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  • JohnFLob Dec 17, 2012

    Yes I know Who is on first. You are indeed correct.

  • fishon Dec 17, 2012

    I like the original story better, it was less confusing...

  • superman Dec 17, 2012

    Does anyone know who is on "first".

  • driverkid3 Dec 17, 2012

    Sounds to me like someone has a major gripe against this woman. I noticed her arm was in a cast/sling typoe thing. How did that happen? She mentioned at one point that she had been beaten or something by her husband, I think it was.

    DSS, for the most part, isn't worth the powder and shot to blow them up!

  • Sherlock Dec 17, 2012

    Sheriff peterkin will tell you every time he did nothing wrong and then fire a few depties. The problem with that is he does everything wrong and does not listen to them.

  • cruzinlong Dec 14, 2012

    there's something very " Hokey" about this story.

  • MuddyBrute Dec 14, 2012

    "DSS had deemed Joyce a danger to the child a few days earlier after she underwent a mental evaluation . . ." WHAT!!!! Based upon a DSS evalation. By who's examination? If it was a valid diagnosis why wasn't the child taen aat that time?? This DSS is SLACK!!! Mom said she arrived back home at 5:30p. Sheriff sid PoPo checked the house at 6:00p"


    On a different note, Sheriff Peterkin stated in an interview with Brian Mimms on the Noon News, that the Sheriff's Dept. received a anynomus tip @ 9:30 pm that the mother and child was at the residence the he supposedly abducted from, and after the arrivial of the 1st WRAL Reporter @ 10:30 pm knocking on the door and physically speaking to the mother and calling the Sheriff's Dept. and explaining to them that he had personally spoken to the mother, the Sheriff's Dept. still hadn't sent an officer to investigate the anyonmus tip they received @ 9:30pm.

  • Alexia.1 Dec 14, 2012

    My mother once asked a social worker why they decided to pursue that degree in college. The answer was "it was one of the easiest degrees to get." I think that explains a lot.

    There are so many stories where social services workers did something that was hurtful to children and adults alike. Worse, I don't think they should have power to simply remove a child from a mother who has not harmed the child.

    So, the lady "underwent a psychological evaluation" and based on those results, she was determined to be a danger to the child? I'd be more interested to know whether she had ever hurt or threatened to hurt the child. To heck with the "psychological evaluation". I want facts, not opinions -- and that's precisely what that is.

    Here's my opinion: taking the son away from a loving mother hurts them both.

  • ljwhitmire Dec 14, 2012

    Sadly, this is par for the course with DSS. I've heard similar stories of "poor" communication with them.

  • rdc42179 Dec 14, 2012

    "What we have here is a failure to communicate"

  • retiredindependentpopo Dec 14, 2012

    I want to know who did the mental evaluation. AND, why is that private information even released by DSS? INCOMPITENT!!!

  • retiredindependentpopo Dec 14, 2012

    "DSS had deemed Joyce a danger to the child a few days earlier after she underwent a mental evaluation . . ." WHAT!!!! Based upon a DSS evalation. By who's examination? If it was a valid diagnosis why wasn't the child taen aat that time?? This DSS is SLACK!!! Mom said she arrived back home at 5:30p. Sheriff sid PoPo checked the house at 6:00p. How's she get out of the house so fast? If the PoPo was out at the house it should be logged somewhere. This smells like a RAT! Someone is lying and/or imcompitent.

  • dollibug Dec 14, 2012

    Isn't is odd that NO ONE wants to CLAIM responsibility for what happened....This seems to be how the *system works*in a lot of places....

  • kevinball Dec 14, 2012


    The "system" and the players within it require a immediate review from the State Attorney General's Office. If the Sheriff's employees operate in this manner, it explains the large volume of unsolved crimes.

  • What if_I could Dec 14, 2012

    If Social Services said the Mother was not "fit" to care for her child....where was the child suppose to be staying? Why was the child not in the custody of Social Services last night? I know that Wake County Social Services contacts the school system when a child is removed from a home. Who has the best interest of the child? Guess it is not Hoke County Social Services....How much money was spent last night looking for this child? This Mother knew what she was doing.

  • outlawwoman31 Dec 14, 2012

    Can you say law suit???

  • rugger38 Dec 14, 2012

    lack of communication....
    YA THINK?!?!

  • spatel Dec 14, 2012

    I think it's always better to be safe than sorry. I"m sure there is more to the story and I'd rather someone look out for the child than not, especially given the sad news in CT. I would not blame anyone that tries to do what is best for a child. Rather forgive a mistake than regret what could have been.

  • highcountry Dec 14, 2012

    I hope she gets a good lawyer!!

  • dcec48 Dec 14, 2012

    The Sheriff blames the Social workers & the head Social worker says they didn't do anything wrong. Well then, who messed up? This ain't rocket science. Get together and sort it out so that next time no one will be put in danger.

  • CarolinianByChoice Dec 14, 2012

    "We have carefully reviewed this matter and determined that the Department of Social Services' handling of this matter complied with applicable laws, rules and regulations, as well as internal policy and protocols," Sweat said in a statement."

    That's all well fine and dandy Ms. Sweat, but the question was DID THE AGENCY DO IT'S JOB? Regardless of following the rules, protocols, procedures, and policy ad naseum, did your agency actually do what it was supposed to in protecting this child? I think the answer may be a resounding NO!

  • 2xMom Dec 14, 2012

    Maybe things would be differnt if the people who are frequently referred to as "social workers" actually had the degree and training true social workers have instead of just being given the title because they were hired for the job. Social workers go to college to receive very specific, indepth training.

  • smalldogsrule Dec 14, 2012

    So, a mental evaluation automatically makes a person a danger to their own children. Does DSS have unfettered access to patient files now.

    How was this mother a danger. She picked the child up from school and took him to a doctor's appointment, then took him home. What praytell, is the danger???

  • Paul Parker Dec 14, 2012

    Ah, so the truth come out. The sheriffs department LIED when they said earlier that neither the mother nor father had custody of the child!

  • LetsGetHigh Dec 14, 2012

    Child Protective Services are not right and this proves how flawed the system is and how untrained the workers are. This looks to be a power trip by social workers for all the wrong reasons. DSS needs to more concerned about real cases instead of making something out of nothing.

  • southerntalent Dec 14, 2012

    What a waste of time and money that was

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