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  • lilshychic323 Dec 13, 2012

    the guy that they were looking for and his friends have done a lot of things that would make this look not so big of a deal.

  • lilshychic323 Dec 13, 2012

    They were apart of it and it was his house they were at. I may not agree with what they did but I think the whole story should be told not just half

  • michaelclay Dec 13, 2012

    lilshychic323, if the people they kidnapped and beat up didn't have anything thing to do with burning their sister's house I can judge them. If they had done this to the one that did the burning I could feel some sympathy for them but they get no sympathy from me for kidnapping and assaulting innocent people.

  • lilshychic323 Dec 13, 2012

    I think its funny how the whole story is not told

  • lilshychic323 Dec 13, 2012

    These guys may have went about things the wrong way but the person they were looking for burnt down their sisters house and has burnt other peoples house and nothing has happen to him so if you dont no what mad then do this then you can't judge them

  • Sherlock Dec 13, 2012

    Sheriff said it was not about drugs, yet they found drug, weapons in the house...

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Dec 12, 2012

    They need to be put into prison for a very, very long time. How about 50 years. There in prison they will not be so bad and they will have to follow all rules and regulations or face the consequences right then and there. There will be no waiting on that.

  • lwe1967 Dec 11, 2012

    Lock them up and throw away the key. Perhaps the same punishment should be used on them also. These are two low life POS.

  • andrewthomasregan Dec 11, 2012

    Notice how they didn't hurt the woman but the men were pistol whipped and hit with brass knuckles. This should be tried as a hate crime. If it was the other way around, it would be.

  • Rebelyell55 Dec 11, 2012

    @No assault, kidnapping, or attempted murder charges?

    Glass Half Full
    December 11, 2012 1:47 p.___________Wondering the same thing? I guess that acceptable behavior in that part of the state.

  • NCHighlander Dec 11, 2012

    "Oh, they look simply charming in their pictures. And oh, so ashamed. SMH. What goes through people's heads?"

    Brace yourselves for more of the same. Society degrades daily before our very eyes.

  • westernwake1 Dec 11, 2012

    "Two Red Springs brothers were arrested late Monday after three people were kidnapped and beaten for information..... All three were taken to a home in Red Springs, where they were pistol-whipped and punched with brass knuckles."

    I'm going to ask you one last time, 'What is the meaning of life'... before I hit you again with the bras knuckles.

  • VickLo Dec 11, 2012

    They only wanted information. The rest doesn't matter.

  • Glass Half Full Dec 11, 2012

    No assault, kidnapping, or attempted murder charges?

  • VickLo Dec 11, 2012

    Ahhh. The eternal quest for information! We all want it and nobody has it!

  • PracticalMagick Dec 11, 2012

    Oh, they look simply charming in their pictures. And oh, so ashamed. SMH. What goes through people's heads?

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