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  • this is my Screen Name Feb 2, 2007

    I appreciate WRAL's weather coverage. We may not have had all the "bad" stuff that was predicted yesterday, but all of the meterologists on other channels and stations were calling for snow and ice, not just WRAL. I, too, am from the north and to my fellow northerners who mock the habits of the area and how they handle snow -- please, get over it. We're in the south, and while I miss more snow, if I wanted to see it, I'd move back up there. I'm down here for a reason and I love it.

  • Tired Of Excuses Feb 1, 2007

    It was nice not having to deal with lots of traffic on my commute to and from work today. It made me wish I were a kid again, but then accumulation this small wouldn't have closed the schools. We would have had to WALK to school...up hill both ways!

  • no screen name Feb 1, 2007

    the make up day for Wake is THIS Saturday? wow that is fast! hope no one had weekend plans!

  • whiskers on kitten Feb 1, 2007

    Yes celtic1976. Up north they do know how to drive in the bad weather and snow. I know I lived there for 57 years in the Buffalo area. The difference is up there we had the equipment we needed to keep the roads clear and safer. Down here they don't have all that, because it is not needed that often. They have recently used brine water, like we did up north, and that helps the roads alot.

  • FonziBeWithYou Feb 1, 2007

    I'd like to commend the weather team for a job well done in forecasting this event. Their predictions were right on the money for my area.

    Hey, why do people buy eggs and milk when a winter storm comes? I mean, if it were a really bad storm and you lost power, wouldn't your eggs and milk just go bad? Just a random thought...

  • woody Feb 1, 2007

    cant belive t v spent 6 hours to report an inch of snow fall
    i think the world has forgotton how to use common sense and apply it to our everyday life

    maybe those that had wrecks today are asking why they werent told how to drive in snow
    thank god i depend on what i belive to be safe and when its best to stat home
    dont need wral here

  • stanley104 Feb 1, 2007

    "Schools in Wake, Durham, Orange County, Chatham, Caswell, Vance, Person and Granville counties and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools were closed for Thursday. Johnston, Vance, Franklin and Harnett counties opened on a delay."

    So, Vance County Schools were on a 2-hr delay AND closed at the same time? And if I remember, Harnett County was also closed today, along with Franklin and Johnston? The on-air reports were very consistent and accurate, but it seems to me that is becoming more and more likely to get the facts wrong or confused, especially when the news deals with places other than Wake or Durham counties...
    Great job on the Winter Weather Coverage, though! It's always nice to just sit back, relax, and see what's going on around the area -- really makes it feel like Winter, finally!

  • ajstarrrn Feb 1, 2007

    Just rain in Sanford now; I think WRAL did a nice job with their forecast from the beginning and with today's coverage. It was nice to have my son at home today; we'll remember how much fun we had today when it comes time for the make up day at school! I was a little surprised that so many school systems cancelled today, but I would rather them be safe with the kids. Hope everyone enjoyed the snow today!

  • jcampbell Feb 1, 2007

    I love staying at home for no reason, yes. Thanks!

  • celtic1976 Feb 1, 2007

    FYI "if you don't like the weathe, wait 5 minutes and it will change" is a phrase that everyone in thise country thinks applies to their neck of the woods. I've heard in here, NY, NJ, VT, ME, MN and ID! Weather is an imperfect science because in order to predict it you have to to so many variables into account, forcasters do the best they can. As for schools being closed, better safe that sorry. Up north we used to get 6+ inches and schools were open, but we all knew how to drive and snow, and all we had to contend with was snow. Driving in snow is easy, but driving on ice is impossible!
    Yes there was a lot of coverage, and to me it seemed a bit excessive last night, but I am aure it was helpful this morning to a lot of people as the conditions began to change.

