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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Dec 17, 2012

    @mishizdaish, the "do unto others" crowd does not care. They are the majority now in our state's leadership and you need to get used to this sort of apathy.

    I agree with you and find their "family values" sadistic.

  • mishizdaish Dec 14, 2012

    I work in the Community featured in this story and was the one who contacted WRAL.
    I spend every day with these Residents and have dedicated my time to learning their stories. Let me assure everyone that they have not and do not "milk the system". These are people have bled for this country, through the Depression and WWII. Some of our Residents were farmers, providing food to their communities, and never made much money. Some of our Residents have PhDs and worked as Professors or researches in some of the country's top universities, and still need to be on Medicaid. There are many reasons why one receives Medicaid. If this does not get fixed, we could lose half our Residents. One of our Residents is blind and has no family or friends to help them. These folks WILL be homeless and will not receive the care they need to survive. This is how we repay the generation that made our country what it is today.

  • dsalter Dec 14, 2012

    Unfortunately, there are those who end up with catastropic illnesses and it's true their families are helpless to assist. A sickness like alzheimers can affect anytime. I know people right now with lucrative bank accounts that are affected by this. If someone goes to a nursing home for extended will cost over $4,000 per month...per person...for that care. If they have won't last unless they're a millionaire. They'll go on medicare while hospitalized then on medicaid in the nursing home after the money is gone. So if you have could very well find yourself in this mind boggling situation one day. So don't be too critical. This problem needs to be addressed.

  • dbw Dec 14, 2012

    Can we be clear here...this issue has been in front of state legislators for seven years. The Affordable Care Act did not cause this, but rather a blatant disregard for frail elders in our state. These are not people who are "milking the system" or abusing benefits, these are people who paid their taxes and had the audacity to get old and sick. Now these fragile elders, who need more specialized care than what their families can provide, even if they had families who could provide it, are being denied care....they will be homeless. There is no where for them to go. Communities who provide care are already struggling to come up with resources to care for these residents based on the continual cuts in their reimbursement rates.
    Let's get real people - now is the time to put aside politics, do what needs to be done, and take care of the most vulnerable people in our society. Now is the time to contact our legislators and hold them accountable for failing our frail elders.

  • xylem01 Dec 14, 2012

    why should our taxes pay to take care of people that can't take care of themselves? they had their entire lives to save or rely on family & friends. that's it. stop the spending.autismawareness

    Autism acting up on you today sweetie?

  • dsalter Dec 14, 2012

    why should our taxes pay to take care of people that can't take care of themselves? they had their entire lives to save or rely on family & friends. that's it. stop the spending. we are 17 trillion in debt. don't you get it? SEVENTEEN TRILLION!


    True...there are a lot of people in this country who have been on the take from day one. Their families taught them to milk the system and that's all they know. But, on the other hand...there's a lot of people who were working in textile plants in this state that lost their jobs when Clinton signed the IFTA. They had no anything except what was left they had paid for along the way. Like a home. Some need help...some don't. But it is what it is. This country got in the hole by rebuilding Iraq infrastructure with contractors ripping off the government, paying out billions for crooked bank dealings, and setting up temporary jobs that have since played out with money borrowered from China.

  • nic Dec 14, 2012

    Funny there was a 20 million dollar surplus Bev "found" in DHHS to allocate to PreK (babysitting)but she can't manage to call a special session or reallocate money to help the most vunerable in our state.I agree with another poster that she doesn't want to call a special session and have the legislature undo her closed door Dix deal.

  • dollibug Dec 14, 2012

    This is what happens when money is taken from SS and Medicare that was meant for SS and Medicare but has been put into Obamacare....something is very wrong with the people who are trying to run (RUIN) the country....GOD HELP AMERICA....

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Dec 13, 2012

    GREAT NEWS! Wow! THANKS, Obamacare! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe this has nothing to do with Obamacare. Regardless, I hate it for them. These people are already in a very sad, bad, position.


  • 20K Dec 13, 2012

    Make the rich pay for it!!! They should be ashamed of having so much when there are people who have so little!

  • mekanik911 Dec 13, 2012

    I agree with you dsalter, something is very wrong with this picture. Billions for foreign aid and nothing for the elderly in this country. Someone please tell me how this can happen. I cannot help but beleive that these people that make these laws are HELL BOUND.

