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  • Crumps Br0ther Dec 13, 2012

    I wonder if they discussed Rhianna going back to the guy that beat her?

  • superman Dec 13, 2012

    The police and the law cannot protect you from yourself. If you are in fear of your life and you call 911 you should be smart enough to know it is past time for you to exit. People in these relationships thrive on each other. They need each other just like a drug addict. Abuse always escalutes. It dont get "no better". There are places you can go--there are friends and relatives. But the bottom line here is that you just dont want to leave cause you think you better off there than somewhere else. The march was for exercise it wont help anyone. You just have to be SMART enough that you know it wont get any better and for safety sake you need to leave.

  • fishon Dec 13, 2012

    People that abuse their partners will not be affected by a silent march any more than murderers are affected by candlelight vigils.

  • dollibug Dec 13, 2012

    There are people who chose to abuse the system....and this does not help is sad when there are supposedly people who are suppose to help those in need....but instead get drug down with the ones who are abusing the son was indicted not once but twice by the GRAND JURY with NO EVIDENCE of a crime being committed....Did I mention that there was NO EVIDENCE of any crime to begin with? It took over 2 years for all charges to finally be *DISMISSED*....what happened to people's rights? Until *issues* such as this is resolved....the system will continue to make BIG MISTAKES....

  • turkeydance Dec 12, 2012

    abuse is a two-way street.

  • amdriver12 Dec 12, 2012

    Many of you seem to think these people willingly choose to stay somewhere where they are being abused. Abusers never start off by being outright abusive, it is a process that builds gradually over time. Many abusers will also try to 'apologize' after the abuse and say, "I'm so sorry, it won't happen again, I love you, I mean it." When victims don't feel safe/have no resources to leave and someone keeps making excuses for their actions, it is sometimes hard to find a way out. This march will hopefully bring awareness TO THEM, that if they want to leave, there are people and resources out there that will help them and they don't have to do this alone.

  • ali817959 Dec 12, 2012

    ABUSE IS GOING TO EXIST AS LONG AS PEOPLE LET IT EXIST. There are signs when someone is abusive so it is up to you to let them abuse you!!!!!!! Marching wont solve any of this.

  • working for deadbeats Dec 12, 2012

    How will a march solve anything? Men and women need to see the early warning signs and be more selective about their b/f, g/f, and spouses.

  • ndadszucs Dec 12, 2012

    "I am a survivor of domestic violence, however..." - norainonmyparade

    I am as well, however, I'd rather make sure that people who truly need help receive it than worry over the few who might abuse the system and receive the help they do not deserve.

  • norainonmyparade Dec 12, 2012

    I am a survivor of domestic violence, however, InterAct in their efforts to help victims, rushes to judgment against the accused without knowing all the facts or even speaking with the accused. Some women make up stories of abuse for sympathy or to get revenge on their (former) partners. They do a lot of good - and I know they don't want to make a victim feel like they don't believe them, but perhaps they should take into consideration that there are those out there that make the rest of us survivors look bad.

  • Uhavenoclu Dec 12, 2012

    Many think" you are MY Spouse or partner" means ownership." Don't you talk to that person don't you smile stay away from MY WIFE HUSBAND PARTNER...So on and so on.
    Most women live in fear of the happiness they choose to have.
    Many who have been married for many years are living a silent abuse by being ignored or the same mundane thing day after day.
    Like I have said it's always the ones you trust or don't think will do the harm that you have to watch out for.
    Try going to the moody relative or anger friend that you stay away from and talk to them for advice. I'm sure you'd be surprised.
    Think research choose wisely for a pretty face don't make no pretty heart.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Dec 12, 2012


  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Dec 12, 2012

    I believe domestic violence would stop, if these desperate women would choose wisely what they bring into their life and their children's life. If you are already involved in a situation, then you need to get out asap, if nothing else to spare your life. A man does not have a right to hit, beat slander etc. a woman on any account. Neither does a woman has that right. Its not a good relationship if you are fighting and hitting all the time, is it?

  • monami Dec 12, 2012

    "Amer Seymore, who was found shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide less than two weeks ago, called 911 about her husband just 10 days before she was killed."

    It's AMBER, not amer...please correct your copy.

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Dec 12, 2012

    We now have raised two generations that are not capable of handling life's problems because while growing up every time some problem came up, a parent(s) or someone else always "took care" of it for them. The solution will have to come from somewhere "outside the box." Conventional methods don't seem to work anymore. We are our own worst enemy.

  • Uhavenoclu Dec 12, 2012

    We are our own true saviors, we choose. Choose wisely for the right reason who you want to love and enjoy your time with.
    Relationships are not ownership no one owns anyone. Do not choose just because they have money or a nice car or home. Do not choose because you arlonely and want companionship.
    If you are in a abusive relationships then get out and never fear.

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