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  • yellowhorses Dec 10, 2012

    In rural counties most spay/neuter procedures are paid for by rescue groups. I don't believe these groups are reimbursed by the state law. Poorer counties depend on volunteers who are not necessarily versed in dealing with state law in and outs. Poorer counties also do not have the tax base to allocate extra funds to their animal shelters.

    Here in Person county both the county and the city were dead set against any additional monies for spay/neutering or the problems at the shelter until the whole story turned up in a book when an out-of-state resident tried to adopt a dog from the shelter. The book exposed the ugly truth and shamed the county and the city into action such as it is.

    Some resident are very generous, some not so much, but there is little to none corporate sponsorship and support for programs run by the rescue groups here.

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