  • dsalter Dec 13, 2012

    Social Security was established when no other type of retirement was available, other than savings. The Great Depression wiped that out. You worked 30 a plague and $100. Maybe. Since then, in the 60's when things got better...a lot of companies set up retirement plans when there were profits to be made. Even now...some companies still provide them...most with a 401-K, but good luck with that company still being around when you retire.

  • dsalter Dec 13, 2012

    It's a simple plan to balance the federal budget. First, cut off most of funding to the states for whatever reason. Medicaid is just one of them. That will free up the $$$ so they can get the books juggled and balanced just in time to be re-elected....again. States will face irate citizens who are facing major impacts in funded programs being reduced or cancelled. The federal government will boast about the book balancing until things settle down. Then they'll spend trillions on more pork barrel projects and send billions in foreign aid to some country that despises us to begin with. Round and round she goes....

  • affirmativediversity Dec 13, 2012

    "It was not meant to 100% provide the needs of retirement, and later added medicare."

    Source? what other sources of income would most have expected to have received???? per Grand Union


    Most people expect to "receive" those ugly, hateful investment/savings income...

    You know...the kind of money all those hateful capitalists like our parents and grandparents...the people who worked all their lives, saved what they could, were diligent in putting money aside for their old age AND NOW GET TO PAY MORE TAXES ON TOP IF THE TAXES THEY PAID ALL THROUGHOUT THEIR LIVES so that lazy self absorbed progressives can live the lifestyle they wish to become accustomed to without ever having to put the effort it.

  • dsalter Dec 13, 2012

    Some people end up in nursing homes who actually have been paying taxes all their lives....and saved and scrimped for retirement. My stepdad and mother were in that "bracket" and even though they didn't have alzheimer's they needed care for serious problems. The nursing home siphoned their bank account at the rate of $8,000 a month until every last dollar was gone. Then they went on medicaid. These people who are mentioned in this column have no other choice except to roll with the flow. I feel sorry for their loved ones who have to deal with it.

  • North Carolina Cutie Dec 13, 2012

    They all will be old someday and alzheimers will be upon them.

  • Half Red Half Blue Dec 13, 2012

    Whats funny is that people may abuse the SS, Medicare, and Medicaid system; but, people also abuse weapons creating a heavy burden on the judicial system with the tax payers paying the price. Do you want to get rid of weapons too?

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Dec 13, 2012

    Anyone who claims that love and compassion is important them, should be outraged.

    Instead of just *telling* us that care about other people...instead of *telling* us that you "do unto others"...*show* us.

  • Half Red Half Blue Dec 13, 2012

    Who receives the biggest handouts overall? Congress. They get paid to do nothing.

  • Grand Union Dec 13, 2012

    "It was not meant to 100% provide the needs of retirement, and later added medicare."

    Source? what other sources of income would most have expected to have received????

  • tewc Dec 13, 2012

    Gravy Pig - they are free to the receipents not to those who pay those charges on their phone bill!!!!!!!!!

  • teleman60 Dec 13, 2012

    How about we cut $100 billion from the Pentagon, they have a slew of generals who don't want extra tanks and duplicate fighter planes.

    By the way, don't you just love them republicans...

  • mewuvbb Dec 13, 2012

    I tried to wonder why they do what they do, that have no idea how this will affect our economy anymore when we cut off benefits to ones who really need our help, I suggest we trim the budget along the lines in government take a pay cut and then cut off the hands who need our help also Raise the Taxes on Alcohol Sales (this is lost revenue, you can purchase a 40 oz beer $1.90 cent and we purchase a soft drink (12 oz) for $1.49 what is wrong with this picture. I know ones that have quit smoking since cig and tobacco products went up in taxes, just maybe we can keep some off of the roads who are drunk or possibly sober up

  • GravyPig Dec 13, 2012

    "- free phones etc"

    You mean the ones that are funded by certain fees that telecoms collect in the form of the USF (Universal Service Fee). The ones that aren't exactly free? Maybe you should read up on those phones.

  • ladyblue Dec 13, 2012

    I think the ones so eager to throw old folks into the system with the moochers of government-- let me remind you all. The difference in most of your baby boomers on actually SS and not SSI(didn't work)is SS receipents paid into a PROMISED RETIREMENT program aid to their future retirement,{by force of the government}. It was not meant to 100% provide the needs of retirement, and later added medicare.Unfortunately, NO ONE PREDICTED (even economist)that Cost Of Living would be as extreme as it has gotten either in the 50 years they worked, when EVERYTHING was different. If they are going to keep cutting programs involving elderly, maybe they need to revamp the judges as well as state/federal/congressional retirement programs they have and shed some costs from those as well. What's the difference?. If the elderly/young can't get help with alzheimers maybe they need to revamp how funds for this disease is spent. kinda like everyone having insurance but doctors won't accept it

  • Wake1 Dec 13, 2012

    I wish we could divert a few billion dollars we spend overseas back here at home to spend on things such as this!

