    A bad driver hit the gas instead of the brakes when she saw yellow like the bad driver had done hundreds of times before with red lights and without punishment.

    The bad driver had never been punished and does not personally know anyone who was punished for this crime. Its a dangerous environment out there because law enforcement doesn't consistently enforce basic safety laws.

  • moloch16 Dec 19, 2012

    I am also confused by the flashing lights. Once I passed a buss with flashing white lights (where the yellow and red lights usually flash). I just kept going since I was on a main thoroughfare and didn't think the bus was stopping.. The bus driver started making rude gesters as I went by, indicating I should have stopped. What in the world does flashing white lights mean???

  • exador7 Dec 19, 2012

    Welp ,, Gots to ban driving now.

  • HillBilly01 Dec 19, 2012

    is it legal to pass a moving bus with yellow/amber lights flashing/blinking? Yes provided you can do it safely. Is it wise? Of course not. Should a 17 year old no better than to cross the road prior to the bus using red flashers? Yes. Should we all do stupid things because someone else will watch out for us? Sure, why not. Don't anyone take personal responsibility for themselves. Depend on others to take care of you. It's the American Way. Just make sure someone is available to blame. Hope both injured parties are okay.

  • miseem Dec 19, 2012

    Sorry about the kid, but the article indicates the bus was still moving. I've tried the attitude of slowing down and preparing to stop when the "amber" lights are blinking for flashing, only to have the bus finally stop 100 yards past where I started slowing down. If the red lights and sign are not out, kids, especially 17 years old, should know not to enter the street. Even with the sign out, they should check for traffic, considering how many drivers cruise right on past a bus. Of course, you see adults doing the same thing while staring at a text while walking or driving.

  • kellypsnll Dec 19, 2012

    I really can't believe all you people are griping of the proper terminology of the color of the lights on the bus. I really am shaking my head on this one.

  • Hans Dec 19, 2012

    This driver should not be charged with anything.

  • pollyallegra Dec 19, 2012

    REALLY??? This is a perfect example of what's wrong with society. Who gives a rats a**, what color it is? People get a grip and be concerned about the child. Just saying.

  • Half Red Half Blue Dec 19, 2012

    The technical color is not important! Yellow, orange or amber. Slow down or stop! This driver got off to easy!

  • lucasd06 Dec 19, 2012

    I'm not defending this driver BY ANY MEANS, but kids have to understand that there are HORRIBLE drivers out there. Just because they see their school bus coming, doesn't mean they can run out into the road.

  • schoonie79 Dec 19, 2012

    No the proper terminology is blinkies not flashers....what difference does it make....this driver obviously wasn't paying too much attention to the fact that the first set of lights is to let you know the bus is going to stop (yellow means slow down not speed up I read that somewhere oh yeah the DMV handbook on rules of the road) and red means stop....glad to see that light color is what is important and not that this young man could have been seriously hurt or killed...wishing him a speedy recovery

  • robinson66 Dec 19, 2012

    The public treats the amber lights on a school bus just like the yellow light on a stoplight. The red lights are turned on when the bus is completely stopped and the traffic is clear. (Unfortunately drivers still run these as well) Students need to follow the rules of crossing just as much as the drivers with the lights..DO NOT CROSS UNTIL THE LIGHTS ARE RED AND LOOK BEFORE YOU CROSS. The lack of bus safety knowledge is unreal in this state. I drove a bus for many years and its insanely frustrating the degree of ignorance that is out there driving with us every day.

  • iceman2262 Dec 19, 2012

    OMG! I don't care if the proper terminology is amber if the bus is stopped and the flashers are on you or we need to STOP!! Is your or our time more valuable than a child's life

  • The Oracle Dec 19, 2012

    "....Also, it is not yellow, or orange. The proper terminology is "amber". "

    I think we all knew what light the person was talking out.

  • twatkinsntp Dec 19, 2012

    @dcatz.....does it really matter if we say the correct color or not.....the kid was still hit......I'm sorry .....I guess the correct terminology is "Struck".

  • dcatz Dec 19, 2012

    "When a bus is stopped and its yellow flashers are on, I stop. For some reason, at times there is a significant delay between when a bus stops and its Red Flashers come on. Better to play it cautious then to not take the small amount of time it takes to stop my vehicle and then start up again."

    You don't enter the street until the *RED* flashers come on. I knew this when I was in Elementary School.

    Also, it is not yellow, or orange. The proper terminology is "amber".

  • whatelseisnew Dec 19, 2012

    When a bus is stopped and its yellow flashers are on, I stop. For some reason, at times there is a significant delay between when a bus stops and its Red Flashers come on. Better to play it cautious then to not take the small amount of time it takes to stop my vehicle and then start up again.

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