  • spiritwarriorwoman Feb 1, 2007

    Whether you got more or less is a matter of where you lived today. What did some of you want? Not to hear the conditions when folks in other areas nearby might NEED to hear them? Quit thinking only of yourselves. That's the biggest problem in the world today.
    Praying for sensibility and unselfishness. (Please God, I'm ever so patient, but grant it to some of these self-centered folks now. ;o)
    God bless.
    Rev. RB

  • finallysingle Feb 1, 2007

    well,no four wheeling,unless I want mud.I save it for another day .

  • DrunkSober Feb 1, 2007

    The snow is over, go to work.And kids need to be back in school this afternoon. What is everyone doing at home? I just came from the stores and was treated like royalty, because everyone else is home! Days like this are why we have budget deficits..people like staying home for no reason!

  • rhsisk Feb 1, 2007

    Well, the forecast ended up being exactly right. For all of you who are not from here, It is North Carolina, who knows what could happen day to day. I know all of you are used to BIG snow events where you can drive around, but ice is a much different animal, and NO ONE can say they are a good driver in ice. As for WRAL - THANK YOU SO MUCH! The event two years ago got lots of media coverage, and the reminder of it now prompts the people who take care of our roads so they are safe to actually use our tax dollars to do just that. Rock on WRAL....

  • IseeDumbPeople Feb 1, 2007

    Ok the snow is over and one with (WAH!).

    Is there ice coming or not? Yesterday they said there probably was but today I've not heard or read much mention of ice. I'm personally more worried about ice than snow.

    As for the coverage if you don't like it change the channel.

    NC weather IS hard to predict. I wrote to Fishel once and asked why. It's really a lot of stuff they have to take into account. It seems they're doing the best they can at predicting (after all that's all it is) the weather with the resources and knowledge they have.

    As for Fishel...sometimes he's just really bad, other times he's really good, but in either case he's very entertaining. If you love him you love him and tune in, if you hate him you tune in anyway just to see how wrong he is and laugh at him. Either way WRAL is the channel you're watching.

  • clackymcsplatter Feb 1, 2007

    it milk sandwhich season again in the south!!! time for irrational thinking and fighting in the grocery stores. HEY! when it snows,you people, stay off the roads...doin 85 on I-85 with no headlights on...and i have a certain demographic to blame for that'!!!!

  • 1gzsfrk Feb 1, 2007

    THANK YOU WRAL for all you do to keep us informed whether it be bad weather or an emergency situation. i for one (my family included) am glad you stay on the air to give us the info that we need. we also like your hummor and playfulness that keeps you from appearing stiff and dull! fish-man and the weather team, you do a great job, just sometimes GOD throws you a curve ball and you have to duck! keep up the good work!!!!!ah man this is sounding mushy!!!

  • katgoesloco Feb 1, 2007

    WRAL's predictions for my area have been spot on. They did a good job.

  • uncw05 Feb 1, 2007

    to all those complainig about NCSU not canceling classes, consider it preparation for the real world where in theory most NCSU students plan on being in the next 4 months to 4 years. That is the stated goal of college isn't it? To prepare students for jobs in the real world, where you don't get snow days off unless you work in k-12 education? Not saying students should risk their lives trying to get there, but just like the rest of us, if they want to not risk it, it comes out of their "vacation days", or the college equivalent, absences. So if you don't feel safe, take that absence, better than risking your life. Otherwise don't complain about "risking your life" when what you are really worried about is a day to sleep in.

  • wondermom67 Feb 1, 2007

    has stopped snowing near the wake - franklin county line near the zebulon area...just rain.

  • harriswife Feb 1, 2007

    I want to thank WRAL for staying on as long as you have to inform us of conditions. You probably saved my life today simply because I don't know how to drive in this kind of weather. My husband does all the driving in this kind of weather. Now because of your acurate report I got to stay home with my kids and enjoy the snow. Thanks again.

  • mpierce31 Feb 1, 2007

    To hit the nail on the head. Too bad more people don't use the common sense they have, then maybe they wouldn't drive 55-70 mph in weather like this and cause some innocent person to be injured because they lose control on a wet or slick road!!