  • raleighlynn Dec 13, 2012

    Oh, Barfly, please don't say that. Central Regional has a waiting list for weeks as it is, for all populations.

  • Enough is Enough People Dec 13, 2012

    Stories like this drive me crazy because the fraud and wasteful spending with Medicaid is so pervasive that its really becoming a joke. My brother in law makes around 100K and he and his family are on Medicaid. I even contacted the so called Medicaid fraud line to report him and yet nothing was ever done. The first time I contact them was over two years ago. Since then I have contacted them on 4 seperate occasions trying to tell them about this abuse. What is worse is the "caseworker" tells my brother in law how to get around the financial "obstacle" by doctoring his paystubs, which he can do since he owns his own business. Even worse now his son has a major medical problem that required extensive surgery. Having worked in hospitals for years I know his bill is well north of 200K which is being picked up by Medicaid when it shouldnt.

    And then there are stories like this.... It makes me sick to see those who really need these benefits be denied due to the governments wasteful spending

  • davidgnews Dec 13, 2012

    One thing's for sure, they'll never remember it at the voting booth.

  • Barfly Dec 13, 2012

    This is will "steer" the Alzheimer patients straight into places like Central Regional Hospital.

  • mep Dec 13, 2012

    It is a role of the government to provide for defense. It is not a role of government to provide food, shelter and medical care. That is YOUR responsibility.

    STOP WITH THE TRUTH!!!! Liberals cant handle it. Most Americans fail to realize that for almost 200 years, citizens took care of themselves and each other, and were the largest source of charity and retirement care. These days, Americans would rather demand the govt care for them, in exchange for their votes. Most feel their taxes absolve them from their responsibilities, even to charity.
    Worse still... just look at the stupid stuff our govt spends money on:

    Waste, mismanagement, bloated salaries, far too generous pensions, and fraud are now what we call govt.

  • Hatchcover Dec 13, 2012

    -I am not who you think I am- No cigar for you! The Detroit Free Press was originally a liberal leaning newspaper. No longer!

  • I am not who you think I am Dec 13, 2012

    hatchcover....will the Detroit Free Press do for you

    the Canadian healthcare program is contracting services in the US

  • Uhavenoclu Dec 13, 2012

    Sorry to hear that bande. Hopefully there will be a means to be able to care for and keep your facility going without any worries.

  • gswalker51 Dec 13, 2012

    But I thought Paul Ryan was the one throwing grandma over a cliff? I saw the commercial and everything!

  • seenbetterdaze Dec 13, 2012

    My Mom lost her home and everything she owned when the Flood from Floyd hit Rocky Mt. She lived with us 4 years until her dementia was much worse, we had to put her in assisted living.
    She would go outside alone, without her cane, if we didn't see her. She had already broken her hip...she lived in assisted living for 5 years more. It is a sad time to be old now.

  • Banned4Life Dec 13, 2012

    Well, we have WARS to fund, Military spending increases to deal with, spy programs to keep outsourcing to private industry, so MANY important things that we need to keep us safe. Food, shelter, medical care, life, those things will simply have to wait until we've gotten our military industrial complex taken care of. I can't WAIT for us to look just like N. Korea. Evidently, our right wing brethren idolize young Him sum Dung. He's doing everything right in their estimation.

  • Hatchcover Dec 13, 2012

    -I am not who you think I am- Consider your source. Come on! The Heritage Foundation? May as well been Fox News as your source! Gees...

  • bande118 Dec 13, 2012

    This isn't a political issue. This is a human rights issue. I own a special care unit for Alzheimer's residents. This cut won't hurt my facility it will destroy my facility. I care for 33 people with dementia. Personally I will lose everything I have worked for. That isn't the worst problem. The part that scares me is the safety for my residents. About 15 of them have family that will make every attempt to help even though they don't have the resources or time and training to care for them 24 hours a day. The rest have no one. They have state guardians that will have nowhere for them to go. I agree the Medicaid program is being taken advantage on a regular basis. If you doubt it go to your local DSS and see the people in line. This is not the area to cut. It will kill people.

