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  • Bec0522 Dec 17, 2012

    You're right Dan, why would anyone accept a dog they can't take care of is beyond me!!!! Every dog should go for walks

  • Dan Cooper Dec 12, 2012

    sunneyone2, knowing that there are countless numbers of homeless pets devastates me too, especially since many had to endure terrible lives before the shelter. As for my dog, he's always inside and goes for 3 leashed walks a day, so just why should he be fixed? I just spent $2500 to repair his torn ACL, believe me I could afford fixing him if we chose.

  • sunneyone2 Dec 12, 2012

    Hey Dan, the SPCA has a spay and neuter clinic that charges fees on a sliding scale if you need help with that. I'm joking, but I'm not...
    Seriously, though, pet guardians need to be responsible. This woman was completely irresponsible. I hope the dog, and all of the dogs and cats in our shelters, find loving homes.

  • Dan Cooper Dec 12, 2012

    I'm the owner of an unfixed male dog but this woman and other bad owners are the real reason for the animal shelter overpopulation, not me.

  • streetglide Dec 12, 2012

    GOD has a way of dealing with people who treat animals like this,, maybe the favor will be returned to her one day,, same type treatment,, just hope nobody calls on her behalf!!
    thanks go out to the neighbor for calling,, you did the right thing,as other should do as well! (majority of pitt Bull Owners),, they think that makes them mean!!

  • proud-bleeding-heart Dec 12, 2012

    Always shocks me that people can sit in their comfortable house eating a sandwich with no remorse while a living being suffers on their property.hateful!

  • Dan Cooper Dec 12, 2012

    I bet that same neighborhood has more dogs chained to trees in the backyard, why anyone insists on having a dog just to neglect it for life is a horrible mystery.

  • Bewitched Dec 12, 2012

    So glad this story had a happy ending, and what a cute dog! That woman wasn't punished enough! I don't understand people like her.

  • CharmedLife Dec 12, 2012

    WOW they really taught her a lesson, now didn't they? Gesh! I'm happy to hear that Remy is doing great, but the former owner/abuser/neglector should have had a heavier punishment that what was handed down.

    LOL @ levit77....should also be barred from having kids!! Well, if she's gonna treat them the same way she did this cutie patootie, then absolutely!!

  • levit7 Dec 12, 2012

    Kudos to the neighbor who reported it! People who do things like this should have the same treatment. Maybe that would turn them around and make them think twice before doing things like this again. She should also be barred from having kids!

  • alwaysconcernedmom Dec 11, 2012

    She should receive the same treatment she showed her dog. There is a special place for someone like her.

  • foster208 Dec 11, 2012

    Rebelyell-Remy is a survivor and will not be put down. She is a very adoptable girl and APS of Durham, along with Sheriff's Animals Services did a great job. Shame on people who do this to an animal.

  • Rebelyell55 Dec 11, 2012

    Sure hope he get taken before he's put down.

  • curiousgeorgia Dec 11, 2012

    Good for Durham!

  • Scubagirl Dec 11, 2012

    Great story! Justice for Remy. To treat an animal like that.......grrrrrrrrrrr

  • tbfromnc Dec 11, 2012

    not near enough punishment, she should have to serve some jail time, period. Give her plenty of time to think about what she has done to a defenseless animal who was counting on her to take care of him.

  • lissa227812 Dec 11, 2012

    Here's to Remy finding a forever home soon!!!

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