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  • Bec0522 Dec 17, 2012

    At a drive thru??? You mean the ones with the huge picture windows? What the heck was the pharmacist thinking? Do people not know how to put up any fight what so ever any more?

  • bubbba Dec 13, 2012

    I wonder if they take text messages too?

  • lovecary Dec 13, 2012

    This doesn't make sense. Why not lock the doors and call the police?

  • oceancandle Dec 13, 2012

    Seriously?! The pharmacist actually handed over the drugs?! It's called, you're behind glass and a wall and a counter...dive for cover, call the cops, and warn all the other employees while running to secure the front doors! I'm sure the robber would not have given chase if he was too lazy to walk in and rob the joint!

  • Crumps Br0ther Dec 13, 2012

    A lot of duggies in apex lately

  • autismawareness Dec 13, 2012

    next year it will be some stuffy nosed guy pulling up to get some sudafed.

  • MrBank Dec 13, 2012

    Please keep in mind that ANYTHING in excess is bad, people who have debilitating chronic pain, who would otherwise have no quality of life, depend on these medicatons so they can enjoy the same, and obviously pain free, life that all pain medicine detractors enjoy. If you experienced ONE MINUTE of the pain I have to endure constantly, you would sell your kids for relief. Its junkies like this guy that give these medications such a bad rap.

  • happymom Dec 13, 2012

    Hmmm... I stopped using this pharmacy lastyear because the pharmacist shorted my son's prescription for Focalin XR by 5 pills. Since that drug is a controlled substance, it was a big red flag that there was something fishy at that store.

    This news story sounds ridiculous. Given our experience, I'm very suspicious of the "drive-thru robbery" story.

  • so you dont like my opinion ok Dec 13, 2012

    What more do you want Wiser_now, the guy is an addict and they will do anything to get their next fix. Drugs including prescription drugs are bad news. An addict is an addict whether it is meth or percoset, desperation hits and the mind goes crazy...

  • right2life Dec 13, 2012

    The police station is a mile away. You could have called them before the guy got away. I agree that there must be some details missing here. The pharmacist should have shut down the pharmacy, especially if s/he felt threatened.

  • Wiser_now Dec 13, 2012

    There HAS to be more to this story.

  • eagle11 Dec 13, 2012

    Just because you can get a prescription for oxycontin, percosets ect. doesn't mean they are safe. I've seen many people get addicted and ruin their lives from any prescription narcotics.

  • Not_So_Dumb Dec 13, 2012

    Calling in a threat is the only way to get service at this Walgreens. Absolutely the worst service of any retail location of any store I have experienced.

  • Big John Dec 13, 2012

    ROFL. Yeah, the first person you need to look at is the pharmacist who put the drugs in the drive through box. Call in while you are in the drive through and demand drugs? Some people are so dumb. Hopefully he at least used a prepaid phone and threw it away. But really, the pharmacist couldn't have hit an alarm, or told someone back there that they were being robbed, or told the robber to wait while she filled a prescription and then gotten help...or something? Sounds stupid and fishy.

  • PracticalMagick Dec 13, 2012

    The robber was described as a white man in his 30s, 40s or 50s...

    That's kind of a 20 - 30 year spread.

    I'm kind of confused by this story.

  • SouthernPackerFan Dec 13, 2012

    you can't cure stupid

  • Mom2two Dec 13, 2012

    I think we should ban all drive-thru pharmacies, just like we should require Rx for sudafed. In fact, while we're at it, just outlaw all addictive chemicals. Sure a lot of innocent people will be hurt, but if we can save ONE drug addict it'll all be worth it, right?

  • davidgnews Dec 13, 2012

    What, is there an app for 'robbery' now?

  • jimcool59 Dec 13, 2012

    Outside job.

  • kikinc Dec 13, 2012

    This seems fishy. Lock the doors and call the cops. I'm thinking inside job.

  • me2you Dec 13, 2012

    I phoned in a prescription and still had to wait.

  • wmcmahon1 Dec 13, 2012

    What were the drugs?

  • jdo823 Dec 13, 2012

    Like to see the clerk to give this robber some powerful laxative. :-)

  • Brian Jenkins Dec 13, 2012

    Inside job

  • balog Dec 13, 2012

    apex is just a jewel of a place to live anymore...little new york

  • iron fist Dec 13, 2012

    If he phoned in the robbery why didn't someone call the police and lock the doors? Something wrong with this story.

  • fgump Dec 13, 2012

    Seriously? What the heck is going on in little old Apex???

  • Karmageddon Dec 13, 2012

    So now you can phone in a robbery and not have to come into the store? How convenient.....

  • Goodone2 Dec 13, 2012

    What is Walgreens policy on this? A call in robbery? No gun wielding man anywhere in sight but they put the drugs in the slot and let him know to come get them? Really?????

  • tayled Dec 13, 2012

    Another Darwin Award candidate! The police should be able to track where his phone call came from, especually if he was on a mobile phone!

  • kellypratz Dec 13, 2012

    the robber phoned in to rob the drug store? REALLY!! what's next, drive thru service robbing.

  • smalldogsrule Dec 13, 2012

    Methinks they should take a real close look at that pharmacist.

  • busyb97 Dec 13, 2012

    So.....was the burglar on the phone? Or in the drive thru?? If he was on the phone, why would he comply? I am confused by this story.

  • bubbba Dec 13, 2012


  • kmanc4s Dec 13, 2012

    What the heck is going on in Apex?

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