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  • rfhill Dec 19, 2012

    Shot from behind. Cowards. The world is just losing their minds! Black,White, Brown, Red, whatever...The influence of the devil is colorblind.

  • gospelposse Dec 19, 2012

    wow it doesnt matter what color they are all crimes should be handled the same. If i could say what I really wanted to say when those innocent kids were just killed or when they killed in Co at the movie theatre, or at columbine. I can go on and on. Color shouldnt be a issue justice should be. Get it together people.

  • carolinaprincess62 Dec 19, 2012

    Why is this not a "hate crime". They hunted down a "white" man and killed him. Like others have said, if it were four white people that killed a black man, the NAACP would be all over of it. Where is a group to make sure white people are treated fairly?

  • filiz Dec 18, 2012

    I wish i could write what i really want to say about those animals.

  • carparts Dec 18, 2012

    Please bring them to Johnston County !

  • miseem Dec 18, 2012

    Whatever we do, let's make sure that jury selection is unbiased. After all, we should respect their rights. Right?

  • johnny2times Dec 18, 2012

    Shot in the head for $10.00....Where is the outrage or is that only reserved for certain other groups.

    December 18, 2012 4:47 p.m.

    BINGO! bet if it was four white suspects who did this to a black victim, Barber would be drooling over this and wanting "justice"....

  • One4Justice. Dec 18, 2012


  • mikelynn2003 Dec 18, 2012

    Animals is much too kind of a discription for these sub-humans. Even animals in the jungle don't kill for the fun of it!!

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Dec 18, 2012

    Should have known. Doesn't surprise me a bit.


  • we-r-just-human Dec 18, 2012

    No, they didn't kill him for $10 or a sandwich or a cell phone. They already had all of that. They killed him for NOTHING, but to kill him. I would love to be on this jury. It might be called a hung jury, but not that we couldn't agree.

  • midnightclay Dec 18, 2012


  • chrisnrali Dec 18, 2012

    ditto johnny

  • Lamborghini Mercy Dec 18, 2012

    Four people ended someone's life over a sandwich, $10, and a cellphone? What has our society become?

  • Scubagirl Dec 18, 2012

    It would most definitely be looked at as a hate crime if the victim had NOT BEEN WHITE!!!!! Should go both ways.

  • JohnnyVoodoo Dec 18, 2012

    They planned in advance to go downtown and look for a victim. They knew exactly what they were doing and picked this young man out to rob and kill. Once again, we see a group of blacks praying on an innocent white person and no hate crime added to the charge. You can bet if it was 4 whites and they did this to a black guy, Wilmington would be burning as I type.

  • haleibc Dec 18, 2012

    highvolt1: I agree 100%

  • Rebelyell55 Dec 18, 2012

    This just unreal, of course a lot things in the news has been that way. It could of been anyone is what so sad. So this is all a human life was worth to them? Sad part is, none of them willever see a death chamber.

  • turbo08 Dec 18, 2012

    What a cowardly act. May they never see the light of day ever again.

  • Squirreling Dervish Dec 18, 2012

    these people are repugnant. Seriously. 10 bucks, a sammich and a cell phone. That is all life is worth in WIlmington?

    That's tragic.

  • whatdidusay Dec 18, 2012

    Why is this not being looked at as a Hate Crime? No one can convince me this was not an act of Racism.

  • westernwake1 Dec 18, 2012

    I can only hope that they make this a death penalty case. These are the type of predatory criminals who have no remorse that need to be permanently removed from society.

  • pinball wizard Dec 18, 2012


  • Paladin2 Dec 18, 2012

    May they receive their just punishment in the max.

  • outdoor592000 Dec 18, 2012

    Really, $10 and a cell phone. And we have to make sure they get a fair trial, protect their rights. We will simply support them the rest of their lives in prison.

  • wrx44 Dec 18, 2012

    Shot in the head for $10.00....Where is the outrage or is that only reserved for certain other groups.

  • Amp Dec 18, 2012

    The won't have to fear getting the death penalty because of the Racial Justice act.

  • lumberman Dec 18, 2012

    To lazy to work. Now maybe these 4 will go to jail for a long time I doubt it though. A life lost for 10 dollars. You can not fix stupid !

  • godnessgracious2 Dec 18, 2012

    They killed a guy for a sandwich, cellphone and $10? We need to bring back public hangings.

  • JJ20 Dec 18, 2012

    He complied and was still killed? These people are unbelievable!

  • working for deadbeats Dec 18, 2012

    Killed for a sandwich and $10 bucks. Why am I not surprised?

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