  • scarlettlaroux Dec 13, 2012


    Please check with your local Council on Aging and My family is dealing with taking care of my mom, who is also in the early stages of Alzheimers are getting progressively worse. The COA has been very helpful and pointed out some resources.

    AS far as this Medicaid thing, my mom worked om the school system for over 30 years, paying into the system. My dad has worked since he was 18. We never lived a privileged lifestyle, never used foodstamps, and have always worked hard. Thankfully, the lives my mom touched working in the classroom has paid off with the number of doctors, nurses, and other caregivers in charge of her healthcare. They remember Mrs. M, and look after her because of the love and patience she showed them when they were kids.

  • Crumps Br0ther Dec 13, 2012

    Hatchcover.. your stats are interesting but the fact is people from Canada cross the border regularly for healthcare in the US that is sbetter and quicker than their own... and they don't care about the cost’-remedy-for-health-care-go-to-america/

    I am not who you think I am

    I grew up acorss the river from Canada, and they come across the bridge all the time because they dont have to wait to see a doctor or get equipment they need like CPAP machines. My friend works at a place that sells them and she says about half her customers are Canadians. She told me that they have to wait for 6 months to get a machine so a lot of them just come to the states to get one. Of course this isnt indictiive of the entire countr. Im sure there are plenty of people who like what they have, but it should be noted, its not going to be as great as a lot of you hope its going to be.

  • I am not who you think I am Dec 13, 2012

    Hatchcover.. your stats are interesting but the fact is people from Canada cross the border regularly for healthcare in the US that is sbetter and quicker than their own... and they don't care about the cost’-remedy-for-health-care-go-to-america/

  • Conservative Dec 13, 2012

    Elections have consequences. You voted for this whether you admit it or not.

    @saturn5 - Unfortunately how much ever you try to point out the idi"0"cy when people blame a party (wholesale) it won't make a difference, generally, their minds are made up. I love the way you explained the difference between state vs. federal which most probably they don't care to distinguish either!

  • seenbetterdaze Dec 13, 2012

    Obamacare CUTS 750 Billion from Medicare Pay for the 30 Million uninsured individuals. Which will be many more than 20 Million uninsured if they allow Ilegals Aliens to receive the same benefits without paying for them like Citizens had to do while they worked till retirement.

  • BEACH Dec 13, 2012

    My dad is in the early stages of Alzheimers, but is getting progressively worse every day it seems.

    sorry WHAT your family is going through, I have been there and it is sad sad disease, if Medicaid had not helped me pay for my Mother I do not what I would have done, I did not even live in the same town as she did. So the cuts to Medicaid are going to hurt all the people that had not choice to keep the pts at home and it is such a hard thing to do, tried it for 2 years before I moved her to nursing home. SAD SAD DISEASE, Prayes for your family

  • sbr1963 Dec 13, 2012

    These are not the Medicaid benefits that need to be cut. The benefits that need to be cut are the ones to the lazy individuals who are fully capable of working but have made sucking off the system a way of life. Those are the benefit that need to go!

  • BEACH Dec 13, 2012

    driver kid 3


  • Hatchcover Dec 13, 2012

    “Average cost per hospital day (US$):

    --Canada: ....................$837
    --France: ..................$1,050
    --Germany: ..................$550
    --Netherlands: ..............$502
    --Spain: .......................$579

    USA private insurance (low range): .........$3,181
    USA private insurance (high range): ......$12,708

    USA Medicare: ..........$2,200

    Source: International Health Insurance Plans comparative report

  • driverkid3 Dec 13, 2012

    dlnorri:::: who do you think it is that paid for these programs? WE, the elderly did. WE did not pay that money so illegals could come in here and take it, we didn't pay it so people could scam it as they do on a daily basis, we paid it so WE would have something to live on when we were older. HOW DARE YOU! You are calling us theives and other things when it is the younger ones doing this along with the democrats. YOU elected them and now want to disparage us, the elderly because you made a huge flaming mistake and you will never admit that.

  • atheistswillrule Dec 13, 2012

    Cut foreign aid! We can kick Grandma to the curb but we still need to feed the third world nations. Allhailme

    Sorry, less than 1% of the USA budget goes to foreign aid. You know what WOULD make a difference? If Bush hadn't taken us into an expensive and useless "war" looking for " weapons of mass destruction"...that were never found, or the "war on terrorism" that has greatly eroded our person freedoms. I don't fear terrorists, I fear the GOP and the Tea Party Totalitarians who would rather go after two chicks trying to get married than help solve our nations problems.

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