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  • computer trainer Dec 13, 2012

    Release the names. We want to know who the scum are.

  • whyalltheproblems Dec 13, 2012

    uhm....there are schools in that area, day care, preschools, were any of those on lockdown?

  • twatkinsntp Dec 13, 2012

    So why not release that info to the people. I don't normally look at face book.

  • piratepeople2 Dec 13, 2012

    according to the town's facebook page, a suspect is already in custody.

  • TITAN4X4 Dec 13, 2012

    WOW, that will help us common people know who to look out for. The next time they update this story they will be begging for any person with information to report it! This is soooooo backwards!

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