  • mpierce31 Feb 1, 2007

    First of all......this is NC.... anyone that has grown up here or lived here any length of time knows the saying..."It's NC, give it 5 minutes and the weather will change!!!" To the people complaining about all the coverage.......get over it. I want to thank WRAL for ALL the coverage!!!! The complete coverage you provided meant more to the safety of me and my son than regular programming. Weather forecasting is a educated guessing game. No one has a direct line to mother nature at least not that I know Plus she's a woman so she can always change her mind!!

  • Miss Anthropist Feb 1, 2007

    That's It ??
    What In The World Will I Do With All These Eggs ?

  • mar9r Feb 1, 2007

    It doesn't bother me that the weather team doesn't always hit a "home run" with their forecasts. I would rather that they overestimate the potential and be a little disappointed when we don't get the snow than to have a repeat of several years ago where Mr. Fischel missed the call entirely and we were snowed in under a foot of snow for several days (sorry to bring that back up, WRAL weather team.) Weather forecasting is an imperfect science at best and I think the folks at WRAL do the best they can with the data they have at the moment. Y'know, we can always just look out the window, remind ourselves it's winter and just prepare ourselves for this kind of weather. It's called common sense.

  • diwanicki Feb 1, 2007

    To the person that wished for ice you fell and bumped your head. How would you feel if that wish came true and someone was killed because of it???? You would have to live with that the rest of your life.. On a nicer note, the snow is pretty. To those of us from states where we get hit with snow, this si a dusting, but to the warm states, this is snow. I am glad that the kids(all kids) get to see snow. For some this is the first time they have seen it. And about my comment to the ice wisher, I am a blunt person, but someone needed to ask that question. To everyone that didn't have to go to work today, enjoy your day off and the snow and enjoy they day with you family. To those having to work, becareful and enjoy watching the snow fall. I know some spots have rain and freezing rain.

  • Mrs. Fabulous Feb 1, 2007

    oops, I meant shut up! I spelled it wrong... tehehe.

  • Mrs. Fabulous Feb 1, 2007

    ahhhh shout up WRALOPINION!!! lol... just kidding!

  • Mrs. Fabulous Feb 1, 2007

    ugh!!! i hate it when we anticipate a nice winter day of snow and ice then it just tapers off!!!! I know it's not WRAL's fault, but they sure do cause alot of hype then it's not what we think it is. It never ceases to amaze me how WRAL will say oh there will be at least 1'-3' of snow, then there's not even an inch. Then we they declare we'll have nothing, well what do you know??? We have alot of snow!!!!! I don't give WRAL any props whatsoever!!! Stop forcasting snow at all!!! geeessss....

  • wralopinion Feb 1, 2007

    I could be wrong - but the heck was everyone expecting? What I'm seeing is exactly what they've been saying for days. It's a sad day when all people have to do with their time is whine about the weather and god forbid, feel like the world is coming to an end if you can't catch Dr. Phil or Price is Right.

    Guess what? WRAL is a private company and they own one of the top rated CBS affiliates in the nation - you know why, they generate ratings. How do they generate ratings? By providing what the public wants to see.

    If you don't want to watch the coverage, pick up that remote and change the channel.

    By FCC mandate, they are licensed to broadcast in the interest of the public. Which is more important, filling our airwaves right now: something that could possibly be life threatening or seeing if that dude can guess the price of the car.

  • bleh Feb 1, 2007

    They should cancel b/c not all students live on campus. Alot of students commute and I am sorry but driving an hour in the snow/mix just to go to a 1 hour class (that may be canceled when you get there) is just not worth it to me. Also some students, like myself have kids that are out of school or daycare today.

  • ajstarrrn Feb 1, 2007

    Looks like mostly rain in Sanford right now; all of the pretty snow is melting!! I thing the WRAL team has done a great job!!

  • sandrynyc Feb 1, 2007

    Here in RTP it started to snow again, coming down at a pretty good pace.

  • WXYZ Feb 1, 2007

    Jeeze... Now I have too much bread and milk and I can't go home early. Well, at least I enjoyed the drama and anticipation of the "event" that TV and Radio supplied.

