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  • tatermommy52 Dec 7, 2012

    Well the last election was about condoms, abortion and blaming somebody else.

  • bdu4dals2 Dec 7, 2012

    Laws are being ignored because the deterrent to the crime is virtually non-existent. Between the lawyers and judges, the police don't have the paperwork done before the offenders are back on the street to do it again.

  • Glass Half Full Dec 7, 2012

    Another candidate for the penal colony so many of us wish for.

  • marciamal1 Dec 7, 2012

    It's sick and disqusting how society today only thinks of one thing - sex - it's terrible and to have all these people sexually abusing others is sickening. I hope the one that was assualted doesn't have scars from this experience.

  • familyfour Dec 7, 2012

    My god. Im surprised he is still living.

  • LibertarianTechie Dec 7, 2012

    11? Really? Sick. Just plain sick.

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