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  • Phyxius1 Dec 13, 2012

    There is never crime in Cary from what I was told... Hopefully the woman wasn't hurt in the incident and I hope they find the guy.Sadly the season of joy is also the highest season of theft

  • johnny2times Dec 13, 2012

    If this was Durham, there would be 200 comments about how Durham is so bad....well come on people....see crime does happen in Cary.

  • iron fist Dec 13, 2012

    Crime in every town and city including the great town of Cary

  • Its the who what Dec 13, 2012

    Yet ANOTHER violent crime committed by a violent offender living in Cary NC. If you do not believe that Cary is becoming the PREMIER town for violent crime, then I DARE you to do a news scan of all the incidents that occured over the past couple of months. Many robberies and other violent crimes. Cary PD needs to do something besides leading the nation passing out traffic citations. YOU ARE NOT SAFE THERE! This lady walked out of her store front, totally unaware of her surroundings, probably thinking how luck she is to be in this crime free town and she ended up being a victim!!

  • turkeydance Dec 13, 2012

    however, this vague description is much better than most on WRAL.

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