  • harinootsak Feb 1, 2007

    taper off??? Another 2 hours of strong snow, then heavy rain after that more likely. This is winter people, get over it. WRAL, you are sensational! And I don't mean that in a good way, y'all.

  • tar Feb 1, 2007

    yall just stop the nonsense, if they werent on like they have been for so long, all of these other people would be fussing about that and saying why in the heck aint they saying anything? and what the heck is going on?.. just be happy that they are actually on the air telling you all the advice you need, it could possibly save you life.
    thanks wral your the best!

  • dfmlythr Feb 1, 2007

    Careful they might take a true comment off this site.

    You are right about that!!!!!!!!!!

  • VW girl 2013 Feb 1, 2007

    They try to be over protective and report continuously so people don't get all nasty like they did in January of 2005 when we got a 1/2 inch of snow and people who can't drive were stuck for hours. I still can't believe all the mess people caused back then. I stayed at work til 5pm and didn't have any problems traveling from North Raliegh to Apex. Some people just want to blame others and the tv and weather people are just trying to cover their butts. Don't blame them for giving a worse case senario. It's better to be prepared and not need. Especially when so many people around here obviously can't drive in a little white stuff.

  • 2 Feb 1, 2007

    why cancel... a just remotely careful driver should have no issues getting to NCSU right now. I am actually surprised at how many places canceled Yesterday before we even knew what we would wake up to.

  • dhamma Feb 1, 2007

    Good Question, Why do the Local news stations take up the entire day of programming to tell us about the snow? Not that there is anything good on this time of day, but still.

  • bleh Feb 1, 2007

    I cannot believe NC State has not canceled classes....again. Everyone else has. I don't understand why they hold out. it really screws the people who actually commute to school. Ridiculous!

  • Morrow Feb 1, 2007

    Careful they might take a true comment off this site. Hey, how did milk and bread sales yesterday? Where is my cut from Food Lion.

  • ctechic2004 Feb 1, 2007

    Just on question....Why do Channel 5 and 11 have to take up the TV all day just to tell the viewers that it is snowing? C'mon we are intelligent and can see that it snowing. They report the same news over and over. Channel 5 give us a break...It doesn't take all day to repeat yourself.

  • cgrosett Feb 1, 2007

    come back snow!- stopped for the moment in raleigh, but the roads have a layer of slush on them that will most likely turn to ice later on

  • kila Feb 1, 2007

    Well, up here in Henderson (Vance Co.), there is absolutely nothing! We all expected to get up this morning and enjoy a nice snowfall, and it's done nothing!! The kids are very disappointed...Henderson is north of Raleigh, and is usually one of those places where it's a little worse. Still going to wait and see if anything happens at all.

  • tafpirate Feb 1, 2007

    ABF - Another blown forecast. Winter Storm Warning Area receiving little or no precipitation. This forecast will go down like the unpredicted 22" snow in January 2000, the December 2000 predicted 20"+ snow that didn't even have flurries, and the March 2003 forecasted 16+ incher that never occurred.

    Too much dependance on WeatherScope and the Raleigh NWS office. The Virginia office didn't issue a warning for Mecklenburg Co. and they were right. Greg and the gang need to look more at the GFS weather model which nailed it. Storm trajectory isn't that difficult, yet it was totally misplaced. The NWS office has not updated it's forecast discussion as they normally do. I guess they're getting the egg of their faces.

  • groberts14 Feb 1, 2007

    In Wilson County snow is still light with sleet mixed in. To everyone who does not have to be on the roads stay at home there is alot to watch on TV. to the ones on the road be careful.

  • tar Feb 1, 2007

    mark roberts rocks!!

  • tar Feb 1, 2007

    hope their is not much ice , its very dangerous... my dad is a lineman at south river emc.
    yall be careful on the roads!!

  • kcfoxie Feb 1, 2007

    I was watching the snowfall and now I'm wondering when the ice starts?

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