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  • legallywacko Dec 6, 2012

    the parade has gone down hill now for the past few years no one does floats anymore more cars that no one whats to see thats why we have car shows less bands just no good anymore just my own thought

  • angelholland Dec 6, 2012

    Setting the speakers up and taking them down has been done on this person's own time and never once has this person complained. In response to JohnnyVoodoo's comment, you are so right. No one needs a budget for something that is done for free. A local resident has been providing the equipment and the music for several years now. Many resident in the town of Kenly look forward to visiting downtown the day of our parade and hearing the music. It definitely puts almost everyone in the Christmas spirit. Christmas is suppose to be a joyous time. I guess every town has a scrooge. That's the truth that should have been told, not a bunch of lies.

  • ripetomatoes Dec 6, 2012

    Seeing as how the speakers were always outside the largest bank in Kenly, if money is the issue then it's kinda scary.
    My guess is nobody wanted to set up and take down the speakers on their own time.

  • anderson Dec 6, 2012

    If North Carolina legalized pot they could get Willie Nelson there for free~!

  • JohnnyVoodoo Dec 6, 2012

    I tell ya, this country just doesn't seem like the same country I grew up in. It's getting to where you just about can't say Merry Christmas without someone whispering, "we don't say that here, we say Happy Holidays". If you speak the words Christian or Jesus, you get ridiculed, if you say you're against illegal immigration you get labeled a racist....and now in Kenly, they stop playing Christmas music because of some line about...we can't afford it anymore. C'mon man, you telling me the town can't play Christmas music at least for the weekends? What a joke.

  • JohnnyVoodoo Dec 6, 2012

    Still can't understand how 4 weeks of music out of the 12 month calender year can wreck havoc on a town budget. Is there more to this story than what is being told/reported? Maybe someone or some group went to the mayor's office and said they were offended by the traditional Christmas music that has always played. Makes you at least stop and wonder....if that's the case, times sure have changed for the worse.

  • angelholland Dec 6, 2012

    You heard alot of untruths told to the news reporters. The person who for the last several years that has provided the equipment to play the music has NEVER charged the town or the chamber of commerce. The music was only played one day, the day of our Christmas parade. It was a lovely way to welcome people into town and remind people passing through of our Christmas parade. Certain business owners didn't like it so I guess it doesn't really matter what the rest of the citizens of Kenly wanted, it only matters what a select few want.

  • kirkadamgallery Dec 6, 2012

    How was the music played? CDs? Radio? Live Band? DJs? What was the "COST" to play the music? Royalities? Someone please explain...

  • jetset Dec 6, 2012

    I hope it wasn't any "church" tunes they have been playing where it could it heard all over town. If so, some disgruntled, selfish atheist would complain and the music would be silenced.

  • robbyh Dec 6, 2012

    Do people charge to sing at christmas?

  • JohnnyVoodoo Dec 6, 2012

    I have a dumb question: How exactly is playing music around the town a money issue that has created such a strain on the budget? Are we talking about the actual cost of electricity to do so? Was this something that was done 24/7 around the clock for the entire month of Dec leading up to Christmas Day? If so, why not just play music just on the weekends or maybe just during the evening hours. Doesn't it make more "cents" in cutting back than cutting out all together? Of course, I don't live in Kenly, but any feedback from someone who does live there is more than welcome to educate me on this matter.

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