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  • Made In USA Dec 7, 2012

    With Christmas and family gatherings on the horizon, we might be in for one really terrible flu season since the viruses are already so active. Schools and workplaces will be the playing fields after the New Year.

  • qrbyrd Dec 7, 2012

    Talked to someone the other day he said the nurses where he works will not take the flu shot.

  • AtALost Dec 7, 2012

    "its simple...wash your hands..."

    Actually, wash your hands AND stay home when you're sick. Germs can also be transmitted in the air from coughing on and around you. Covering your cough helps, but many don't even seem to do that.

  • atheistswillrule Dec 7, 2012

    I'll be praying for y'all.

  • McLovin Dec 7, 2012

    its simple...wash your hands...

  • amdriver12 Dec 7, 2012

    File this under: Vaccinate you and your dern kids!

  • jcthai Dec 7, 2012

    Sigh, what do you want to bet a significant number of these parents wouldn't let their children have the flu shot? They choose to ignore the science and listen to the uninformed parents who just KNOW that THEIR child had something really BAD happen due to the flu shot.

  • Desiderata Dec 7, 2012

    How many of you have seen people /kids that are doing ok, then get the flu/superimposed pneumonia and then , because their immune system is compromised, septic? I have and it is scary and sad to watch these individual litterly fighting for their lives, and some do not make it. A flu shot and proper handwashing , among other controls ( sick, stay HOME) can actually save lives. BUT, there is the human fact, everyone thinks they are invincible, sorry but ignorance is overwhelming in the world we live in. SAD!

  • pediatrician Dec 7, 2012

    there are 80-160 CASES (not deaths from) of GBS yearly reported that may or may not have been linked to vaccination status according to the website.
    in 2009 there were 282 pediatric DEATHS from h1n1.

  • pediatrician Dec 7, 2012

    compare the yearly death rates from flu virus to the yearly death rates from rare vaccine complications. not even close.
    but each is entitled to their own opinion. hope you fare well this year.

  • pediatrician Dec 7, 2012

    compare the yearly death rates from flu shot to the yearly death rates from rare vaccine complications. not even close.

  • itsyoureternalsoul Dec 7, 2012

    They really are sick of school

  • StuckInRM Dec 7, 2012

    @pediatrician -How about deaths / hospializations for GBS (Guillain-Barre syndrome) from the flu shot.

    Look it up folks.

    It is real and it comes from the flu shot (H1N1 side of it to be exact). I had it November 2009. Was one of the worst times of my life. People need to be educated about the risks.

  • pediatrician Dec 7, 2012

    Flu shot is inactive viral protein. How can that make you sick?
    It induces immunity, not illness. The reason everyone seems to get sick around the time they get their flu shot is b/c everybody and their grandmother is sick THIS TIME OF YEAR. So, it is coincidental timing, you probably got the illness when you went to the dr's waiting room to get your flu shot, but don't blame the shot. Check the info at the webpage for more info. 2 NC deaths from Flu already this year, no deaths from flu shot yet though.

  • whatelseisnew Dec 7, 2012

    Yep, but those flu shots don't cause problems.

  • piene2 Dec 7, 2012

    "Rocky Mount school closed Friday due to illnesses"

    The school is ill?

  • JohnnyVoodoo Dec 7, 2012

    Don't drink the water.....

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